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<andi-> The weird networkd startup behaviour that I've had since 20.09 is now fixed:
<{^_^}> systemd/systemd#17232 (by andir, 20 weeks ago, closed): networkd: network interface brought up late when using socket activation with wireguard
<andi-> once those backport PRs are through I'll open the 20.09 PRs to bump systemd to that version.
<flokli> Sweet!
<flokli> Does this mean, with this and using networkd for wireguard links (not our scripted stuff), I can configure dns endpoints in files and it properly starts up most of the time?
<flokli> Does it re-resolve on every networkd restart?
<andi-> not sure when it does resolve. It just worked for me.
<andi-> Usually my DNS entries do not change.