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<Kuba> Hello everyone. I am new to nix and just got stuck on this...
<Kuba> I have cloned and changed one nixos-config and can't get home-manager working. The original author uses some methods around imports and I just can't get it working.
<Kuba> https://github.com/kubaracek/nixos-config/blob/master/configuration.nix#L13 Here it should add home-manager into the paths
<Kuba> But when I import it here: https://github.com/kubaracek/nixos-config/blob/master/modules/home-manager.nix#L7 I get error: file 'home-manager/nixos' was not found in the Nix search path
<Kuba> The author is wrapping the imports in here https://github.com/kubaracek/nixos-config/blob/master/configuration.nix#L45 I think it has something to do with it?
<Kuba> OOOOh, my bad. I haven't import the __nixPath
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<leira> I'm using Nix on Mac. If I use Home Manager to manage my bash, that I have programs.bash.enable = true, .profile is generated by home manager. Now hm-session-vars.sh is sourced, but ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/nix.sh is not sourced.
<leira> Of course I can add ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/nix.sh to .profile manually, but that defeat the purpose of using home manager
<leira> How do u guys solve this?
<rycee> leira: You can add `programs.bash.profileExtra = ". ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/nix.sh"` to your configuration.
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<leira> Thanks~ I suppose that should work. But my question is, is it because on NixOS, nix.sh is already sourced from /etc/profile?
<rycee> On NixOS the nix.sh file is not used at all as far as I know. The variables and such that it sets are handled differently in NixOS.
<leira> Then maybe home manager should be smart enough to add that line for non NixOS?
<rycee> Yeah, I guess if the target system is darwin then it should be safe to source it.
<leira> I opened an issue (https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/issues/688). I'm not familiar with Nix or Home Manager enough yet, but I can try to help on it when I'm more familiar with it.
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<rycee> leira: Thanks :-)
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<iceypoi> rycee: I am pretty sure, this is the problem
<iceypoi> rycee: WSL is a pure 64-bit system and we mustn't be using i686 pkgs
<iceypoi> rycee: any idea how I could override it?
<rycee> Hmm, isLinux is true on WSL?
<iceypoi> rycee: yes
<iceypoi> rycee: it's a kernel shim that implements a good chunk of the linux kernel
<iceypoi> rycee: and it presents itself as linux
<rycee> Is there any way in Nix/Nixpkgs to identify it as wsl?
<iceypoi> rycee: well you can always uname -a and look for Microsoft and WSL
<rycee> 😕
<iceypoi> this is what the host platform gives us
<rycee> Hmm, doesn't seem like there is anything obvious that can be looked at. I guess would need some form of flag that you can set yourself?
<iceypoi> rycee: Ya, that would work. Something like good old Gentoo's no-multilib USE flag or something
<iceypoi> rycee: point is, I thought in modules/misc/nixpkgs there already was something
<iceypoi> but it doesn't look like you can set the flag
<iceypoi> how about exposing pkgsi686Linux and you can manually set it to {}?
<rycee> Perhaps can do that in an overlay?
<iceypoi> possible, I'll have to read up on how exactly they work (I'm quite new to nixos, sorry)
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<rycee> What happens if you put `nixpkgs.overlays = [ (self: super: { pkgsi686Linux = {}; }) ]` in your config?
<iceypoi> rycee: attribute 'callPackage' missing at ...top-level/all-packages.nix
<rycee> Hmm, and `nixpkgs.overlays = [ (self: super: { pkgsi686Linux = { callPackage = super.newScope {}; }; }) ]`? :-)
<rycee> It's a wild guess.
<rycee> I think it'll need some form of flag but I would prefer if it was in Nixpkgs.
<rycee> Something like isWsl.
<iceypoi> rycee: yes, that sounds quite reasonable
<iceypoi> there's already an isWindows
<iceypoi> but I think that's meant for windows applications
<rycee> Hmm, yeah.
<iceypoi> so it would make sense to add isWsl
<rycee> I saw mentions of dlls and exes around isWindows so I guess it's a separate thing
<iceypoi> rycee: ya, that'll be about cross compiling on windows, not wsl
<iceypoi> wsl really isn't windows, it's linux
<iceypoi> rycee: ya, this seems to get a bit further, now it's moaning that an assertion inside adobe-reader is violated
<iceypoi> rycee: but that's probably correct as this seems to be 32-bit only package
<rycee> Hmm, actually. Try `_module.args.pkgs_i686 = lib.mkForce {};`
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<iceypoi> rycee: it goes further yet ;-)
<iceypoi> this seems like a small enough pain for now, though we should still add the isWsl flag, I think
<rycee> What kind of error are you getting now?
<iceypoi> dunno yet, it's compilingat the moment
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<rycee> Perhaps you have something in your setup that actually references an i686 package?
<iceypoi> i have a few 100 packages in total, I think
<iceypoi> yes, adobe reader did
<iceypoi> so I had to disable that one
<iceypoi> other than that it chugs along
<iceypoi> this one is a pretty clear message, that adobe reader is 32bit only
<iceypoi> not a problem, though, adobe reader exists as a native windows app
<rycee> Heh, i486.
<iceypoi> you may need that one for mars :P
<iceypoi> afaik NASA use i486 in space
<iceypoi> less fragile w.r.t. cosmic rays :P
<iceypoi> rycee: ah yes... nerdfonts... that package is some 2GB, lol
<iceypoi> rycee: taking forever to install
<iceypoi> rycee: but it's doing something
<rycee> Ouch.
<iceypoi> still downloading, lol
<iceypoi> and my inet is faster than their server
<iceypoi> rycee: alright it's nearly done
<iceypoi> rycee: there seemed to be a conflict with my nix-env installed vim
<iceypoi> but that's now also working!!
<iceypoi> yay
<rycee> Ah, cool. I'm glad simply forcing that value worked :-)
<iceypoi> tomorrow, I'll port the last part of my config, xmonad
<iceypoi> and then I'll try running x11 provided by ubuntu to run an x session on windows
<iceypoi> testing out fonts and all
<rycee> Sweet :-)
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