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<andi-> did we change anything on 20.09 regarding systemd / profile activation? nixos-rebuild switch is spawning an ask-password process that isn't visible in the terminal where I did the switch..
<andi-> Must be a recent thing ~1 month or so
<andi-> Funnily systemd-tty-ask-password-agent --list doesn't list any pending requests yet that thing is hanging there with --watch
<andi-> Probably fixed by a reboot like everything with our activation script :/
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<lukegb> andi-: I noticed that but usually it didn't actually do anything
<lukegb> (i.e. iirc it'd spawn the process but still work fine)
<andi-> lukegb: well it was blocking the rebuild cron job for a month now :D
<lukegb> :D
<andi-> s/cron/timer/
<lukegb> are you sure it was that and not something else
<andi-> Well I could reproduce by running the same systemctl start command in an interactive session
<andi-> not sure what it was waiting on
<lukegb> my experience is usually it's blocking on something else
<andi-> got other shit to do than debugging systemd right now..
<lukegb> and it's just systemd doing $SOMETHING in the background