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<duboisj> I never followed the instructions tilpner posted, but I spent some time trying to run chromiumos in qemu a few weeks ago.
<duboisj> Eventually gave up and settled for a cheap swappable drive bay & a reboot when I wanted to run. Could never get any usable chromiumos in qemu.
<duboisj> If anyone here has done better, I'd be curious & might try again.
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* tilpner did not post any instructions
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<qyliss> TODO: make crosvm change the name of its subprocesses so some when some of them refuse to die I can identify which ones
<qyliss> TODO: make VHOST_VSOCK_SET_GUEST_CID in the kernel support dynamic CID allocation
<qyliss> Think I just got something cool working...
<qyliss> Yep!
<qyliss> I can have a service manager on the host get notified when a service in a VM is up
<qyliss> This is really important because it means that I can express inter-VM service dependencies.
<cole-h> :O
<qyliss> Getting this working required (or at least was aided by) some new software: https://spectrum-os.org/git/ucspi-vsock/
<qyliss> (Which I will document better once I've hit the milestone because I can't really afford to spend time on anything else right now)
<V> literally? :p
<qyliss> uh, only sort of actually
<V> good
<qyliss> remarkably I'm actually almost but not quite covered by donations (or suggestions extra money might be available should I require it) at this point in time
<V> if it was very sort of actually I'd be concerned
<V> huh
<qyliss> I have a small monthly shortfall and I'd be fucked if the government told me it was time to pay tax
<qyliss> So this can't go on forever
<qyliss> but i can just about survive month to month
<V> mm
<qyliss> actually that reminds me I should send a message to the ML explaining that I'm focusing 100% on the milestone and that's why weekly updates have been paused
<qyliss> so nobody thinks I've just disappeared.
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<duboisj> tilpner: you're right! qyliss posted them. My irc client showed your channel join as the last thing before the post, and I mixed up the attribution. Sorry to misquote you ;)
<duboisj> (either way, for me, chromiumos + qemu -> no good)
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<duboisj> fwiw, enabling virglrenderer makes chromiumos _much_ better in terms of rendering. Still some glitches (and my mouse & keyboard are pretty well hosed, separate issue), but the rendering is all the difference in the world.
<duboisj> When I build chromiumos I use the amd64-generic board, and last I tried I had to hack around security features which disable vms on that board by default because of missing mitigations for l1tf & mds. I haven't tried running any vms inside qemu.
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