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<cole-h> I would expect so.
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<qyliss> textmate: yeah, subscribe to the announce mailing list
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<textmate> okay
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<qyliss> philipp[m]: hey, just wanted to say that I haven't got to your patch yet because I'm extremely busy right now, but I promise I will and it's definitely appreciated!
<qyliss> I'm wondering what to do about networking
<qyliss> Specifically, addressing schemes
<qyliss> crosvm doesn't support IPv6 so using that would be difficult
<qyliss> (But possible if I make my own TAPs I think)
<qyliss> But AIUI in IPv4 there's no address space I could use that couldn't conflict with whatever random Wi-Fi networks people want to connect to?
<qyliss> (Whereas in IPv6 I can generate a "unique" pseudorandom /48 in fd00::/8)
<puck> wait, crosvm doesn't do ipv6?
<puck> pretty sure you can get ipv6 in chromebook VMs now
<puck> and for IPv4, chromebooks use the CG-NAT space
<qyliss> puck: --host_ip is v4-only
<qyliss> But yeah I could just set up the TAP myself
<qyliss> (Eventually this will be vhost-user anyway and there will be no TAP)
<qyliss> Hmm, CG-NAT space is an idea
<qyliss> CG-NAT space doesn't get exposed to end devices?
<puck> i don't believe so
<philipp[m]> qyliss: No worries, it already sounded that way in the newsletter. As I said: I'm not really happy with the lack of explanation anyway right now.
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<nyanotech> puck: unfortunately, some people actually use the cgnat space
<nyanotech> sometimes not even for cgnat things
<qyliss> If CrOS can get away with it I probably can too
<qyliss> At least for now™
<nyanotech> fair
<qyliss> The thing I need this for will eventually be vsock anyway
<qyliss> But other things probably will require real networking
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<IdleBot_140320b7> I believe my 9p tests over IPv6 hit lack of _kernel_ support for direct IPv6 mount, scripting IPv6 setup with CrosVM and mktuntap was not hard
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