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<niacdoial> er… I guess dumb question but… do you know what the best way of overriding (overlaying over?) the home-files package would be?
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<niacdoial> I have a couple homemade packages that create stuff that essentially works like home-files, so I am trying to create a second package that just merges the build outputs of home-files and my first package, and then profit of the automatic linking/unlinking when running `home-manager switch` and the like
<niacdoial> (OK that might have been badly worded, I guess let me know if I should re-write it for clarity)
<petrichor> You can create your own home-manager module and set `config.home.files` there and it will be merged with your main `home.files` when you include that module
<niacdoial> OK thanks! I guess I just need to find out how where to declare this inclusion.
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<chisui> Hey, is there a reason that all programs are provided with one configuration file? Is that a code style requirement? I would like to break up the configuration that I'm writing.
<rycee> chisui: Could you explain a bit more? I'm not certain what you mean.
<__monty__> chisui: You can import other nix files into your home.nix. Or even use the dotfiles you already have verbatim if you don't see the benefit of having configs in nix.
<chisui> Sorry for being vague. Most programs in are provided by exactly one nix file. Sub folders are only provided for additional configuration options like `vscode/haskell.nix`. I would like to provide bindings for thunderbird. Unfortunately these are pretty big and I would like
<chisui> to break up the code somehow. This is my current directory structure:
<__monty__> Ah, shouldn't have assumed anything, like rycee.
<chisui> Or I could have been less cryptic
<rycee> chisui: Right, I think it's fine to break it up in multiple files if that feels more natural for the module.
<chisui> Ok, thanks. Just wanted to make sure before I have to refactor it in the PR.
<rycee> That said, I don't particularly mind large module files as long as they are reasonably organized. I'd say that having the code in a single file makes it a bit simpler to understand the module since you easily can look up definitions of variables and such by simply searching the file for the variable name.
<rycee> When the module is split over multiple files then you you have to look in multiple files for definitions.
<rycee> So in general I'd say to simply start with one file. If it gets too unwieldy then split it up.
<chisui> Ok, I'll keep that in mind.
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<davidak[m]> how can i set MANGOHUD=1 in ~/.profile? i think programs.bash.sessionVariables, but 1 is interpreted as string and ends up as export MANGOHUD="1"
<petrichor> I don't think bash cares about the difference?
<rycee> DigitalKiwi: Nice :-)
<rycee> davidak: Yeah, shouldn't matter.
<davidak[m]> it does not work. i even rebooted
<rycee> davidak: In which way doesn't it work? The variable does not get set?
<rycee> Or it gets set but the programs using it doesn't interpret it as expected?
<davidak[m]> the latter
<SumnerEvans[m]> What program is this? It sounds like it would be a bug on their side.
<rycee> davidak: How do you run mangohud, in a systemd service? Also, does it work if you run it manually with `MANGOHUD=1 mangohud …`?
<davidak[m]> i want to use it with steam games and if i understand it correctly, setting MANGOHUD=1 in ~/.profile would activate it by default for every vulkan game... but i have no idea how that might work. does vulkan know about mangohud???
<SumnerEvans[m]> rycee: how do you feel about adding a `tracking` label for issues and excluding them from becoming stale? (Thinking specifically of:
<{^_^}> nix-community/home-manager#607 (by deliciouslytyped, 2 years ago, open): KDE / Plasma config tracking issue
<davidak[m]> it does work when i set mangohud %command% as start option in steam
<rycee> davidak: From it seems you are expected to run something like `mangohud path-to-app`.
<davidak[m]> yes, but they also say:
<davidak[m]> >Or alternatively, add MANGOHUD=1 to your shell profile (Vulkan only).
<rycee> Seems that requires some kind of json to be available to vulkan:
<rycee> Does vulkan see that file?
<davidak[m]> rycee: steam / the game does access /home/davidak/.nix-profile/share/vulkan/implicit_layer.d/MangoHud.x86_64.json (seen in strace)
<davidak[m]> and the file exist
<davidak[m]> but i don't see the overlay and no related errors
<rycee> Right. How is steam started, from the terminal or from some systemd service?
<davidak[m]> now from terminal, but i usually start it from menu
<rycee> And still doesn't work if you start from terminal? Does it work if you do `MANGOHUD=1 steam`?
<davidak[m]> good idea. then it works
<davidak[m]> [davidak@gaming:~]$ echo $MANGOHUD
<davidak[m]> i guess when it would be correctly set, i should see the value there
<rycee> Yeah. I'm guessing it didn't get loaded for some reason. Does `grep MANGO ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/` say anything?
<davidak[m]> that file does not exist. no result found in `/etc/profiles/per-user/davidak/etc/profile.d/`
<rycee> Ah, right. You used `programs.bash.sessionVariables`, sorry forgot.
<rycee> Does `bash -l -c 'echo $MANGOHUD'` print anything?
<davidak[m]> that prints 1
<rycee> Ah ok. Try changing `programs.bash.sessionVariables.MANGOHUD = 1` to `home.sessionVariables.MANGOHUD = 1` and relog.
<rycee> I think the problem is that you are not in a login shell. You'll want to use `home.sessionVariables` so that the variables get read from `~/.xprofile`, which hopefully should include `. "/home/rycee/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/"`.
<rycee> Well, not necessarily with the `/home/rycee` part :-)
<davidak[m]> it does not work and .xprofile does not exist
<rycee> Then you'll have to create it and put the sourcing of `` in it.
<rycee> That's done automatically when HM manages the X session.
<davidak[m]> yesss, that does work.
<davidak[m]> can i manage the file with hm without letting it manage the x session otherwise?
<rycee> Sure, add something like `home.file.".xprofile".text = ''. "${config.home.profileDirectory}/etc/profile.d/"'';` to your configuration.
<davidak[m]> great. thanks
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<rycee> Sumner Evans: From what I can tell the default value of `exemptLabels` is `['pinned', 'security']`. So could add `pinned` as label?
<rycee> davidak: Np, glad it works now.
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<SumnerEvans[m]> rycee: that works! Forgot that there was a default set of labels that were excluded. Thanks!
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