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<ben14> hi, i updated home manager but packages are still the old versions.
<petrichor> You also need to update the nixpkgs channel. Are you on nixos or another distro?
<ben14> i am on nixos
<ben14> sry was my bad not to mention. i just updated nix-channel and then home manager switch.
<ben14> and i changed state version im home.nix too. everything seems just fine, but packages are still on old versions.
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<rycee> scott: `config.lib.dag` is available for backwards compatibility, `` should be preferred.
<rycee> remains unchanged throughout. You can therefore not expand it in a module but on the other hand you can use it without fear of infinite recursion.
<rycee> Generally speaking `config.lib` is to allow a module to add cross-module functionality. Its values are also defined as part of the configuration fixed point so you can, e.g., use `pkgs`. Since it participates in the fixed point you also have to be a bit careful where you use it to avoid infinite recursion. The `` attribute set is essentially the opposite, it is is defined before starting module evaluation and
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<scott> rycee: thanks for the explanation! is it unintentional, then, that `config.lib.file` exists but `` does not?
<rycee> scott: AFAIK the only thing in `config.lib.file` is `mkOutOfStoreSymlink` and that has to be there because it depends on `pkgs`.
<scott> yeah, that's the only thing. good to know, thanks
<rycee> I would have preferred to have it in `` but unfortunately that's not possible.
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<thibm> Is there a way to reuse the fileType option (defined in modules/files.nix) in a module for only one file (not an attribute set of files)? I'd like to let users choose if they want to use .source or .text for a configuration file
<thibm> I could let the users use the corresponding xdg.configFile option, but the module would be less legible and self-contained
<rycee> thibm: Not completely certain what you mean but I think file-type.nix is unsuitable for that. Probably best to create a small custom submodule, shouldn't be more than 15–20 lines.
<rycee> Alternatively just make the option expect a text and the user can call `readFile` if they want to get the data from a file.
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<thibm> Thanks. Finally I made a submodule and duplicated the text and source options, I think that's the best option
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<ambroisie> Hey, I had a question about `home.sessionVariables`
<ambroisie> I tried using it to set variables used by `less` to colorize man pages
<ambroisie> To do so, I wanted to use `tput` as it is the best way to get portable ANSI escape sequences
<ambroisie> However it seems that those variables are not being populated correctly when I login
<ambroisie> If I try unsetting `__HM_SESS_VARS_SOURCED` and launching my shell again it works though
<ambroisie> So I assume those variables are set at a moment where `TERM` is not being set to my terminal
<rycee> ambroisie: I don't think you want to set those as session variables since their values need to depend on where you run the command.
<rycee> Try putting them in your shell init script instead.
<ambroisie> I assumed so yes, just wanted to check
<ambroisie> Thanks rycee
<rycee> Np.
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