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<ottidmes> Got my router! I am surprised to see it coming straight from Hong Kong, here I thought I would be buying it from stock in the UK, although I can't complain it arriving in a week's time
<danderson> oo whatcha get?
<ottidmes> danderson: Got this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L5QMW83/
<danderson> nice!
<ottidmes> How do people install such a thing, I plan to just plug in a monitor in the hdmi port, but hat if it did not have it
<NinjaTrappeur> :) sounds like you're about to make this confinment fun!
<NinjaTrappeur> I have the exact same one, except with a different branding, that's a fine machine!
<ottidmes> sure am :) and already ran into multiple cases this last week where a custom router would have solved an issue, so I am happy with my choice (I say that now... just starting)
<ottidmes> NinjaTrappeur: good to know! I was doubting a lot between this model and the MiniSys variant (resold by Protectli and such), but none of them were sold at trustworthy shops considering the whole virus thing
<danderson> ottidmes: it might be configured to netboot, in which case you could use a PXE server
<ottidmes> I just bought max memory and a 240G drive, way overkill for a router, but at least I can go nuts with what I run on it now
<danderson> (like https://github.com/danderson/pixiecore, which I wrote :P )
<danderson> but honestly just plug it in and install it by hand
<ottidmes> danderson: I plan to install a PXE server on the router, never tried it though
<danderson> automated deployment is a big topic, and it takes a lot of effort to set up for not much reward at small scale
<ottidmes> I already have semi-automated deployment of NixOS installs, it comes down to: run either Arch Linux and bootstrap into a NixOS tarball, or run a custom NixOS iso directly, then I just run setup-nixos-install from my build machine, and once that is done I only have to run nixos-install on the target machine and its done
<ottidmes> Guess I could easily combine both into one command actually, ah well, after the router :)
<NinjaTrappeur> ottidmes: this gives you extra room for other services :) Well, enjoy!
<ottidmes> NinjaTrappeur: Thanks! It is awesome to see 7 adapters listed when you run `ip addr` :)
<ottidmes> I really need to buy myself one of them wireless keyboards, but was always dissapointed when I tried to type on them in a shop. However having a single keyboard is not ideal
<cransom> a usb with serial enabled usually worked for me.
<cransom> i dont' use it often, but it is handy, i bought an isostick a while ago. tiny thumb drive looking thing that will present an iso on it as a cdrom device.
<ottidmes> Ah, that's a cool tool to have available
<ottidmes> Right now I am using the HDMI port with a HDMI->VGA adapter, an USB stick with an ISO on it, and it has an ethernet connection, ow and a keyboard...
<ottidmes> Apparantly the UEFI grub does not auto select, at least the way it is configured in the installer, so I had to attach a keyboard, the USB stick with ISO is basically the easiest way to get it available, and the ethernet connection is for if I am finally in, I can then do everything remotely from my desktop
<ottidmes> One thing I am a bit scared about is safety, but I trust firewall.nix, otherwise I would not be able to trust any of my VPSes safety either
<cransom> safety? being locked out or letting others in?
<ottidmes> latter
<ottidmes> I wonder how easy it is to make a mistake in my firewall config that would then let others in
<NinjaTrappeur> nmap -oG in a cron job running somewhere outside of your network can be a good start.
<ottidmes> Yep, planned to do that from one of my external servers, but that was all I could think of
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