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<dindybutts> Hey i'm creating a module for ncmpcpp and was wondering if i could get some extra eyes on it to make sure i'm not doing something *completely* wrong before sending the PR
<dindybutts> I don't want to overload the module with an enormous amount of variables but it's hard since ncmpcpp is so configurable
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<infinisil> dindybutts: What you have now is not really yet applying the things in rfcs#42
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/42 (by Infinisil, 44 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0042] NixOS settings options
<infinisil> For one you need to generate the config file with a functions that can transform a nix value { foo = "bar"; } into an ncmpcpp config file like "foo = bar"
<infinisil> Then you don't need to list all the possible values
<infinisil> dindybutts: Then you also should use default values according to here: https://github.com/Infinisil/rfcs/blob/config-option/rfcs/0042-config-option.md#default-values
<infinisil> And finally you should assign a more fitting type instead of `types.attrs`, e.g. `with types; attrsOf (oneOf [ str int bool ])`, also indicating that your generator function will have to handle values of these types
<dindybutts> dammit, sorry i'm rather new to nix
<dindybutts> truthfully i was kinda smashing rocks together in the hopes of getting a spark
<infinisil> dindybutts: No worries, you're doing pretty well for somebody rather new to nix!
<infinisil> Feel free to ask if you're stuck :)
<dindybutts> thanks a mill, i might hold you to that :)
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<andi-> Anyone here using the notmuch + alot module? I am having weird issues with alot where it changes the path to a file in my notmuch db to /home/andi/Maildir//home/andi/Maildir/acccount/…. I am not sure if that comes from some home-manger generated config or is an alot bug. Since I basically went with most of the home-manager defaults I wonder why nobody else would run into this. :/
<rycee> andi-: I don't but I know there was some issue with the astroid module and it needing absolute paths: https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/912/files
<rycee> Perhaps something similar is going on with alot? But it does seem a bit odd that nobody seems to have encountered it before.
<andi-> Yeah, it also isn't just sent mails. It seems to affect mails that I marked as read as well :/
<rycee> What is your `accounts.email.maildirBasePath` set to?
<andi-> /home/andi/Maildir
<andi-> (just the default IIRC)
<rycee> It should be relative your home directory. Try `accounts.email.maildirBasePath = "Maildir";`
<andi-> ok, I'll try that in a bit.
<rycee> Hmm, actually. It _may_ be relative your home directory. So `/home/andi/Maildir` should be ok.
<rycee> Hmm, did you set `accounts.email.accounts.<name>.folders.sent` to `/home/andi/…`?
<rycee> … or `accounts.email.accounts.<name>.maildir.path`?
<rycee> Both of these should be relative paths.
<andi-> rycee: no, all of them are just relative e.g. the accounts name
<andi-> i didn't even configure maildirBasePath
<rycee> Yeah, curious. Do the paths show up like that in `~/.config/alot/config`?
<andi-> the only paths that show up there are sent & draft folders, e.g.: draft_box=maildir:///home/andi//Maildir/andi@notmuch.email/Drafts
<andi-> and that again ist just generated from having .path = "andi@notmuch.email";
<rycee> And `notmuch search --output=files since:today` gives sensible paths?
<andi-> For all those but those that i "touched" with alot
<rycee> The double `/` is a bit peculiar in `…andi//Maildir…`.
<andi-> yep, I thought about that as well
<rycee> Maybe notmuch or alot gets confused by that?
<andi-> I'll play with that in a bit.. Migrating my mailserver as we speak :)
<rycee> Good luck! I don't know if I'll be able to help much. I've never used alot so can't say much about that and notmuch has always worked perfectly for me :-)
<andi-> I am also new to alot :) I gave up on fixing neomutt.. It segfaults daily for me on random queries..
<andi-> On a fresh notmuch database with only a few million mails
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<afranche> Hi guys, relatively new user to Nix in general here and I have a question .. Both my personal laptop and my work one runs under NixOS but one's on i3 and the other on GNOME, after having stuff not working under wayland I think I'll switch back to X11 on the other one but I still have some differences on both home-manager configs so I wanted to ask for strategies to be able to have one versatile config..
<afranche> Here's the personal laptop one: https://github.com/afranche/dotfiles If you have tips on how to do it better I'm all yours
<afranche> all ears* sry
<rycee> afranche: When dealing with modules it is advisable to avoid using the `import` keyword as much as possible and instead use the `imports` field.
<afranche> rycee Thanks a lot.. I don't know enough Nix syntax since I just crashed on the OS, got it installed and from then I'm still learning it on the fly, also sorry for not looking at the FAQ section!
<rycee> afranche: No worries. Best of luck in your configuration endeavors! :-)
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<afranche> Thanks!
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<immae> Hello there, I have a message each time I run home-manager switch that says "User systemd daemon not running. Skipping reload." When I look at code, it’s said by `modules/systemd.nix` which runs command `$(${systemctl} --user is-system-running 2>&1 || true)` which outputs a correct value when I run it manually, do you know where the issue could come from?
<immae> Ah nevermind I am on branch release-19.03 and this one doesn’t check correctly for degraded status