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<ottidmes> After going over all my options, I plan to buy this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kettop-Mi7100L6-Firewall-Support-Barebone/dp/B07L5QMW83/ anyone see any problems with it?
<cransom> only 1 hdmi?! no gaming on that one.
<cransom> other than also needing to pick up ram, i don't see any obvious deficiencies.
<ottidmes> Haha, yeah, it is actually powerful enough to be used as a desktop :P well at least I know it will run NixOS
<ottidmes> Thanks for checking, and yeah, I chose the barebone cause it is much cheaper to buy the same parts myself and plug them in
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<ottidmes> I bought the i3 wifi 6 port barebone and bought a SSD and RAM for it, now I just have to wait and hope I get it (that the in stock means here in Europe and not in China)
<ottidmes> I plan to already create my config beforehand. Any suggestions what software I should be using? Any good resources I should know about? (other than googling for nixos router :P)
<cransom> i look forward to hearing how that works in case i ever want to replace my older i5 intel nuc
<ottidmes> It should be here between one and two weeks if all goes well
<ottidmes> dnsmasq or dhcpd4 for DHCP, what do others use?
<ottidmes> this config is very useful to learn things from to setup my router: https://github.com/disassembler/network/blob/master/portal/default.nix
<cransom> i've used dnsmasq for ages. others enjoy dhcpcd+... kresd is it?
<ottidmes> I have config for both, I guess I will try dnsmasq first, cause I will use it anyway for DNS. Last time I could not use it due to a limitation on having samba on that machine. I stopped using that DHCP/DNS server though, cause it conflicted too much with my ISP router + disabling DHCP on the ISP router would be problematic whenever that machine went down. Now with a dedicated device
<ottidmes> that's no longer an issue
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