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<iceypoi> good evening
<iceypoi> any suggestions as to how to link home-manager's config from my home dir also root without duplicating everything?
<rycee> Hmm, can you explain further? I don't quite understand.
<rycee> You want to use the same configuration for your regular user and for the root user?
<iceypoi> yes, exactly. E.g. rxvt-unicode without config doesn't do backspace correctly. So whenever I `su -`, it goes berserk
<iceypoi> so I'd like to have the same config across both
<rycee> Ok, I'd suggest to put the configuration somewhere nice and then symlink /root/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix and /home/iceypoi/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix to the same file.
<iceypoi> and then just home-manager switch on root, right?
<rycee> Ya.
<iceypoi> is home-manager being added to nixos? or is it command not found just saying that
<rycee> If you follow the installation instructions it will only be installed for the current user.
<rycee> So you'd have to run `nix-shell '<home-manager>' -A install` for both your user and root.
<rycee> If you are using NixOS then it is probably more convenient to use HM as a NixOS module.
<rycee> Then you could have `home-manager.users = { root = import /path/to/home.nix; iceypoi = import /path/to/home.nix; }` in your system configuration.
<iceypoi> thanks, this really is nicer
<iceypoi> working on intergrating it, I never saw that you could use it as a module
<pie_> i think its only documented in a github issue
<iceypoi> ya, it doesn't seem to install home-manager itself, though
<iceypoi> weird
<rycee> Yeah, I'm planning on fixing that.
<iceypoi> ah, ok
<pie_> oh. maybe its not ideal but I just used the globabl system level config settings
<pie_> of course that means sudo to root every tim you want to edit something, and rebuild switch
<pie_> so thats ehhhh...
<pie_> on the other hand minimizing imperative config yaY?
<pie_> (that was something i was working on before i lost my data and had to focus on other things)
<iceypoi> I've only just started using nixos, really, but I just ditched my windows install last night
<iceypoi> and I'm loving the forward-only nature of nix
<iceypoi> you basically configure something and commit/push the stuff that worked
<iceypoi> love it
<rycee> pie_: I believe the concern I had when I decided not to support the home-manager tool for NixOS module installs was related to NixOS rollbacks Vs. HM rollbacks and how intuitive it is to have two simultaneous histories going on. It is quite possible it works just great but I wanted to do some experiments first.
<rycee> Haven't yet had time to try it out, though.
<rycee> Some day… :-)
<rycee> Right now I'll go to sleep. See ya.
<iceypoi> nighty
<pie_> rycee, i dont quite follow
<pie_> and by global system level config i meant HM in configuration.nix
<pie_> just to clarfy^
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