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<angerman> how do I recover from my mojave upgrade induced broken nix install?
<angerman> this one: `dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/system/libsystem_network.dylib`?
<angerman> alright, just reinstalled nix from scratch. Installing nix-darwin failed with `error: nix-repl has been removed because it's not maintained anymore, use `nix repl` instead. Also see`.
<{^_^}> #44903 (by Infinisil, 17 weeks ago, closed): Revert "nix-repl: Remove"
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<clever> angerman: of note, nix-repl links against nix1, and that then causes fun problems
<angerman> yea. the nix-darwin installer seems to want to invoke it. But maybe I'm mistaken.
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<LnL> hmm, it used to be in the sample config I think but pretty sure I removed it
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