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<bbigras> mjlbach: I'm trying your overlay for emacsGccWrapped and I get: `error: attribute 'version' missing, at /nix/store/arflmijkm4rmkdfk6m1sf9512lhnx63a-source/pkgs/applications/editors/emacs-modes/elpa-packages.nix:53:35`
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<bbigras> with the trace it seems related to emacs-beacon's version or something. I'm using emacs-init. But I didn't have a problem when I was using emacsGcc directly.
<bbigras> I'm trying to use it as `programs.emacs.package = emacsGccWrapped;`
<aterius> Which overlay?
<aterius> The one versioned with niv?
<aterius> Did you follow the latest one here?
<bbigras> I'm using the emacs overlay and the emacs-init module with niv
<aterius> huh, weird...
<aterius> Does the non-wrapped version work?
<aterius> like if you do nix-shell -p emacsGcc
<aterius> * like if you do `nix-shell -p emacsGcc`
<bbigras> it doesn't work with nix-shell but it's fine with `programs.emacs.package = emacsGcc`. maybe the overlay only works with my config. I'm using nixus
<bbigras> emacsGccWrapped should be similar to emacsGcc. weird
<aterius> Yeah, I didn't passthrough version, maybe that's it
<aterius> try passthru.version=emacsGcc.version ?
<aterius> Sorry this is so half-hazard, I just got this working myself.
<aterius> `passthru = { nativeComp = true; version=super.emacsGcc.version; }`
<bbigras> hey no worries. thank you so much for the help. I have `error: attribute 'src' missing` now. I'll try adding it too.
<aterius> I'm not sure if there's a better way to inherit all attributes
<aterius> The issue is I wanted to avoid making a new derivation so you can still hit the binary cache
<aterius> downside being that with home-manager this won't hit the cache for any modules installed via nix
<bbigras> it seems to build now.
<bbigras> not sure what your trick with fetchGitHubArchive is.
<bbigras> I still have a lot to learn.
<aterius> that's just to pull the overlay code
<aterius> it's to avoid infinite recursion using fetchFromGithub
<bbigras> my version seems to builds stuff. maybe it doesn't work with the caches.
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<aterius> Did you specify any packages?
<aterius> You would have gotten an infinite recursion error when you eval'd it, so I think you're good
<bbigras> <aterius "Did you specify any packages?"> What do you mean? I was using `programs.emacs.package = pkgs.emacsGccWrapped`
<aterius> Ah sorry
<aterius> I mean emacs packages
<aterius> like vterm etc
<aterius> Those will get compiled, even if you've setup the cachix cache, if you're using a wrapped emacs derivation
<bbigras> I'm using the emacs-init module and I have a lot of packages. I see. thanks
<bbigras> it was building some kerberos stuff `make[2]: Entering directory '/build/krb5-1.18/src/lib/rpc'`. I wonder if that's part of emacs.
<bbigras> `building '/nix/store/6ldsv4qbqa1mcc1b4lim7y6x1hw89igx-tarballkrb5-1.18.drv'...`
<bbigras> A couple of random stuff needs to be built xscreensaver.pam.drv, gnome-initial-setup, i3lock.pam.... weird
<bbigras> I'll check how long it takes to build them
<bbigras> 2 mins 33 secs. not a big deal.
<bbigras> thanks again
<aterius> Why are you using the wrapper out of curiosity?
<aterius> The wrapper is mostly geared towards those using straight.el (with doom for example), and not relying on nix to native compile packages
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<yurb> cole-h: restarted the whole system
<yurb> tried rebuilding with gtk2, same thing
<yurb> (this is all about for context)
<{^_^}> #94628 (by yurkobb, 11 hours ago, open): emacs: doesn't display # or ' anymore
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<bbigras> mjlbach: I thought that maybe it would fix the error I have when running `org-version`. I got `Org mode version N/A (N/A !!check installation!! @ mixed installation! /nix/store/s0a3810v6652l07win2f064l5vg11d0k-emacs-packages-deps/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa/org-20200803/ and /nix/store/s0a3810v6652l07win2f064l5vg11d0k-emacs-packages-deps/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa/org-20200803/eln-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-00d68a2f3b2f6094/)`.
<bbigras> But it didn't help.
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<aterius> bbigras: Yeah, the wrapper is only useful for native compiling package not installed via nix, I think there's likely something wrong with emacs init or the org package
<bbigras> mjlbach: gotcha. thanks!
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