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<ardumont> for information, i ran a migration from home-manager from 18.09 to 19.03 and everything went smooth ;)
<ardumont> also i ran home-manager on multiple machines running different distributions and everything is fine
<ardumont> debian 9, ubuntu 14, ubuntu 18 (same machine migrated), and nixos boxes
<ardumont> cool stuff is cool
<ardumont> thx again
<ardumont> i'm just wondering how to deal "properly" with private stuff though
<ardumont> also, i finally had a way to do https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/10072
<ardumont> declaring my emacs setup ;)
<rycee> ardumont: Glad it worked well! :-)
<rycee> Unfortunately Nix doesn't have a very good story for private data. There is this old issue: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/8
<ardumont> yeah, i noticed you mentioned it already in one of hm's issues
<ardumont> ;)
<rycee> And for what it's worth here is my Emacs configuration: https://gitlab.com/rycee/configurations/blob/master/user/emacs.nix
<ardumont> thx, i looked for it but did not find it back
<ardumont> (mine is not public yet because of the private data stuff not yet worked out)
<ardumont> i'll looked into your configuration, thanks for the hint!
<ardumont> nice, that uses use-package within ;)
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<rycee> Yeah, it's a pretty thin wrapper ontop of use-package.
<ardumont> yes, that's great
<ardumont> i thought i was done with emacs' conf ;)
<ardumont> lol
<ardumont> i believe that will simplify my stuff a lot
<ardumont> last migration i ended up with el-get https://github.com/ardumont/.emacs.d/blob/master/init.el
<ardumont> ;)
<ardumont> i used use-package but got confused in the past
<ardumont> so it's bare require there, i think in the end, i was missing the part that installed the dependencies (if not present)
<rycee> I like that it's easy to do lazy loading in use-package. Before my configuration was quite slow to load.
<ardumont> yes, that was the motivation to use use-package, to speed the starting up
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<ardumont> i think i remember where i stumbled on your emacs configuration now (i must have parsed the "old" irc logs)
<ardumont> of course, last time i checked, i did not look there ;)
<ardumont> (i mean when i failed to find it back)
<ardumont> why don't you propose your thin use-package thin wrapper on home-manager or nixpkgs even?
<rycee> I've been meaning to clean it up for inclusion in HM but haven't found time for it yet.
<ardumont> what would be the needed clean up step?
<rycee> It needs to be more flexible w.r.t optional use-package dependencies. Like only include `(require 'diminish)` if the `:diminish` option is used.
<rycee> I think there were a few other things that needed looking at. If I get a free weekend at some point I should manage.
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<ardumont> ;)
<ardumont> .oO(i forgot to mention a rpi3 running home-manager also ;)
<rycee> Hehe, you might have the biggest span of systems running HM :-)
<rycee> I know of a guy using it on Android, though…
<ardumont> not trying to gloat ;) just mentioning it works quite well as entertained
<ardumont> and for android, i still have a hard-time considering my mobile as a computer
<ardumont> because i kinda still use it mostly as a phone!
<rycee> Yeah, I'm very happy to hear that it works on these different platforms. I've tried to keep it platform independent but it's a bit tricky sometimes since I just use NixOS nowadays.
<ardumont> (well and router like right now
<rycee> So it's great to get some feedback about it :-)
<ardumont> cool, that was what i was aiming at
<ardumont> i can't star it more than once unfortunately ;)
<rycee> Can star it on gitlab: https://gitlab.com/rycee/home-manager :-D
<ardumont> doh, i did not know!
<ardumont> i'm not alone apparently, 2 stars now
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<rycee> :-) Thanks!
<rycee> I'll head out for a run. See ya and thanks for the nice words
<ardumont> good run!
<iceypoi> have you got any feedback regarding running home-manager on WSL?
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<rycee> iceypoi: Sorry, no I haven't heard of anybody doing that.
<iceypoi> rycee: wee... it's doing something on WSL
<iceypoi> rycee: "Creating initial Home Manager generation"
<rycee> Awesome! :-)
<iceypoi> it's actually much less bumpy than getting nix itself set up
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<iceypoi> I'd like to re-use my nixos config on WSL
<iceypoi> currently, I've got my config spread through a bunch of modules and I've tried using home-manager for as much as possible, but obviously not everything can be done
<iceypoi> do you have some suggestion how I could structure my nix expressions so that home-manager can be used both as part of nixos as well as separately?
<iceypoi> here's my repo, in case you want to glance at it: https://github.com/DanielFabian/nixos-home
<rycee> Hmm, typically the answer is using imports.
<iceypoi> ya, currently I've got them as imports, but they're like for nixos, not home-manager
<iceypoi> so I'd have to have home.nix import everything home-manager-like and have configuration.nix import everything nixos-like right?
<rycee> Yes, I fear something like that is needed.
<iceypoi> but as I said... I'm setting things up firstly through home-manager, so the settings should mostly just work...
<rycee> For example https://github.com/DanielFabian/nixos-home/blob/master/modules/fontconfig.nix could be split into two, fontconfig-home.nix and fontconfig-system.nix where fontconfig-home.nix
<iceypoi> once this works, I'll be able to just "run" my OS config at work through WSL :D
<rycee> … is just the HM configuration (that you can, for example, `pkgs.callPackage ./fontconfig-home.nix {}` into fontconfig-system.nix.
<rycee> And then add `imports = [ ./../fontconfig-home.nix ]` in the WSL config.
<iceypoi> I think that won't even be needed
<iceypoi> if I import all the hm stuff through home.nix, that should suffice
<rycee> Yes, absolutely. My suggestion is mainly if you still want to "mix" the system configration with the user configuration.
<iceypoi> ah yes, I understand
<rycee> But I suspect that would turn out quite cluttered in the end, probably mest to keep them separate. At least those modules you want to share with the wsl setup.
<iceypoi> there's something nice about having topics in one place, but splitting hm from system is more important if I want to use it separately
<rycee> Aye.
<iceypoi> I found that hm actually has quite a lot of the typical config things one might want anyway
<iceypoi> so the system will probably be 90% configured from just that
<iceypoi> thanks for the advice, I know what I'll be coding up tomorrow ;-)
<iceypoi> and soon (TM), I'll have converted my colleagues at work. They were quite interested and if I can show them that I can script up my OS, they are quite likely to start using it too ;-)
<rycee> Nice! :-D