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<coco> is there a declarative way to change the colors used by gtk (e.g. to solarized dark)?
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<Edes> Hi, I'm having issues with home-manager and I'd like to preface this by saying that it's my fault and I already know why everything went wrong
<rycee> Greetings! That sounds intriguing. Hope it's not too serious!
<Edes> I'm on the nixos 19.09 channel, but I installed home-manager with the unstable channel, this has worked fine for over a year but there were some changes to the gpg-agent nix file
<Edes> it's literally this issue
<{^_^}> #969 (by mudrii, 4 weeks ago, closed): Home Manager update error : attribute 'flavors' missing, at /root/.nix-defexpr/channels/home-manager/modules/services/gpg-agent.nix:134:41
<Edes> but I can't go back to the 19.09 channel because it keeps giving me that error
<rycee> Hmm, you can't switch to the HM release-19.09 branch?
<Edes> is there any way to fix that beside changing my nixos channel to unstable until stable no longer has that issue?
<Edes> no, I ran nix-channel --add https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/archive/release-19.09.tar.gz home-manager
<Edes> and then nix-channel --update
<Edes> and then home-manager switch
<Edes> and it keeps giving me the same error
<rycee> Right. How did you install HM in the first place? Following the instructions in the README?
<Edes> yeah
<rycee> Can you double check that `nix eval '(<home-manager>)'` prints something like `/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/home-manager`?
<rycee> If so then try running `nix-shell '<home-manager>' -A install`
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<rycee> Ouch, maybe it didn't work very well :-S
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<Edes> oh
<Edes> huh
<Edes> running the install command again worked
<Edes> it didn't work a few days ago
<rycee> Cool! Verify that `home-manager switch` now works.
<Edes> it does
<Edes> thanks
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<rycee> Glad it works :-)
<immae> Hello there, I profit from this discussion to ask some precision about this home-manager. If I understand correctly you should have the same branch in the nix path for home manager and nixpkgs otherwise there may be some compatibility issues right?
<rycee> immae: Yes. The master branch of HM tracks the unstable channel of Nixpkgs/NixOS and it will always at some point break compatibility with the Nixpkgs/NixOS release channels.
<immae> ok thanks rycee
<rycee> immae: So if you follow a release channel of Nixpkgs/NixOS you need to use the corresponding branch of Home Manager.
<immae> rycee: I suppose it’s not important what the nixos is on right? only my user packages is important?
<immae> (for instance, can I have nixos at 19.03 and my user nixpkgs+home manager at unstable?)
<rycee> Correct, it depends on what `<nixpkgs>` points to.
<immae> cool
<immae> Thanks, I guess I’ll have to upgrade then :D
<rycee> Hmm … unless you use the Home Manager NixOS module, in which case they need to match.
<immae> Right. but no, I installed it as user, didn’t want to have to change it as root :)
<rycee> Of course, you can always override nixpkgs just for HM. For example using HM 19.09 by running `home-manager -I nixpkgs=/path/to/nixpkgs-19.09` channel.
<immae> Ok. Since all my user packages (except for hm itself) is installed via home-manager it won’t make a difference there, but thanks for the hint
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