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<Jezhehim[m]> [nicolas]( Cool, thanks, that makes sense!
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<siraben> How can I use cachix with home-manager?
<NobbZ[m]> `cachix use foo`
<NobbZ[m]> If you are a trusted user.
<NobbZ[m]> It will then use the cache, if it hits something in it.
<NobbZ[m]> siraben: Or do you mean something else?
<siraben> NobbZ: cachix use foo seems to create a conflict between different versions of ctags
<NobbZ[m]> I doubt so. That has to relate to something else.
<NobbZ[m]> Perhaps you can show the full error you see? Preferably in a pastebin or equivalent
<siraben> Ok, lemme get it
<NobbZ[m]> Just because you use a certain cache, it doesn't mean that it installs anything more or less as it would without, it just builds less stuff from source, at least in theory.
<siraben> NobbZ: do I install cachix via home-manager?
<siraben> Or nix-env -iA cachix -f
<NobbZ[m]> Whatever you prefer, though I prefer to not use `nix-env` at all,.
<siraben> Ok it works in home-manager, I'll try doing it
<siraben> NobbZ: now that I did cachix use foo, how do I install the package?
<NobbZ[m]> Which package?
<NobbZ[m]> As you'd without cachix, and if you are lucky you have a hit
<siraben> So I do nix-env -iA emacsGccDarwin -f ?
<siraben> Or put emacsGccDarwin in my home.nix
<NobbZ[m]> As I already said, I strictly prefer to not use `nix-env` at all. But you can use use various pinning to get that attribute into your `home.packages` or even `programs.emacs.package`.
<siraben> NobbZ: Right, I get the bit about not using nix-env, but I'm not sure how to modify my home.nix to do that
<NobbZ[m]> `emacsGcc = (import (pkgs.lib.fetchTarball "")).emacsGccDarwin` in a `let` binding, such that it `emacsGcc` is in scope for wherever you want to use it, then use `emacsGcc` there.
<NobbZ[m]> Though that is the impure quick'n'dirty method. In the longterm you should look into `niv` and properly pin your intputs.
<NobbZ[m]> does it work for you?
<siraben> I'll try that
<siraben> NobbZ: oh, error: attribute 'fetchTarball' missing,
<siraben> pkgs is in scope though
<siraben> Ok, lib.fetchTarball works
<siraben> Oops, no
<NobbZ[m]> Sorry, my fault, it has to be `pkgs.fetchTarball`
<siraben> NobbZ: Hm, still doesn't work.
<siraben> When I go into the nix repl, pkgs doesn't have a fetchTarball attribute
<pbogdan> builtins.fetchTarball or just fetchTarball
<NobbZ[m]> Depends where `pkgs` comes from…
<siraben> Ah, thanks pbogdan
<NobbZ[m]> Usually `pkgs` is `import <nixpkgs> {}`, so `pkgs` should have that attribute
<pbogdan> it's a Nix builtin and I don't think it's directly exposed in nixpkgs
<siraben> NobbZ: `pkgs` is an argument to `home.nix`
<siraben> At the top of my `home.nix` I have `{ config, pkgs, lib, currentSystem, ... }:`
<NobbZ[m]> Yeah, and for me, it contains `fetchTarball`. Though might be that things on mac are different…
<pbogdan> weird, there's nothing in nixpkgs that would seem to export it
<pbogdan> but I'm guessing it's always available as `fetchTarball` as Nix itself provides it
<NobbZ[m]> So, if it is with or without `pkgs`… Does it work at all?
<siraben> It's working, thanks all.
<siraben> Rebuilding emacs now, I guess cachix didn't have it.
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<NobbZ[m]> Or you haven't specified the correct cache… Did you use `foo` or the cache that was proposed by the github repo?
<siraben> NobbZ: the one that was proposed by the github repo
<siraben> cachix use gccemacs-darwin
<NobbZ[m]> Then for some reason it doesn't match your inputs. Something is different. But as far as I can tell the repo you linked did pin about everything… So not sure why it can't be found in the cache… If the cache is actually used. As there is no `configuration.nix` for system configuration, I'm not sure how the cache is set up on a mac at all.
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<siraben> NobbZ:
<NobbZ[m]> Use home-manager, not nix-env.
<NobbZ[m]> Something in your home.nix already provides ctags. I can't tell what it is. But the error might be slightly more clear if you install both of these packages through Home-manager
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<siraben> NobbZ: If I install via home-manager, then it starts to build the package from scratch
<siraben> Also, everything is in home-manager, the only thing installed via nix-env is nix, ca-cert and home-manager
<siraben> NobbZ: Oh, emacs-mac is interfering
<siraben> And now it's home-manager-path
<siraben> Ok, priority set to 2
<NobbZ[m]> Why have 2 emacs' at all?
<eyJhb> NobbZ[m]: double the productivity
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<NobbZ[m]> I'd understand if it was in different environments… But both in the user profile? Both would end up in `~/.nix-profile/bin/emacs`, unless wrapped to produce a different executable name, while also having all those other propagated inputs or even executables as in this case that might clash…
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<siraben> NobbZ: Got rid of my other emacs, heh
<siraben> I wanted to try this faster native-comp branch of emacs
<cole-h> btw rycee, this channel still displays the old URL when joining ( I think it needs to be updated with `/cs set #home-manager url`
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<nicolas[m]1> NobbZ: wouldn't that trigger a collision?
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