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<damjan> andi-: if systemctl is invoked, it needs to be invoked with --no-ask-password
<andi-> damjan: then we must be doing that wrong since basically forever
<damjan> afaik, systemctl always starts the ask password agent, in case a service *does* need a password
<andi-> how does that even work? Is there some service that requires passwords?
<damjan> which process exactly are you seeing?
<andi-> systemd-tty-ask-password-agent --watch
<damjan> right, the agent
<damjan> so, if a service does require a password, it'll send a request to all the agents
<andi-> Ok, so maybe my issue wasn't that the agent was running then.
<andi-> Or very likely it wasn't the issue.
<damjan> probably not
<andi-> We need a better story around restarting a list of services and honoring their dependencies. I fear it might just be another case of that.. Some service expecting something (as it is scheduled After=… or Requires=…) but systemctl restart -- <all the services> doesn't really honor dependencies.
<damjan> maybe use `isolate` to then back?
<andi-> We tried that but that would stop X11 sessions etc..
<andi-> like someone experimented with using a target for each system generation
<andi-> IRRC when you switch between them it tears down and restarts everything (even those that weren't changed)
<damjan> andi-: so you (not personally) want to restart all except the X11 session services? hmm. might be a bit hard to express that one. why not just require a reboot by the user?
<andi-> a reboot on all config changes?
<andi-> So change a whitespace in the nginx configuration -> reboot.. I would probably stop using NixOS or would never have started to use it.
<damjan> :)
<damjan> so does nix have the information about those service dependencies?
<damjan> maybe it can sprinkle drop-ins with PartOf= directives so that restarting a service restarts all that depend on it
<andi-> Well we already declare the service dependencies via the WantedBy, After, … fields
<andi-> so IMHO systemctl restart should be fixed to also honor dependencies between those services that you have given on the CLI and not just process them in order.
<andi-> We have a common issue where we request letsencrypt certificates but those units should only be started after the has been reached. If you have your dns resolver in the but restart both the resolver and the letsencrypt service the startup order is not correct as the is already reached and systemd happily start the LE unit before the
<andi-> resolver is back up.
<andi-> We could special case this but that would mean more downstream code..
<damjan> alas After/Before are not dependencies. just ordering
<damjan> now WantedBy= is one type of dependency, but PartOf=/BindsTo= another, and they are separate because there are seprate needs
<andi-> I know but in reality it makes for a good enough approximation most of the time.
<andi-> So, if I would declare everything that usually has to (additionally?) that would be more correct?
<andi-> If that is the case I assume most/all of the units out there in the wild (not just on NixOS) are wrong.
<damjan> most services won't need
<damjan> because they would not fail without it
<andi-> if I tear down networking the webserver doesn't have the required interfaces anymore.
<andi-> so if I stop networking the webserver *must* go down, no?
<damjan> andi-: well not neccesseary
<damjan> in the end, it's up to the system admin to decide
<andi-> ok
<andi-> Lets go back to the situation with systemctl restart <all the things>. If I have a service that is and another service that is the 2nd service is allow to start before the first one is back up, right?
<andi-> Because the target has already been reached and a service in there was "just" restarted which doesn't matter.
<damjan> right
<damjan> if you need that level of control, you'd need to stop the target
<andi-> So, what I'd like to have is a way that doesn't stop the 2nd service when the first one restarts but required the target (nss-lookup) to be fully reached (as in no failed/stopped services) before it goes.
<andi-> *up
<andi-> Right now it feels like we have to script that out in your profile activation script.
<andi-> Possibly reimplementing a lot of the systemd internal code.
<damjan> seems like overengineering to me
<damjan> I mean, doesn't guarantee that the DNS server is still operational, so in that sense it's never a guarantee
<damjan> and services need to be prepared to work with that
<andi-> If there is no guarantees why do we even bother with stuff like Type=notify etc..? if we could just tell everyone to retry until it works.
<andi-> It seems like we have the assurance of best effort & maybe working which doesn't make that much of a difference
<andi-> Also I am not saying systemd does it wrong right now. I am trying to find a solution that doesn't just work for us but is a sane way to deal with this without rewriting all the software.
<andi-> I actually tried to fix the letsencrypt issue upstream but apparently they would rather not do it that way as "DNS just works" or whatever
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<flokli> andi-: the whole discussion here is basically again about "how to fix our activation script"
<flokli> something I'd like to have a discussion with aanderse too ;-)
<aanderse> oh boy
<aanderse> when is that happening? right?
<flokli> yeah, that's another good question ;-)
<andi-> just have it in here whenever
<arianvp> question
<arianvp> nvm
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