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<colemickens> If I enable multiple shells in HM, how do I choose which is set as the default? The way I used to set it in nixos won't work since I can't set ${pkgs.bash}/bin/bash as it will use the unwrapped bash.
<energizer> colemickens: do you want bashInteractive?
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<eyJhb> __monty__, ldlework ranger.nix :D
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<dutchie> hi, i'm having trouble getting emacs to install. I have reduced home.nix to just the basic setup (username/homedir etc) with `programs.emacs.enable = true;` and I get the following: https://brpaste.xyz/c8LWxw
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<pistache> damn those paste sites setting a foreground color but not a background color
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<dash> I remember seeing this problem too
<dash> I ended up just moving my emacs config out of home-manager
<dutchie> if someone else has seen something similar maybe i'll go file a bug
<rycee> dutchie: What is your programs.emacs configuration?
<dutchie> in home.nix? nothing
<dutchie> i reproduced it with this: https://brpaste.xyz/fdOFSA
<{^_^}> nixpkgs#66706 (by romatthe, 42 weeks ago, open): Building emacs-packages-deps fails: subdirs.el is missing
<rycee> But if you don't do additional wrapping I'm not sure what's wrong. The code in HM seems pretty much the same as in all-packages.nix with the exception that HM does the additional `overrideScope'`
<KarlJoad> Does someone know of a way to add additional paths to a user-level systemd unit created by home-manager?
<rycee> dutchie: Do you get the same problem with `home.packages = [ (emacsWithPackages (epkgs: [])) ]` instead of `programs.emacs.enable`?
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<rycee> KarlJoad: There is no particularly convenient way to do it. I think the simplest is to look up the value of the Environment attribute set in HM and then `mkForce` that value + your addition in your configuration.
<gordon1> i’m trying to setup my mail accounts. I have many directories in each account, and currently all are synchronized with mbsync. However, neomutt only shows the Inbox. Is there a way to either tell neomutt to find all mailboxes in my maildir, or set the mailboxes setting so it contains all my mailboxes?
<gordon1> (the second option wouldn’t probably work with a reproductible approach)
<dutchie> rycee: that works
<KarlJoad> rycee: Ok. I'm trying to setup mbsync as a user systemd unit, to regularly synchronize my mail. I'm having issues cat-ting my password out. (Ignore the security concerns for now. I'm interested in getting the password out in the first place.) The systemd shell is unable to run coreutils' cat binary.
<rycee> gordon1: Dunno but I think the neomutt module is very simple so it probably doesn't have any special support for listing mailboxes. You might be able to add it manually through `extraConfig`, though.
<gordon1> ok thanks
<gordon1> (i was secretely hoping someone actually configured their neomutt that way here)
<rycee> gordon1: There is the beginnings of a more elaborate neomutt module in a HM pull-request that was closed some time ago but I never got it to work properly.
<rycee> And since I don't use neomutt I didn't want to spend time on fixing it.
<gordon1> #1002?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/1002 (by teto, 20 weeks ago, closed): neomutt: add module
<rycee> KarlJoad: Use `${pkgs.coreutils}/bin/cat` instead of trying to change `PATH`.
<rycee> gordon1: No, that's the one that got merged. I meant this one: https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/300/
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<KarlJoad> rycee: That's what is in my `.mbsyncrc` file right now. It expands correctly (I can get the password to cat out in MY shell. But, the systemd shell returns `sh: cat: command not found`
<rycee> gordon1: Which, in turn is based on https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/287.
<{^_^}> #287 (by MasseR, 2 years ago, closed): neomutt module
<hazel> when I set xdg.userDirs.download (for example) and xdg.userDirs.enable = true, ~/Downloads is still created
<hazel> one moment
<rycee> KarlJoad: Then there is some other call to cat somewhere else.
<hazel> https://git.qtp2t.club/hazel/etc/src/branch/master/home/desktop/dirs.nix: this generates a ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs equivalent to my Void Linux setup, but ~/usr/img isn't recognized as the images user dir (for example)
<hazel> ~/Desktop and ~/Downloads keep being created
<rycee> hazel: Did you relog? Might be necessary?
<hazel> relog?
<rycee> Log out and then log back in.
<hazel> yes
<hazel> I've had this file active on my system for around a week and it doesn't do anything
<hazel> including full reboots
<hazel> https://p.qtp2t.club/user-dirs.dirs generated user dirs
<rycee> hazel: What does `nix run nixpkgs.xdg-user-dirs -c xdg-user-dir DOWNLOAD` say?
<hazel> /home/hazel/tmp
<hazel> Firefox nor PCManFM respect this though
<KarlJoad> rycee: That's what is in my `.mbsyncrc` file right now. It expands correctly (I can get the password to cat out in MY shell. But, the systemd shell returns `sh: cat: command not found`. Although, when I try the exact command generated by home-manager that is in the systemd Unit, it works in my shell.
<hazel> what's your file here KarlJoad
<hazel> you may have to replace cat with ${pkgs.coreutils}/bin/cat
<KarlJoad> hazel: Already done. I'm `cat`ing out a password for mbsync for testing, before encrypting it.
<hazel> that's what I do, albeit this password doesn't have to be encrypted on the merit that it only works if you're on my box
<KarlJoad> That's nearly identical to what I have. I have `"${pkgs.coreutils}/bin/cat /home/karl/pass`, which is expanded correctly in the .mbsyncrc file. But, when the systemd unit runs through my .mbsyncrc file to cat out the password, the cat program is not in the shell that the systemd service uses.
<hazel> are you on NixOS?
<KarlJoad> In a QEMU/libvirt VM, yes.
<hazel> try adding coreutils to environment.systemPackages
<KarlJoad> hazel: Testing now.
<rycee> Curious.
<rycee> KarlJoad: Could you run `readlink -e {path to cat in your .mbsync}`?
<KarlJoad> hazel: After adding that to `/etc/nixos/configuration.nix`, rebuilding, switching, and rebooting, the service works!
<KarlJoad> rycee: After hazel's suggestion, I ran your command, and got `/nix/store/hash-coreutils-8.31/bin/coreutils` back.
<rycee> KarlJoad: Right, and I guess `file /nix/store/hash-coreutils-8.31/bin/coreutils` indicates that it is an ELF executable?
<KarlJoad> Yes. ELF 64-bit LSB executable.
<rycee> Then I have no idea why you would get the "cat: command not found" error :-/
<KarlJoad> rycee: Hazel's suggestion fixed it. I think it makes sense, because it was not in the environment.systemPackages list that configuration.nix exposes. Which also fits with your answer of "look up the value of the Environment attribute set"
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<hazel> still no clue with xdg.userDirs
<hazel> the dirs are decidedly set, but apps don't respect it
<KarlJoad> rycee: After both forcibly starting the service and allowing it to start automatically work. So, hazel's fix worked. Thanks for the help!
<KarlJoad> Also, thank you hazel for your help with this! I would not have thought of looking and adding it to my configuration.nix file.
<hazel> np
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<rycee> hazel: If you run something like `strace -e openat pcmanfm 2>&1 | grep user-dirs.dirs` does it say anything interesting?
<rycee> Or perhaps `-e file` instead of `-e openat`…
<rycee> dutchie: Interesting, and if you do `home.packages = [ ((emacsWithPackages.overrideScope' (self: super: {})) (epkgs: [])) ]`?
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<dutchie> error: value is a function while a set was expected, at /home/josh/.dotfiles/config/nixpkgs/home.nix:22:23
<rycee> dutchie: Sorry, should probably be `home.packages = [ ((emacsPackages.overrideScope' (self: super: {})).emacsWithPackages (epkgs: [])) ]`.
<dutchie> that worked
<eyJhb> rycee: you got time for my probem in #nixos regarding - how can I get a list of attrs, to end up being a attrs of attrs? e.g. [ { name = "foo"; something = "bar"; } ] -> foo = {"something" = "bar"}
<dutchie> huh, now `programs.emacs.enable = true;` works?
<rycee> dutchie: Hmm, ok. `home.packages = [ (((pkgs.emacsPackagesFor pkgs.emacs).overrideScope' (self: super: {})).emacsWithPackages (epkgs: [])) ]` then?
<dutchie> that also works
<dutchie> but i have no idea what has changed that means the expected programs.emacs.enable works now
<dutchie> i rebooted a few times (this is work laptop and it's now 8:45 pm local so i'm powering it off in between)
<dutchie> it's definitely all working as expected now, done a switch and i have a fully-functional eamcs
<dutchie> emacs
<ldlework> eyJhb: what about it
<eyJhb> ldlework: I think I got it :D
<ldlework> got what?
<eyJhb> Wait, what are you refering to ? The ranger thing?
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<ldlework> eyJhb: yeah
<eyJhb> Trying to make a module for it :p
<eyJhb> To home-manager
<eyJhb> ldlework: sitting trying to do nix
<eyJhb> And I suck at it :p
<ldlework> eyJhb: yeah but it's kind of just something you have to feel out
<eyJhb> Are you an expert on lists. loops, etc. ldlework ?
<ldlework> I'm not an expert anything nix-related
<eyJhb> Damn
<ldlework> I mean I will try to help you
<simpson> eyJhb: Did you find builtins.listToAttrs yet?
<eyJhb> simpson: using something else, required a little more
<eyJhb> Now I just need the thing I asked in #nixos :p
<simpson> eyJhb: builtins.filter probably. I bet that there's something nicer in lib.attrsets or lib.lists but I can't find it.
<rycee> dutchie: Hmm, not sure what went on there. The final `home.packages` line I gave it pretty much exactly what HM does if you just put `programs.emacs.enable = true`.
<dutchie> rycee: yeah, weird. I'm not going to complain now it's working thouhg
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