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<linarcx> Gyu. what is the problem of this lines of code? https://gist.github.com/LinArcX/584cb10bc28bb9b3342d23cfb9e71264
<linarcx> I've get an error in line 30
<linarcx> 31 actually
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<rycee> linarcx: Try changing `session=${1:-${cfg.defaultSession}}` to `session=''${1:-${cfg.defaultSession}}`
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<linarcx> rycee: Thank you. it solved. and i want to use `xinitrc` file locally for test. but i get this error: `error: The option `xinitrc' defined in `/home/linarcx/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix' does not exist.`
<rycee> linarcx: Hmm. Using the same code as in the gist?
<linarcx> rycee: I change it a little. let me update it.
<linarcx> and create a new branch called: `module/xinitrc` and work on it.
<linarcx> And according to Contribution.md i add these lines to home.nix: programs.home-manager.enable = true;
<linarcx> programs.home-manager.path = "$HOME/devel/home-manager";
<rycee> Yeah.
<rycee> I don't see anything wrong with the code in the gist.
<rycee> It seems the module isn't loaded into your configuration, though.
<rycee> With the `programs.home-manager.path = "$HOME/devel/home-manager";` line it should be available.
<rycee> Alternatively you could import the module file into your configuration.
<rycee> I.e., `imports = [ ~/path/to/xinitrc.nix ]`
<linarcx> Let my try it.
<linarcx> rycee: Hooray. it works like a charm now :)
<linarcx> I'll send it for you as a PR.
<linarcx> But is it ok? Should i change it or improve it?
<rycee> Glad it works :-)
<rycee> I guess it should be fine to have something like this in HM. But it seems more suitable to be under the xsession namespace.
<rycee> Something like xsession.xinit
<linarcx> Aha. i've crated it in seperate file called: xinitrc in modules root directory. So i'll move it to xsession.nix file.
<linarcx> Before go further, i want to add numlockx option. so i change the file to: https://gist.github.com/LinArcX/772a54ecf45e4a072c152d958f5ec6c9
<linarcx> But i get an error in line 48.
<linarcx> Ok. i solve it. but another question.
<linarcx> I add numlockx in .xinitrc, but assume user not installed it. what we can do? Should i force user to install numlockx before? If yes, what is the solution?
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<boomshroom> Hello!
<boomshroom> Can I still install packages declaratively with home-manager, or do I have to manually edit the configuration every time I want to install a package?
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<rycee> boomshroom: You can still use `nix-env -iA` if you want.
<rycee> linarcx: Refer directly to the binary, the user should not be forced to install a package they're not expected to run themselves.
<linarcx> rycee: No. i mean imagin a user enable option-A, and that option need to install a package before. what should we do in these situations?
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<pie__> so like services i guess?
<pie__> (idk)
<rycee> linarcx: I don't think I follow what you mean by "before", before what? I don't know anything about numlockx. Is it something you run? Is it something you source into the xinitrc file? Or something else? I saw it is in Nixpkgs so it would be best to refer directly to its derivation output, if possible.
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<iceypoi> rycee: would there be interest around accepting a pr for weechat much like there is irssi right now?
<rycee> iceypoi: I suppose, I use neither program but I assume there are others that would be happy to have a weechat module 😃
<iceypoi> rycee: cool, I'll look into making a module then. It's maybe a bit more work, but cleaner than just managing the raw config file