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<jonge[m]> hi there. how is services.lorri.enable supposed to work? i activated it (seen that i can't start it because it's based on a socket) and when i cd into a folder that is direnv-activated, it tells me "please run lorri watch". shouldn't that be what services.lorri does or did i get the whole idea wrong?
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<Valodim> it should
<Valodim> what does this say?: systemctl --user status lorri.socket
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<jonge[m]> it says that it is active and listening. no error messages.
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<jonge[m]> do i have to make sure i have some kind of env var set?
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<jonge[m]> when i run `strace lorri direnv` it does not stat the socket file, only some `~/.cache/lorri/` folders and then quits with the error message "please run lorri watch"
<Valodim> it asks you to run lorri watch?
<Valodim> that sounds very old, I think lorri daemon has replaced lorri watch for a while now
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<jonge[m]> oh, so let me check first if i have any reminders from an old lorri version...
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<jonge[m]> wow. the problem is obviously PEBCAK. i had an overlay pinning lorri from times when lorri was not part of nixpkgs...
<Valodim> :)
<jonge[m]> ok sorry for wasting your time Valodim. but your pointer about the old version helped me a lot.
<Valodim> hth
<jonge[m]> i have another problem here... i have set `programs.bash.sessionVariables = { ...};` and can confirm that this is written to `~/.profile`. when i start a normal gnome-terminal, it does not seem to source .profile. when i start a tmux session inside the terminal, that sources the .profile
<jonge[m]> should i configure gnome-terminal to fix this or did i do something wrong on the home-manager level?
<Valodim> is there a .bash_profile, perhaps?
<jonge[m]> yes, there is. it is generated by home-manager and it sources .profile
<jonge[m]> the whole system is quite a fresh install... the gnome-terminal is very out of the box
<Valodim> so .profile is only supposed to be loaded for login shells
<Valodim> which is its purpose, compared to .bashrc :)
<Valodim> it makes sense to me that gnome-terminal wouldn't start a login shell
<Valodim> now why tmux launches a login shell by default, I don't know
<jonge[m]> ok, so if tmux would also not start a login shell, i would have an even bigger problem. i set `SSH_AUTH_SOCK` with `programs.bash.sessionVariables` and can't use it without manually sourcing .profile... (or .bash_profile)
<jonge[m]> so is `sessionVariables` even the right thing to set in my use case?
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<schmittlauch[m]> Who else here is using the lorri service? It doesn't work for me on 19.09:
<schmittlauch[m]> lorri.socket:
<schmittlauch[m]> Jan 14 13:24:53 thinknix systemd[2231]: Listening on Socket for lorri build daemon.
<schmittlauch[m]> Jan 14 13:43:28 thinknix systemd[2231]: lorri.socket: Failed with result 'service-start-limit-hit'.
<schmittlauch[m]> lorri.service:
<infinisil> schmittlauch[m]: Those logs don't contain the actual error, which should be higher up
<schmittlauch[m]> infinisil: That's the thing: Higher up there is only more of the same
<infinisil> Oh that's not very good then
<infinisil> You could try running it in a terminal yourself
<schmittlauch[m]> infinisil: I might have run into a permission problem due to an already existing socket, but that should have been resolved after a `rm -rf /run/user/1000/lorri`
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<schmittlauch[m]> (but the services and/or systemd socket still doesn't work)
<judson__> I've been using it without real issues (with HM...)
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<rycee> jonge: Yeah, sessionVariables should be right. It's what I do. When the session variables change you'll need to relog for them to take effect.
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<Palpares> hi. how to know the parameters to pass. for example, programs.gpg-agent has defaultCacheTtl (from the readme). where to find out those params?
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<__monty__> Palpares: This should have all the options: https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/options.html
<Palpares> __monty__: cool thanks. didn´t see this in the doc
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<rizary_> Hi I got some error on my xmonad installation, here is the picture
<rizary_> The configuration works on my VM machine