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<prooftechnique> I hit this on darwin-rebuild fairly often, and I can't figure out if it's something I'm doing wrong or if it indicates some other issue
<prooftechnique> The narinfo just says "404", and I'm not sure what to make of that
<gchristensen> the narinfo will oftne be just 404
<prooftechnique> In that case, I'm quite confused about the unexpected end-of-file
<gchristensen> yeah... not sure
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<LnL> I'm still very confused why this doesn't happen with the version from the installer tarball
<prooftechnique> Me, too, to be honest
<LnL> what happens looks identical if I trace it
<LnL> but from what I can tell if would have ipv6 this wouldn't happen
<gchristensen> hrm. it doens't support ipv6?
<LnL> s3 is ipv4 only
<gchristensen> its hitting fastly
<gchristensen> which I think does support ipv6
<LnL> oh, indeed
<LnL> ^ google has an aaaa record and apple does not
<gchristensen> wat
<LnL> is that a wat for or the library trace?
<gchristensen> well the library trace, but both :P
<LnL> yeah, so something dlopens all sorts of system libraries frameworks in a specific fallback case when resolving a host
<gchristensen> if you do again,, does it happen each time?
<LnL> I ran that a bunch of times, but yeah it's still consistent
<LnL> and the other way around
<gchristensen> so weird
<LnL> yeah, "something" is definitively reproducable I just have no idea what it is then
<LnL> gchristensen: do you know if ipv6 is new since the recent dns switcheroo?
<gchristensen> I *think* so
<gchristensen> oh
<gchristensen> no
<gchristensen> it would have been new as of cloudflare -> fastly if anything, I think
<LnL> I swear I remember being able to reproduce the same behaviour with before
<johnw> I started using m4 with my nix-darwin config today :)
<johnw> needed more dynamism in the configuration
<LnL> huh?
<johnw> for example, I want distributedBuilds enabled on my laptop, but not on my desktop
<johnw> but otherwise they share like 99.9% of the rest of darwin.nix
<gchristensen> so you used m4? :o
<johnw> yep :{
<johnw> I was already use make to drive the whole process
<gchristensen> why not an if?
<johnw> and what would you pass to the if?
<LnL> yeah, just use a variable
<johnw> hmm... that's very very true!
<johnw> I guess that works for home-manager too
<johnw> so... if I'm building with 'nix build --keep-going darwin.system'
<johnw> how do I pass an argument into my darwin.nix?
<LnL> I have imports = [ ./local-configuration.nix ]; on my machines which contains device specific things
<gchristensen> --argstr thisdeviceiscalled $(hostname)
<LnL> but you could use builtins.getEnv or NIX_PATH entries to change the evaluation
<johnw> ah, true
<johnw> ok, now I can get rid of m4 :)
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<gchristensen> thank goodness
<gchristensen> if the question was how to do something w.r.t. nix and the answer was m4, I would have failed
<LnL> yeah, usually you'd use --arg/--argstr but I don't think there's anything you can pass in that can be referenced inside modules
<LnL> oh this would work --arg configuration ./foo.nix, but that's the same as -I darwin-config=./foo.nix
<LnL> I could add something that works without a file if you want
<johnw> gchristensen: no, doesn't work
<johnw> nix build --argstr hostname vulcan --keep-going darwin.system
<johnw> error: attribute 'hostname' missing, at /Users/johnw/src/nix/nixpkgs/lib/modules.nix:163:28
<gchristensen> aye
<johnw> I didn't think it would be that easy to get a parameter to darwin.nix
<johnw> I think NIX_PATH is a better option
<gchristensen> I agree
<johnw> where do I set NIX_PATH, though?
<johnw> i'm not currently managing that variable
<gchristensen> set it once as part of a bootstrapping run?
<gchristensen> or as part of the Makefile
<gchristensen> NIX_PATH=$NIX_PATH:foo=bar ...
<johnw> oh, that's an idea
<johnw> i only need it during build/install
<LnL> give me a sec
<johnw> ok, that works
<johnw> thanks LnL, but I also needed something that plays well with home-manager
<johnw> so I just extend NIX_PATH in the Makefile, and import <localconfig>