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<Mic92> flokli: the way I implemented it in the first version is to to resolve each endpoint for ever until it gets a response and than keep this ip address until networkd is restarted.
<Mic92> Not sure if this is still the case
<flokli> Mic92: what about switches in reachability?
<flokli> Let's say that endpoint is dual stacked, you were at home, had an ipv6 default route, now you suspend your laptop and go to a ipv6 only cafe?
<flokli> I think we need to restart that "endpoint discovery process" every once and then, and possibly trigger it on interface changes
<flokli> It'd lead to a no-op most of the time
<Mic92> flokli: this needs to be fixed in wireguard. It only resolves to reachable address families, however cannot change the remote afterwards if the network changes.
<Mic92> I don't use wireguard because it cannot do meshing like tinc
<flokli> I regarding the re resolving discussion, I think upstream says it belongs into userspace...
<flokli> Same goes for synth of link-local addrs based on the pubkey
<flokli> I don't know. I'd really like to use more wireguard, but it's somewhat useless without some additional userspace thing handling these things
<flokli> But you only realize these subtle defects when already using it
<andi-> perhaps it is enough to call networkctl reconfig my-crappy-wireguard whenever the internet connection flaps?
<hexa-> but it's a netdev
<hexa-> you probably have to delete it :)
<Mic92> might work
<flokli> wg setconf can set stuff while it's still up
<Mic92> the wireguard in networkd should allow this too but I am not sure how networkctl reconfigure is implemented
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