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<dhess> Anyone know why importing this overlay into Nixpkgs on Darwin would cause nix-env/nix-build etc to segfault?
<dhess> It definitely has something to do with the lib.nix in that same repo: https://github.com/dhess/nixpkgs-quixoftic/blob/master/lib.nix
<gchristensen> I think it has to do with infinite recursion somewhere
<gchristensen> at least ... that is the only time I've seen nix segfault
<dhess> yeah it seems like it, but it works fine on NixOS
<dhess> so in that repo, the overlays/ subdir contains the actual .nix files that define the overlay. If I import each one of those as a path, e.g., (import ../../../git/nixpkgs-quixoftic/overlays/foo.nix), it works fine
<dhess> but as soon as I try to use the "fetch-github" builtin with the sha256 and ref, it segfaults
<dhess> In all of my projects I do all kinds of fetch-github-style overlays using refs, all layered on top of each other, and those work fine. It's just my nix-env that segfaults when I try to define my nix-env overlay that way
<dhess> I can only get nix-env to work with local filesystem paths
<dhess> nix-env/nix-build etc, any nix tool that I'm running interactively
<dhess> actually it's been awhile since I tried this on NixOS. Maybe it's just a nix-env issue and not specific to Darwin
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<LnL> dhess: if I'd have to guess I would bet on builtins.match
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<johnw> i haven't been able to upgrade to master on unstable since Dec 8 now
<johnw> on unstable there are Haskell problem (cereal and aeson won't build), and on master libglade won't build plus other problem
<johnw> i'll have to track these all down and turn them into issues
<LnL> oh man :/
<LnL> I wonder, is there something like git bisect but with buckets so you can try to find a stable point with multiple issues
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