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<andi-> rycee: remember my notmuch issue? It is still there but the plot is thickening against the double `/` in my notmuch DB path produce by home-manager. It is either notmuch or neomutt that (sometimes) get confused by that :/
<__monty__> Hmm, that's weird.
<__monty__> I don't know any system APIs that distinguish them. (Not that I have expert knowledge of POSIX APIs.0
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<andi-> __monty__: I don't think it is on that level. It might just be a bug in notmuch
<andi-> They said (on IRC) they had similar issues before.
<MmeQuignon> andi-: reminds me that I have to configure astroid & cie ^^
<andi-> MmeQuignon: what is cie?
<simpson> Like, color management?
<MmeQuignon> andi-: a mail client
<andi-> MmeQuignon: can you send me a link?
<MmeQuignon> Oups, & cie is a french expression, sorry. It means et caetera
<andi-> I am actively looking for new mail clients.. Having to run neomutt with address sanitizer enabled isn't really great.. I lost trust in it :/
<andi-> ahh
<simpson> TIL
<MmeQuignon> cie is an abbreviation for "compagnie". Don't know if it means anything in english
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<pnobre> trying to fiddle around with home manager for the last couple of ours (and nix for a little more :-D ) and can't quite figure out how to define the options for qt.... any help ?
<MmeQuignon> qt.* ?
<MmeQuignon> Or you search something specific, maybe ?
<MmeQuignon> more*
<pnobre> yeah, was trying to set attributes in qt, and placing it in random places, finally managed to get it working :-)
<MmeQuignon> I have to leave now, but if you're here when I come back, I'll help you if you're still stuck.
<MmeQuignon> See ya !
<pnobre> I'll be here, probably stuck on something else :-D
<MmeQuignon> pnobre: I'm back, need help ?
<pnobre> thanks :-) managed to get it working... I was putting it on the wrong place, after fiddling around with it got it correctly....
<pnobre> this is still very new to me, but I'll get there... eventually :-D
<MmeQuignon> I'm still a beginner in this, still unable to create my own derivations, but I find that hm is quiet easy to implement.
<pnobre> I've just started yesterday trying nix... then found out that hm was probably what I needed (playing around with configuring a single vm), so have dozens of tabs open accross 3 browser instances and keep trying... :-)
<pnobre> :-D didn't know about this last one...
<rycee> Thanks for being so helpful, MmeQuignon! :-)
<MmeQuignon> Btw, I've got an "issue" with notmuch
<MmeQuignon> when I run notmuch, it searches for ~/.notmuch-config
<MmeQuignon> but the config file path created by hm is ~/.config/notmuch/notmuchrc
<rycee> Right, did you configure it recently? If so you'll need to relog since the configuration path is pointed out by a session variable.
<MmeQuignon> I would have created a pr if I was aware of the conventions
<MmeQuignon> just now, yes
<rycee> I've been meaning to make HM smart enough to notify when the set of session variables has changed.
<rycee> And it still looks for `~/.notmuch-config`?
<rycee> What does `echo $NOTMUCH_CONFIG` say?
<MmeQuignon> Yup
<MmeQuignon> nothing
<rycee> Are you sourcing `~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh` in your shell config?
<MmeQuignon> just tried to source by hand, then echo $NOTMUCH... still nothing
<MmeQuignon> (didn't know that file, btw)
<MmeQuignon> which is weird, because there's this line export NOTMUCH_CONFIG="/home/matthieu/.config/notmuch/notmuchrc"
<rycee> To source manually inside a running session you'll need something like `unset __HM_SESS_VARS_SOURCED ; . ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh`
<rycee> Since he file is guarded against duplicate sourcing by that variable.
<MmeQuignon> I'm updating my zsh config
<MmeQuignon> Just a sec ^^
<MmeQuignon> unset __HM_SESS_VARS_SOURCED ; source ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh ; echo $NOTMUCH_CONFIG
<MmeQuignon> that worked
<MmeQuignon> but adding source ... in my zshrc didn't helped
<MmeQuignon> I added that in initextra, should I add this command elsewhere ?
<rycee> Ah, are you already using `programs.zsh`? Then you shouldn't have to do anything to source the `hm-session-vars.sh` file.
<MmeQuignon> Yup
<rycee> Alright, then your .zshrc should already source that file. Odd that it's now. Can you check if any variable in that file gets set?
<MmeQuignon> It's the same
<rycee> Very odd. You really logged out completely and then logged back in? If you have an X session then the session variables will be set from `~/.xprofile` and not your shell configuration.
<MmeQuignon> I have a .xprofile file, set by hand, which sources ~/.zshrc
<MmeQuignon> should I use that instead ? https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/options.html#opt-xsession.profileExtra
<rycee> Hmm, will that work? The xprofile file is sourced by Bash so the zshrc would have to be compatible with Bash.
<MmeQuignon> What I know is that I needed to source my zsh config in xprofile, can't remember why
<rycee> You could try putting just `. "$HOME/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh"` in it.
<rycee> Still, it is very weird that you in a terminal get none of the variables set by `hm-session-vars.sh`. If not read by `~/.xprofile`, they should at least by read by `zshrc`.
<MmeQuignon> This is set, haven't searched... Maybe that my instruction in xprofile "unsets" everything.
<MmeQuignon> I have . "/home/matthieu/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh" in my conf.
<MmeQuignon> I remember now why I had to create that xprofile file. It was because awesome wasn't aware of the environment variables set in the zsh config.
<MmeQuignon> Put source ~/.zshrc in xprofile solved that. But maybe there is some side effects
<MmeQuignon> Now I know that, I'll search. Thank you BTW.
<MmeQuignon> Oh yes, I try to do something. I have gpg configured from HM and everythings works fine. I would like to use fetchGit to get my password store, but I would like to put it in my homedir so I can edit the store. I don't see any fetchGit arg to set a destination. I wonder then, if there's a way to do that anyway. If you know any solution to do that, that would be helpful. Thank you !
<rycee> Hmm, fetchGit will put the repo in the nix store. If you want it somewhere else then I guess it might be necessary to run the `git clone` command manually in the activation script.
<MmeQuignon> That's what I thought ^^, thank you
<MmeQuignon> (I temporarily added unset __HM_SESS_VARS_SOURCED ; source ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh in my zsh config)
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<pnobre> hmm... another dumb newbie question :-) is there a way to set gnome shell theme from HM ?
<rycee> pnobre: Not specifically, but if it is done through dconf, then it should be possible to inject the necessary properties.
<pnobre> I see... was trying to figure out how this is done...
<rycee> pnobre: You can try running `dconf watch /org/gnome` and then switching theme the manual way.
<rycee> The command may print something…
<pnobre> yes, was grabbing the places I need :-)
<pnobre> thanks
<rycee> Then can try adding in `dconf.settings`
<pnobre> this is really cool
<pnobre> probably too overkill for a single laptop setup, but I keep reinstalling everything from scratch (old habits) and changing stuff
<pnobre> also, digging in to learn all this new stuff is fun :-)
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<evanjs> dangit rycee lol https://status.gitlab.com/
<evanjs> guess I'll wait for GitLab :/
<evanjs> "[Identified] Archive downloads are temporarily disabled, since they were used as a vector for a denial of service (DoS) attack against GitLab.com. We'll be working swiftly to implement more advanced rate-limiting techniques before we reenable the feature."
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<mmatthieu> \o/ I finally configured synapse
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<mmatthieu> rycee: I'd like to get involved, but I'm a total beginner, do you know some good resources to read ?
<rycee> MmeQuignon: About home manager? There isn't a lot to it. Perhaps a good way to get started is to write some tests?
<rycee> There are quite a few modules missing from the test suite: https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/blob/master/tests/default.nix
<mmatthieu> nice
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