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<ottidmes> Is having coreboot as the BIOS of any importance other than it being nice to have?
<eyJhb> It is a long time since I have seen your username ottidmes :D - Not really, besides it being open and all
<eyJhb> It might lack features as well, but really depends on the CPU.
<ottidmes> I am doubting whether to pay more and buy this one: https://protectli.com/product/fw6b/ (the way I configured it 480 euro), and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kettop-Mi7100L6-Firewall-Support-Barebone/dp/B07L5QMW83/ (plus parts 380 euro) for roughly the same device
<ottidmes> The protectli (rebranded MiniSys) comes complete + with coreboot, slightly different LAN chipset and 2 ram slots (overkill), the Kettop (a rebranded Qotom I believe) would require some assemblage from me (seems simple enough) has no coreboot support and 1 ram slot
<ottidmes> with amazon.co.uk I run the risk though that Kettop imports on demand and does not have stock, and I believe the UK stopped/limited imports from China due to the virus
<ottidmes> eyJhb: Indeed, I haven't been on IRC in quite a while
<eyJhb> ottidmes: then you can cancel the order?
<eyJhb> Also, IRC is life, you should be more on here ottidmes ;)
<ottidmes> eyJhb: Haha, not so sure if it is life, but it sure is lifely :P
<eyJhb> Just kidding as well, but I do quite enjoy the NixOS community, so nice and welcoming
<ottidmes> I have yet to buy one, but on amazon.co.uk it does state I can get a refund if it is not delivered a few days after their stated delivery window
<ottidmes> On the Protectli website they do allow a 30 day return window and 1 year quality guarantee, nothing else
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