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<whatisRT> Hi! I'm trying to migrate my ssh aliases to home-manager, but they're not recognized. I tried `ssh.matchblocks."rpi" = { user = ...; hostname = ...; };` but that doesn't generate a `~/.ssh/config` for me
<whatisRT> Oh, I didn't set `ssh.enable = true`...
<KarlJoad> Yeah, most programs have an `enable` option, which must be `true` for the program's binary symlink to be installed into the user environment.
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<allisonf> <KarlJoad "Yeah, most programs have an `ena"> If I want to install a program is it better to always use enable = true when available?
<KarlJoad`> If you are using home-manager and want to have a home-manager configuration handle it, then yes.
<KarlJoad`> But, under the hood, home-manager does the name `nix-env -iA <pkg-name>` as you would do.
<KarlJoad`> So, it depends.
<KarlJoad`> If you want to have a single set of configuration files that generates all your dotfiles for you, then I would say use home-manager.
<KarlJoad`> However, if you have a one-off thing, then you probably don't need to go through th ehassle.
<KarlJoad`> Plus, not every package is supported in home-manager, typically the common desktop/laptop ones that need their own configuration files.
<allisonf> <KarlJoad` "But, under the hood, home-manage"> nix-env -iA doesn't work for me, I need to do nix-env -i
<__monty__> You really don't want to do nix-env -i, but you do have to specify the *attribute* rather than the package name when using -iA
<__monty__> ,iA allisonf
<__monty__> ,A
<__monty__> : (
<allisonf> `nix-env -iA hello` outputs `error: attribute 'hello' in selection path 'hello' not found` but `nix-env -i hello` installs hello without any issues
<__monty__> nix-env -iA nixpkgs.hello or nix-env -f '<nixpkgs>' -iA hello
<__monty__> ,-A allisonf
<{^_^}> allisonf: You'll usually want to use nix-env -i with -A. It's faster and more precise. See https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/nix-env_-iA for details.
<allisonf> <__monty__ "nix-env -iA nixpkgs.hello or nix"> First command gives the same error but second one works
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<wohanley> Hi! Maybe more of an NMT question, but I'm having trouble writing a test for a new module very similar to the existing imapnotify. The module creates 2 files: a systemd unit under home-files/.config/..., which I can see how to test, and a configuration file that's just written straight under /nix/store, which I can't see how to test. Is the right
<wohanley> thing to do just to move the configuration file so it's also somewhere under home-files, or is there a way to read it from the store?
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<__monty__> allisonf: Hmm, the first command should also work though. Strange.
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<pinecamp> hi all, I'm trying to use some existing home-manager configs (previously used on Darwin) with a new NixOS installation. I'm including a home-manager tarball in the `imports` of my configuration.nix, and in configuration.nix I have this line: `home-manager.users.pinecamp = import ../home.nix;`
<pinecamp> however, when I run `nixos-rebuild switch`, nothing happens. there are no errors, but my configuration doesn't change. any ideas to troubleshoot?
<pinecamp> ls
<energizer> pinecamp: what is in your home.nix?
<pinecamp> energizer: it simply imports a couple other configs. here's the entire file: https://pastebin.com/Ky7M4z6S
<pinecamp> the top imported file (role/dev/main.nix) defines some packages and a home.file, like so: https://pastebin.com/UXufQ5sg
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<__monty__> Did you remember to import the home-manager module?
<energizer> try making a minimal example and see what's different
<pinecamp> __monty__: yep, I'm pretty sure that's set up properly. at the top of my configuration.nix, I have `let home-manager = fetchTarball "https://github...";`, and then `(import "${home-manager}/nixos")` in imports
<pinecamp> hmm... I think the import may not be working.
<pinecamp> yeah, I introduced some syntax errors to my configuration.nix, but it's continuing to rebuild as normal. I'm trying to use a copy of the original configuration.nix in a non-default location, but the NIX_PATH environment variable doesn't seem to work as I expected
<pinecamp> just to close the loop, my problem was incorrect invocation of nixos-rebuild :)
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<woeifjsl> Hello again, why was home.file.<name?>.mode deprecated? I can't configure aerc completely declaratively because it requires `600` for its accounts.conf.
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<rycee> woeifjsl: It never worked and doesn't really make any sense given the way files are handled now. The files are kept in the Nix store, which only records whether the file is executable or not.
<rycee> If you want to use confidential files then you'll need an out of store symlink, or something to that effect.
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