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<abathur> grumble!
<abathur> I'm having some recurring trouble with Nix on macos; I think nix-darwin may be causing it, but the way it happens is a little weird, so I'm not 100% certain
<abathur> roughly, after installing nix-darwin, things work fine for a while
<abathur> and then, at some point, I go a few hours or days without doing anything that triggers a build
<abathur> (not just a nix-darwin rebuild--any nix build)
<abathur> and when I finally do something, I'll get a lockfile error at some point in the process
<abathur> it took me a bit to figure out that (I think) this is just because, somehow, my /nix/store keeps getting its ownership set to root:nixbld
<abathur> I don't have the daemon configured
<abathur> I do have garbage-collection scheduled, so that's one guess
<abathur> (via config)
<abathur> I do see a plist *for* nix-daemon in my profile's Library/LaunchDaeons, but I don't see nix-daemon in launchctl
<abathur> ls /Library
<abathur> ick
<abathur> in my system /Library/LaunchDaemons, I do see entries for activate-system, nix-daemon, and nix-gc
<abathur> ok, scheduled GC for a moment ago and it definitely chowned /nix/store back to root:nixbld
<abathur> when I manually run the GC it's fine
<abathur> I don't mess with launchctl much, not entirely sure if this is intrinsic behavior or something under nix-darwin's control
<abathur> opened issue
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<qqlq> I am trying to build one of my cmake projects from nix-shell under macOS. cmake keeps telling me that "target_compile_features no known features for CXX compiler" for clang version 5.0.2. Can I resolve this?
<qqlq> I'm now using an overriden variant of mkShell that uses gccStdenv as its stdenv but would like to switch to clang
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