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<evanjs> Is there any idiomatic way to configure ie taffybar from home-manager atm? Something like xsession.windowManager.xmonad.config but for taffybar?
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<ditadi> is there any way to add my own additional services to home-manager?
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<infinisil> ditadi: Just like services are defined in home-manager itself, you can put such definitions into your own config
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<rizary_> I got `error: syntax error, unexpected $end, at /nix/store/887...-env-manifest.nix:1:1` in the process of `Starting home manager activation`. I tried to revert to my working branch of my dotfiles, but the error still occured.
<rizary_> where should I look?
<rizary_> for debugging
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<rizary_> >,<
<{^_^}> nixpkgs#18279 (by Ptival, 3 years ago, closed): How can I fix a corrupt manifest.nix?
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<mankyKitty> heya, trying to use a later version of kakoune than what it is in 19.09 with home-manager, and it using `programs.kakoune` seems to ignore my overlay and install the old version... There's no option for setting the package on the kakoune module... am I missing something obvious? :<
<rycee> mankyKitty: Where do you have the overlay?
<mankyKitty> in the `nixpkgs.overlay` list
<rycee> Ok, then it should work using `kakoune = …`
<mankyKitty> must have pebkac'd something else along the way... ty muchly. home-manager is freakin awesome btw, thank you
<rycee> I'm no expert on overlays but I don't see anything obviously wrong there. If you put the overlay in a file `~/.config/nixpkgs/overlays/kak.nix` does `nix run nixpkgs.kakoune` find the overlaid version?
<rycee> Technically I think you want `super.fetchgit` instead of `self.fetchgit` but I can't imagine that being the issue.
<mankyKitty> I'll give that a whirl, ta for the tip, I'm always crossing wires on self/super :P
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<rycee> mankyKitty: Hmm, I tried putting it in my configuration and it seems to ping up the overlay fine.
<rycee> At least I get a `error: opening file '…/github.json': No such file or directory`
<mankyKitty> it does to pick up the overlay for me too, but something else is amiss. I'll keep digging, thanks for the help :)
<rycee> Are you using HM as a NixOS module?
<mankyKitty> just from the channel
<rycee> I mean, are you using the `home-manager` tool or are your HM configuration embedded in your NixOS system configuration?
<mankyKitty> oh, using the `home-manager` tool
<rycee> Ok, if you had been using the NixOS module then it might be that you had an old kakoune installed in your `~/.nix-profile` while HM put the newer in `/etc/profiles/per-user/$USER`…
<mankyKitty> the path shows up as coming from the home-manager derivation
<mankyKitty> interestingly, I just put the overlay as a differently named package and ...
<mankyKitty> «derivation /nix/store/if0lis5l5h7vhnr7v82xlwxfh0gbkyln-kakoune-b37638d.drv»
<mankyKitty> nix-repl> kakoune.src
<mankyKitty> ```
<mankyKitty> «derivation /nix/store/if0lis5l5h7vhnr7v82xlwxfh0gbkyln-kakoune-b37638d.drv»
<mankyKitty> nix-repl> kek.src
<mankyKitty> ```
<mankyKitty> might have missed a rebuild ...
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<mankyKitty> seems to have renamed the package with the version I specified, but provides the older version.. doesn't seem to have rebuilt it.. I have to start work soon so I'll try to work out what I screwed up later. "><
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<mankyKitty> AH HAH! ... right well.. that explains a lot
<__monty__> Did you neglect to update the sha256?
<mankyKitty> SO.. the kakoune derivation has a wrapper that resets some paths and allows for plugins to be included via nix, it does this by creating a new derivation... You can override the `src` of that derivation as much as you like, won't matter, because if you want to change out the `kakoune` program, you need to change the `src` of `kakoune-unwrapped` , then rewrap it with `wrapKakoune`
<__monty__> Ah, good find : )
<kenjis> Hey! Does anyone here manage nvim with home-manager? I can't seem to get pynvim 4.0 installed with it.
<mankyKitty> __monty__: ta
<rycee> kenjis: I don't but looking at the derivation it seems like pynvim should be included automatically if you have `programs.neovim.withPython3 = true`, which is the default.
<mankyKitty> all cpu fans engaged, this is more like it
<rycee> evanjs: Not through the module. When I was using taffybar I just did `xdg.configFile."taffybar".source = dotfiles/taffybar;` where `dotfiles/taffybar` contained my `taffybar.css` and `taffybar.hs` files.
<rycee> And added `haskellPackages.taffybar` manually to `xsession.windowManager.xmonad.extraPackages`.
<rycee> So there is room for improvement :-)
<kenjis> rycee: Yes it is installed automatically, and has been working very well so far - in version 0.3.2, which is in the stable release. I tried to get it to use the unstable version of pynvim, which is 0.4.0 but I guess I am doing it the wrong way. So far I tried to specify the unstable pynvim as an extra Python Package but I guess if it is included it doesn't make sense. I also tried using unstable neovim in the pac
<kenjis> also had no luck with it.
<rycee> kenjis: I think you'd have to use an overlay to replace the pynvim package with the 0.4.0 version one.
<kenjis> Cheers, that is a good starting Point!
<mankyKitty> oh, hrmm.. if you don't have a newline at the top of your `kakoune.extraConfig` then the first line will be commented out courtesy of the `# Hooks` comment. if I get a chance I'll make a PR for it
<rycee> mankyKitty: I'll fix that.
<mankyKitty> okey dokey :)
<rycee> Done.
<rycee> It was fixed in master but I had forgot to backport it to the 19.09 branch.
<mankyKitty> sweeet
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<judson> How do I update my install of home-manager? I have it set to update itself, but the version I'm running doesn't include a PR merged last April
<jD91mZM2> judson: sudo nix-channel --update
<hexa-> I wonder whether ssh supports 'Match exec "$script" Host somehost'; basically executing a script to decide whether a host block should match
<hexa-> ssh.nix*
<hexa-> I'm running into overlapping ip addresses issues
<hexa-> no, doesn't afaik
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<rycee> hexa-: Unfortunately no, figuring out something intelligent to handle more advanced match conditions is (far down) on my todo list.
<hexa-> understandable
<hexa-> it's not too trivial
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<judson> Updating to 19.09, still seems like an older version.
<rycee> judson: Did you install HM through the Nixpkgs package?
<judson> I don't think so. It was quite a while ago. "/home/judson/.nix-profile/bin/home-manager -> /nix/store/322j4d29fa9xf49672ld2qjwq6fzh4v6-home-manager-path/bin/home-manager"
<rycee> judson: Hmm, which specific commit from last April are you looking at?
<rycee> I have to go sleep. Going to a new client tomorrow so shouldn't be too late ;-)
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