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<g[m]3> o/ good morning
<KarlJoad> God morgon
<g[m]3> i've been interested in home-manager for a few years now because i use nixos
<KarlJoad> It's a bit of a hoot. Quite nice, but not with the same type of depth as nixpkgs and their configurations.
<g[m]3> i've been using it for a few weeks now. i manage all the basics - emacs (i've got a doom-emacs clone in .emacs.d), vim, etc
<g[m]3> ya i love it!
<g[m]3> really refreshing - it's already making my life a lot easier
<g[m]3> right now i can't get ssh auth to work tho. i am using gnupg. bash is managed using home-manager ( i saw rycee's comment on a gh issue that the env variables wouldn't be set up properly if it wasn't) ... the SSH_AUTH_SOCK is pointing to the gpg socket - i don't know why it doesn't work and i was wondering if i could get a little help to troubleshoot
<KarlJoad> I wish I could help. I'm not too knowledgable about home-manager, its internal workings, or ssh/bash/gnupg managed by home-manager.
<g[m]3> gpg-agent is running, looks like it was started with home-manager
<g[m]3> is `ssh-add -l` supposed to say "no identities"? also, i ican't clone a repo from github/gitlab using ssh, it says "Permission denied (public key)."
<g[m]3> <KarlJoad "I wish I could help. I'm not too"> it's cool i'm sure someone will come along!
<g[m]3> KarlJoad: do you use regular ssh-keys alongside home-manager? i guess i could do that ijust to get back to work if it doesn't muddy the waters too much
<KarlJoad> This is still a new system, so I'm not even using SSH keys yet. I never generated any on my previous system, but I need to get around to that soon.
<g[m]3> KarlJoad: i found a few helpful posts feel free to ask when you're about to get started. the best one to have a read-through ahead of time would be https://rzetterberg.github.io/yubikey-gpg-nixos.html
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<mzafkismugi> Hi, this is probably a stupid question but I didn't manage to find it said anywhere - does the programs.git.extraConfig.ignores array can be a multi-line array? I have a long list of ignored paths and I'm trying to make it more readable
<mzafkismugi> https://pastebin.com/e8suaMZW I have this but home-manager switch fails with `attribute set of string or boolean or signed integer or list of string or boolean or signed integers or attribute set of string or boolean or signed integer or list of string or boolean or signed integersss` which makes me think I'm doing something wrong
<__monty__> mzafkismugi: programs.git.ignores can be a list of strings.
<__monty__> mzafkismugi: It shouldn't be in extraConfig afaik.
<mzafkismugi> Ooooh, my bad there
<mzafkismugi> I was reading https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/blob/master/modules/programs/git.nix and didn't see the terminating `};`
<mzafkismugi> Oh it works
<__monty__> \o/
<mzafkismugi> My only problem so far is that I have to read the Nix code instead of docs but it is possible that I'm blind and didn't see any module docs
<mzafkismugi> I'll probably contribute some if there's none but that's after I figure it out
<dutchie> or `man home-configuration.nix`
<mzafkismugi> Alright, the header threw me off since it mentions only some of the modules
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<KarlJoad> What does the $DRY_RUN_CMD variable become when $DRY_RUN is not specified?
<KarlJoad> Is it just empty, so the subsequent commands just run?
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<KarlJoad> rycee: What would be the best way to handle commands that require a flag every time if the init is done without a default?
<KarlJoad> For example, mu commands, including `mu init` can take a `--muhome=...` flag with a path for where to store the DB. This path must be specified for every subsequent command, because mu defaults its commands to the assumed directory.
<KarlJoad> An alias would work, but is that really the right option? Or would removing the possibility to change the location of the DB location be a better one?
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