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<arianvp> kloenk: yes but nothing upstream
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<kloenk> arianvp: do you have That for me? Tried to do something yesterday with pbb as we have systemdMinimal now
<gchristensen> ooooo
<arianvp> (And can be ran either using an EFI bootloader or using systemd-nspawn)
<andi-> but how do I do scripted networking now!?! ;)
<arianvp> =) using systemd-networkd
<gchristensen> an actually serious question is how do I erase my disks? :)
<arianvp> the disk is immutable; nothing to erase at this moment
<arianvp> if you want to update you need to build a new image for now :P
<arianvp> (due to dm-verity )
<arianvp> cool thing about the image-builder is that it does not use runInLinuxVM
<arianvp> so no need to for kvm capability on the builder
<arianvp> took quite a bit of brain-twisting to get that working
<gchristensen> nice
<arianvp> but I've been kinda stuck for inspiration lately with the project. IDK how to handle customization. e.g. do I want to parse userdata files in cloud? Or matchbox?
<arianvp> and how would that work. do I `nixos-install` in stage-1 on a overlayfs ?
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