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<makefu> aanderse: tmpfiles is actually a quite nice way to set up folders before the services start. imho better than having ExecStartPre with mkdir -p
<andi-> I am starting to question how predictable these predictable interface names are. I changed the slot of my GPU in my workstation and now my ethernet hard (that is soldered onto the mainboard) has a different name.
<andi-> Not entirely what I did except.
<makefu> predictable as in "you can predict that the interface names change when you change anything with your hw"
<Mic92> PCIe enumeration is not that stable after all?
<andi-> It might be stable as long as you just replace components with another component
<andi-> but if you have empty slots it is not stable?!
<Mic92> Not quite sure what the correct solution to this problem even would be.
<Mic92> For most people the current approach probably works best
<aanderse> makefu: yes, tmpfiles can be better than mkdir sometimes, i agree
<aanderse> was staring at enps30 and couldn't see the difference between the 2 and 3 -_-
<andi-> I am sure the current system works better than before as we now have a more stable naming across reboots. What is essentially still missing is a persistent handle for an interface. Those come in multiple dimensions. One is the physical slot it is (supposedly) in. Then we have the mac address and there are likely also hardware identifier + phy number available.
<andi-> using the latter and having a stable name like we have for disks would go a long way.
<andi-> I remember the days when /dev/[vhx]d[a-z]+ had to be stable to boot properly..
<andi-> now we got /dev/disk... and "predictable interfaces" were probably a shot at that.