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<gchristensen> I want to use my router's kresd for ipv6, but I don't have a static IP address. is this where I should go for those fe80 addresses, assigning each interface on my router a static fe80 address and filling that in for RDNSS?
<gchristensen> or fc00 I guess
<gchristensen> or fd00 I guess
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<danderson> I guess? In theory, what _should_ happen is your router notices a change in upstream addr, and modifies its downstream advertisements. All clients reconfigure, and all is well.
<danderson> in practice though, I don't know of any v6 config server that doesthat.
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<hexa-> gchristensen: I'd go with static ula addressing in addition to the dynamic global ones
<gchristensen> cool
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<gchristensen> danderson: in theory, yeah, but tragicaly not in practice it seems :P
<gchristensen> hexa-: cool, thanks!
<gchristensen> I suppose I should probably randomly generate the IP instead of fd00:5:4::1
<hexa-> yep, router advertisment reconfiguration and timeouts are tough to get right
<hexa-> gchristensen: it depends on how much collision resistance you need
<gchristensen> well I have about 10 hosts and am unlikely to go through an acquisition or merger with another household
<hexa-> if you want to route that ULA network within DN42 for example you probably want to randomly generate it
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<cransom> your fe80 will also be stable assuming you don't change your network ports around. i haven't set it up yet, but this is one of reasons i have a /56 on my linode to tunnel back to home for v6 that doesn't change with prefix delegation. and also because at some point in february, spectrum killed my inbound ipv6 access.
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