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<eyJhb> Who was the Go dev from here?
<eyJhb> That I had a small discussion with at some point?
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<rycee> cole-h: Do you have a clone of HM? If so, could you try changing the line `then config.home.path` in `home-environment.nix` to `then "/etc/profiles/per-user/${home.username}"`?
<rycee> … and see if that breaks the infinite recursion …
<cole-h> I still get inf recursion from that (with `enableDebugInfo` and `useUserPackages` enabled)
<cole-h> (Note that I use nixops to deploy my local system, so some of the top portion probably isn't useful)
<cole-h> It's probably because NIX_DEBUG_INFO_DIRS contains `config.home.profileDirectory` (which gets set when `enableDebugInfo` is enabled)
<rycee> Hmm, seems it's still trying to evaluate `home-manager-path`. Are you sure the line change got into the build?
<cole-h> OH wiat
<cole-h> lol
<cole-h> `imports = [ ... "${sources.home-manager}/nixos" ];`
<cole-h> Sorry, one sec
<cole-h> Good intuition... x) Yeah, that works fine, when I actually point it to my local checkout.
<cole-h> (also: `config.home.username`, not just `home.username`, duh)
<rycee> Ah, yeah easy to miss the `config.`
<rycee> I'll think for a while of ways this change could break people's configurations. If I can't think of any I'll change in the repo.
<cole-h> Great, thanks!
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