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<nixoswikibot> [[User:Danbst/Ideas in Limbo]] ! * Danbst * (+195) 
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<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS on ARM/Raspberry Pi]] * Makefu * (-543) 
<samueldr> thanks makefu :)
<samueldr> hmm, is this right for mainline too?
<samueldr> oh, looks like it is
<makefu> i have to thank for everyone involved in adding mainline support for the rpi3
<samueldr> it'd be nice to have a blurb on that wiki page about _rpi vs. mainline
<samueldr> I'm not experienced enough with rpi-specific things though
<samueldr> (e.g. making the hats work and such)
<makefu> i tried _rpi, however it does not seem to be supported by aarch64 (yet)
<makefu> but yeah, it would be nice to have an overview
<samueldr> it should be, since like two months
<makefu> maybe not backported to stable. which is fine because 19.03 is coming :)
<samueldr> right, not backported
<samueldr> a fellow stable-on-aarch64 user lol
<makefu> true! now unstable that is not necessary anymore to get your arm-boards running
<{^_^}> #46653 (by lopsided98, 17 weeks ago, closed): linux_rpi: add support for 64-bit Raspberry Pi 3
<samueldr> whew, september was two months ago, right?
<makefu> yeahhhhhhhhhh ... :D
<nixoswikibot> [[Yubikey]] N * Mic92 * (+310) Created page with "This article describes how [ Yubico]'s [[Wikipedia:YubiKey|YubiKey]] works and how you can use it. To access the yubikey as user add the following udev rule..."
<makefu> it really feels like the raspi eats sd-cards for breakfast. now already had 2 corrupted folders in the /boot vfat partition
<samueldr> makefu: don't use SD :)
<samueldr> I have a read-only (by usage) sd card with only tianocore, and boot a usb hard drive using a UEFI-installed nixos
<samueldr> I have the full grub, wiht background, showing up!
<makefu> yeah i will probably follow your example and use an usb hard drive
<samueldr> the raspberry pi itself, via its usb boot abilities, might have trouble with hard drives
<makefu> i had to delete /boot, now i am unsure if some fires were required to boot the raspi ...
<samueldr> it may take too long for spinning rust
<makefu> also not enough power
<samueldr> but usb drive, shouuuuuld work, but maybe you'll butt head against a regression
<samueldr> (which I haven't reported yet since I'm having a mailing lists aversion :()
<makefu> maybe i find a fast usb-stick (well it will never go faster than usb2 minus the 100mbit ethernet)
<samueldr> probably faster than SD cards :)
<samueldr> especially if you have write workloads
<samueldr> (and find a usb drive which is fine with such workloads)
<makefu> tbh i never found an usb stick which can work with small writes. same goes for sd cards though
<samueldr> apparently they exist, cost much more (hard to source for me) they are usually called SSD though (not trolling)
<samueldr> I'm talking about the usb drive usual form factor
<makefu> yeah haha
<makefu> essentially usb-drives with a sandforce (or similar) ssd chip inside
<samueldr> yeah, I was searching for something like that for this purpose, but had trouble finding anything confirming I can even buy that here :/