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<evanjs> okay, probably being dumb, but getting "home-manager.users.evanjs.accounts.email.accounts.gmail.neomutt.sendMailCommand` is defined both null and not null" when trying to enable neomutt for some accounts
<evanjs> msmtp is enabled for each, so it looks like it should default to "msmtpq --read-envelope-from --read-recipients" ?
<evanjs> Can share config if necessary (old email config is super complicated) but wondered if there was anything simple I should share first
<evanjs> *share/check, oops
<rycee> Looks like a bug in the module.
<rycee> It both sets a default value inside `mkOption` and sets the option in the config section with `mkOptionDefault`.
<evanjs> rycee: gah so not just me? phew
<rycee> evanjs: The easiest workaround for now is to set this option yourself.
<evanjs> figured as much, thanks!
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<evanjs> alright that seems to work. now to wait for notmuch to finish with erm... 126000 emails?? x_x
<hpfr[m]> evanjs: was looking into notmuch recently. Do you store all your emails locally?
<evanjs> hpfr[m]: yes. don't like waiting and have enough on _most_ of my computers atm storage-wise
<hpfr[m]> evanjs: how do you sync ?
<evanjs> I have mbsync going every 15m I think
<benkolera> hpfr[m] evanjs: If you are into haskell and are interested in contributing to a haskell + brick + notmuch mua, quiet plug for something that romanofski works on. :) https://github.com/purebred-mua/purebred
<hpfr[m]> Imagine using heathen TUI’s instead of being a member of the church of emacs
<benkolera> Yeah, I'm over writing elisp. Even nix grinds my gears with its lack of types and silly bugs. :)
<hpfr[m]> evanjs: cool, thanks
<hpfr[m]> benkolera: fair enough haha
<hpfr[m]> The context switching and lack of uniformity is lacking vs the emacs ecosystem for me, but I do miss the performance
<benkolera> I don't even use emacs anymore for editing, lol. I've fallen too far. I couldn't get emacs to work like kakoune, sadly.
<evanjs> Eh I'm still working my way into it but definitely still feel more comfortable in (neo)vim. But I like trying new things so I try to give everything a chance
<benkolera> Yeah, I can't go back to vim after kakoune. Fixes so much about the editing flow.
<benkolera> But yeah, trying new things is definitely good. Except when those new things break you and you don't like doing the old stuff anymore (looking at you haskell and kakoune, haha).
<{^_^}> #1034 (by rycee, 22 seconds ago, open): neomutt: fix sendMailCommand when msmtp is enabled
<evanjs> rycee: sweet, thank you!
<evanjs> before I make this issue, it looks like reverse- sorting options aren't currently supported in neomutt via home-manager? see https://neomutt.org/guide/reference.html#3-347-%C2%A0sidebar_sort_method
<evanjs> "You may optionally use the "reverse-" prefix to specify reverse sorting order (example: " set sort_browser=reverse-date")."
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<rycee> evanjs: Not sure, perhaps teto knows?
<evanjs> well I didn't see them in the supported options for sort and it failed when I tried to set it to e.g. reverse-thread so #1035 :P
<{^_^}> https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/issues/1035 (by evanjs, 1 minute ago, open): neomutt: support reverse sorting methods
<evanjs> I cc'ed him there, anyhow
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