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<gchristensen> looks like lennart wants nixos
<lukegb> oh?
<gchristensen> he want to atomically replace /usr during runtime, but with fancy mount apis
<lukegb> ah
<andi-> link?
<gchristensen> it is on his twitter
<gchristensen> (I'd link but don't want to get sucked in right now)
<andi-> kk
<andi-> it is this tweet: (no need to click if you don't want to), content: So I would like to replace a mount with another mount, atomically (i.e. there should either be the old or the new mount, and temporarily even both, but never none). Anyone has an idea how I can do it? Using new linux 5.2 mnt API is OK for this, but we couldn't fig it
<andi-> out. Ideas?
<gchristensen> thats the one
<flokli> oh sorry, I need to reply on that :-D