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<MasseR> Thanks for the maintainer (not highlighting on purpose) and NickHu for the xcape service. I had written my own, which obviously conflicted with the new changes, but I only needed to change a total of 2 lines in my configuration to have it working again
<MasseR> Removing the import to my custom xcape service and renaming my 'maps = { "Hyper_L" = "Tab"; }' into 'mapExpression = { "Hyper_L" = "Tab"; }'
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<iceypoi> good evening
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<iceypoi> I'm having trouble understanding how to put things into a separate nix expression that I can choose to import or not
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<iceypoi> and I don't understand how to take them into a separate file, because some props are defined in nixos, some in home-manager
<wolfman154> rycee: your solution from issue #543 is not working for me, https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/issues/543
<wolfman154> Here’s my home.nix: https://hastebin.com/uqobiwaxig.bash
<rycee> iceypoi: Wouldn't something like https://gist.github.com/rycee/5beda42c348148393d1b4c80cb59de6f work?
<wolfman154> I think I saw a home.keymap option for home-manager, maybe that will work?
<rycee> wolfman154: Are you using the branch that contains the fix?
<wolfman154> rycee: I don’t know, I think I’m using 18.09 home-manager channel
<rycee> wolfman154: Then the fix is not included.
<wolfman154> rycee: so you’re saying I need to use the master branch(19.03) for it to work?
<rycee> wolfman154: It doesn't work if you remove the lib.mkForce? Does the ~/.config/systemd/user/setxkbmap.service file still run the setxkbmap program?
<iceypoi> this does seem to work... So I just need to get the prefixes right and setting something like systemPackages gets union'ed over all the imports?
<rycee> Yeah, that's about right.
<iceypoi> in other words, this kind of splitting the settings doesn't need modules at all?
<wolfman154> rycee: I do have lib.mkForce in the home.nix file I sent you, and yes it looks like setxkbmap.service file is running setxkbmap. https://hastebin.com/opetajumek.ini
<rycee> Hmm, not sure what you mean. The file containing the networkmanager settings is itself a module. And it gets merged together with all the other imported modules.
<wolfman154> 16:38 wolfman154: Here’s my home.nix: https://hastebin.com/uqobiwaxig.bash
<iceypoi> sorry, I meant the mkOption and the likes
<iceypoi> still learning the way how nix merges settings
<wolfman154> rycee: were you talking to iceypoi or me?
<iceypoi> wolfman154: I was talking to rycee
<rycee> wolfman154: Yeah, then you're having bad luck with the evaluation order for some reason. The current code is a bit buggy w.r.t systemd configuration.
<iceypoi> it works fine now, thx ;-)
<iceypoi> that should be good enough to let me refactor my settings a bit further yet, but it's already pretty damn good
<iceypoi> and I'm very happy with how both my computers seem identically configured as if by magic ;-)
<rycee> iceypoi: Yeah, there is some magic going on in the module system to determine how to interpret the attribute sets. If you don't provide an option and config attribute then everything at the top-level is interpreted as being inside a config attribute.
<rycee> iceypoi: Best not to think too hard about it for now :-)
<wolfman154> rycee: well I have no idea what to at this point, I paste bined the 4 links of my configuration files yesterday, could you take a look?, I’d repost them but it takes to long to type them on my phone?
<iceypoi> rycee: 'tis a bit hard :P I work for Microsoft Research in the programming languages department so I generally pick up new languages quickly because on some fundamental level they all do things similarly
<iceypoi> but nix in this case deviates even from haskell or f# quite a lot
<iceypoi> I'll understand it eventually, though, I hope
<rycee> wolfman154: One sec.
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<rycee> wolfman154: If you update to the latest commit in the release-18.09 branch, remove the systemd.user config from your home.nix, and instead put `home.keyboard = null` it should work.
<wolfman154> rycee: when I do: nix-channel —list | grep nixos, it returns nothing I’m looking in chapter 4 upgrading nixos and automatic upgrades section now
<rycee> That's for #nixos :-)
<rycee> I'm heading to bed. See ya.
<wolfman154> rycee: could I ask you one more question before you go?
<wolfman154> rycee: never mind, I’ll try out your solution to see if it works and let you know how it went, later
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