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<rnhmjoj> samueldr: glad you liked it
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<steveeJ> hey ho, would appreciate someone with merge access taking a look at this:
<{^_^}> #105825 (by steveeJ, 11 weeks ago, open): buildRustPackage: support multiple `cargo` invocations
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<{^_^}> #113982 (by siraben, 1 day ago, open): lib/systems/parse: adjust isCompatible description
<siraben> I've never heard "endomorphic" being used to describe an object with an endomorphism, so I adjusted that.
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<sterni> siraben: maybe we could rephrase that section completely there is no reason why documentation on this should require to be familiar with category theory terms I feel like :p
<siraben> heh ok, I suppose putting preorder in parens isn't enlightening either 😅
<__monty__> I agree it should be understandable without familiarity with category theory. But I do like having existing concepts that can help understanding mentioned.
<sterni> I'm not too sure nix already relies heavily on FP concepts in many places while our contributors are not all functional programmers
<sterni> there are some concepts you may need to understand at some point (fixpoints, …), but mentioning such things in docs may generate the impression that you need to understand what a category and a preorder is although it is not really necessary
<__monty__> Just mark them as notes.
<__monty__> Imo it's valuable information that shouldn't be shunned.
<domenkozar[m]> replacing these terms with what it means in particular context makes the bar for reading that a lot lower
<__monty__> I feel I'm being misunderstood. The explanation should be as simple as possible. In *addition* parallels to existing concepts should be mentioned. Whether it be in a lighter grey note box or as a footnote doesn't matter. What shouldn't happen is information is removed for the sake of people "allergic to math". Tutorial content is a different thing from in depth documentation.
<domenkozar[m]> There could be a sentence on what it is and then the mathematical term in parenthesis
<domenkozar[m]> there are different ways to do it anyhow, but having only math terms gives a really bad outlook that you need to be familiar with category theory to understand basic Nix functions like checking properties of platforms
<__monty__> Yes, everyone agrees it shouldn't just be math.
<domenkozar[m]> I don't think the math term is really needed, but I see no harm keeping it around so I'll stop bikeshedding :)
<domenkozar[m]> I'm working on nixos weekly, any last minute things to include?
<dottedmag> In a form "if you are familiar with CT, this is actually XYZ" it's perfect.
<dottedmag> Simultaneously delivers information to those who are familiar with the field, and signals that it is optional.
<domenkozar[m]> if someone has time to proof read the weekly that would be highly appreciated!
<srk> lgtm
<srk> domenkozar[m]++
<{^_^}> domenkozar[m]'s karma got increased to 37
<siraben> I'll keep the math around but I'll say something to do the effect of "CPUs with multiple modes of endianness and pairwise compatible and every CPU is compatible with itself"
<siraben> And in certain places mentioning a bit of math helps, e.g. the fix function being the least fixed point
<jtojnar> domenkozar: sf bar → sf bay
<siraben> I agree though, we should also make things clear and not impenetrable by invoking categories and preorders in a note about CPU compatibility :P
<siraben> domenkozar: reading!
<domenkozar[m]> siraben: great & great! :)
<domenkozar[m]> Jan Tojnar: oh wow, what a freudian slip
<__monty__> -freenode domenkozar[m]: LGTM (maybe add "a" in front of first-class citizen)
<siraben> LGTM, though maybe add . to the end of the first two descriptions
<domenkozar[m]> thanks everyone :)
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<hexa-> if joaquinito is really the author of #114090 et al I should say they are a widely known troll in most irc networks
<{^_^}> (by heroku-miraheze, 4 hours ago, closed): trafficserver: init at 9.0.0
<gchristensen> thanks hexa-
<supersandro2000> Unaduda in #nixos I think
<ivan> Had to ban him from a hackint channel yesterday
<gchristensen> thanks supersandro2000
<domenkozar[m]> hexa-: can you provide some evidence?
<supersandro2000> Would it be appropriate to lock his PRs to collaborators only?
<gchristensen> the behavior in the 2 PRs seems like a good beginning to evidence of being a troll, but not sufficient yet to lock I think
<adisbladis> ^ This
<steveeJ> troll or not, definitely high on the franticness spectrum :-D
<domenkozar[m]> I wonder how often it's trolls vs people unfamiliar with internet social norms
<adisbladis> For sure, but I'd still give that person the benefit of the doubt
<steveeJ> No doubt. merge.
<gchristensen> lol
<adisbladis> I also get the feeling that it might be language barriers involved
<domenkozar[m]> No doubt
<gchristensen> Mic92: I don't suppose you have opinions w.r.t. vs. and which is a better solution?
<{^_^}> #112764 (by limeytexan, 1 week ago, open): buildRustPackage: build cargoDeps with `pname`
<{^_^}> #113176 (by danieldk, 1 week ago, open): buildRustPackage: add cargoDepsName attribute
<gchristensen> the up shot is we get free fuzzing of ofborg's checks. will the malformed maintainers value pass checks? let's find out
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<hexa-> I'd have to grep some channels
<Mic92> gchristensen: the second one is more economic. the first one provide a smaller surface to shoot yourself in the foot.
<gchristensen> I personally like fewer footguns
<Mic92> gchristensen: however is this really a problem these days? I thought we check the cargo files already?
<gchristensen> which?
<Mic92> the vendored one and the one from $src
<Mic92> zimbatm added this I think
<gchristensen> I'm not sure I understand, is which a problem really? the PR is fixing an actual problem
<Mic92> gchristensen: if your cargo lock file does not match, does it not cache it here?
<hexa-> domenkozar[m]: e.g. this excerpt from #dronebl on alphachat, involving jess from freenode staff: DRAHU
<Mic92> gchristensen: hold on, maybe I don't understand the fix here
<Mic92> gchristensen: ok. got it now
<Mic92> It's the opposite. It wants to break the checksum less often
<Mic92> In that case the second PR has less footguns.
<hexa-> domenkozar[m]: more
<domenkozar[m]> I gotta banwalk
<domenkozar[m]> lol
<domenkozar[m]> they have a sense of humor :D
<hexa-> he is also annoying archiveteam
<supersandro2000> I am starting to get a bit annoyed...
<{^_^}> #114123 (by heroku-miraheze, 10 minutes ago, open): Revert "lscolors: init at 0.7.1 (#114091)"
<hexa-> lol, don't
<hexa-> he *is* a troll after all
<supersandro2000> can't we limit his account for 7 days or something?
<gchristensen> let's see what happens a bit more before taking such action
<etu> supersandro2000: wow, yeah, someone is a bit upset there right...
<adisbladis> I've always been proud of this community mostly killing trolls by being exceptional
<adisbladis> Let's not lose track of that
<hexa-> indeed
<domenkozar[m]> There are 4 jobs in latest nixos weeekly!
<hexa-> some more data points from #freenode*
<gchristensen> Mic92: #113176 lgtm, shall I do the honors?
<{^_^}> (by danieldk, 1 week ago, open): buildRustPackage: add cargoDepsName attribute
<siraben> How does sound to people? Less overtly mathematical?
<Mic92> gchristensen: yes, it seems to be less invasive.
<Mic92> I don't want to break cargoSha256 every release
<domenkozar[m]> siraben++
<{^_^}> siraben's karma got increased to 7
<siraben> :D
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<gchristensen> cool
<supersandro2000> siraben: you are a lucky 7
<worldofpeace> this whole situation with trafficserver is bizarre to say the least
<siraben> out of the loop, what's happening?
<__monty__> siraben: Maybe the third property can still be made clearer? I think it means a CPU is compatible with itself regardless of endianness mode but I'm not sure.
<siraben> Ah I see it
<siraben> weird
<worldofpeace> I sense a troll personally
<gchristensen> same
<siraben> __monty__: I interpreted the original sentence by matthewbauer "CPUs with multiple modes of Endianness are isomorphic" as that
<siraben> though is it true?
<__monty__> siraben: I assume the binary can instruct the CPU's "endianness mode?"
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<siraben> __monty__: Hm, I'm not sure, not too familiar with CPU arch and stuff
<domenkozar[m]> I'd be willing to sponsor the work on - if anyone is interested let me know :)
<{^_^}> nix#2255 (by domenkozar, 2 years ago, open): Support zstd compression for binary caches
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<eyJhb> Ehhh... I think I found a bug in the php wrapper :p
<eyJhb> I cannot disable `cliSupport`, as it will try to wrap `php` , which does not exists - `Builder called die: Cannot wrap '/nix/store/15n44xmcvm48w0c444691j6iw1nck4kw-php-with-extensions-7.4.15/bin/php' because it is not an executable file`
<eyJhb> Also, setting `phpdbgSupport = false` will still create `bin/phpdbg`
<eyJhb> Testing again to ensure
<rnhmjoj> do you know if there is any way to run code after a nixos configuration has been unloaded/deactivated? sort of the opposite of activation scripts
<rnhmjoj> there is an issue with nixos-containers leaving immutable state in /var/lib that could easily be solved if i could run a cleanup script after the container has been removed
<eyJhb> etu: Any idea of the above? Really annoying that phpdbg will continue to stay. This is what I have -
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<cole-h> rnhmjoj: Maybe you could look at what environment.etc does. I think that removes stale links when you remove some definition from your config and rebuild
<rnhmjoj> cole-h: i'll take a look but i realised it's probably not possible because it would not be deterministic
<rnhmjoj> environment.etc probably deletes and recreates the whole directory every time
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<eyJhb> rnhmjoj: Files in /etc persists on reboots, switches, etc. so it does not do a rm -rf /etc
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<gchristensen> would anyone be interested in porting hydra's docs to markdown for me?
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<immae> gchristensen: did pandoc give bad results?
<gchristensen> I haven't tried it (I've been pretty swamped)
<immae> I can give it a try later tonight
<gchristensen> cool
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<Ericson2314> Regnat niksnut: OK is my final split of things that were
<{^_^}> nix#4570 (by Ericson2314, 12 hours ago, open): Split {,local-}derivation-goal.{cc,hh}
<Ericson2314> the scheduling code ends up being a good deal smaller than the local building code, which is nice
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<gchristensen> ajs124: ping
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<gchristensen> maybe das_j too :P
<das_j> pong
<gchristensen> are you fairly familiar with perl?
<das_j> the law requires me to answer no
<gchristensen> haha
<gchristensen> yes a poison question
<das_j> no, not fairly familiar actually. I can get along (fml with these hydra patches) but I try to avoid it as much as I can
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> I was wondering if you would be open to reviewing my hydra patches :P
<das_j> oof
<das_j> I mean I can try
<das_j> why again do we have a CI in a language nobody is familiar with? :D
<gchristensen> because it is the language CI is written in :)
* das_j looks at my gitlab-ci
<das_j> which PR is your question about?
<das_j> the one with the test?
<{^_^}> hydra#872 (by grahamc, 3 days ago, open): Use `yath` for testing Hydra
<{^_^}> grahamc/hydra#2 (by grahamc, 22 hours ago, open): Per test db
<{^_^}> grahamc/hydra#3 (by grahamc, 1 hour ago, open): Split tests out
<gchristensen> it makes for a much more pleasing test experience, imo!
<das_j> so while I have never used yath or prove, the first PR looks legit
<das_j> maybe you could start each test with a description of what it does so we can have a better baseline for future tests - or don't if you don't want to
<gchristensen> good idea
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<eyJhb> How come PRs not show up here?
<samueldr> tradition?
<supersandro2000> Is nixos related?
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<immae> gchristensen: I need precision on what you plan to do with that .md file. Do you still want to produce an html out of it, or is it for other purpose?
<immae> Because right now I have a script that can produce a markdown file out of the xml ones, but from there I’m not sure I would be able to produce the same html page as currently
<gchristensen> immae: the ideal outcome is running mdbook and producing something like
<immae> ok
<immae> I didn’t know about mdbook, where is that one produced?
<immae> (just to have somewhere to start :p )
<gchristensen> I think `mdbook build` from pkgs.mdbook is all it takes, but to be honest I'm not sure!
<gchristensen> Nix's build on the master branch uses mdbook, that might be a useful reference
<immae> ok
<immae> I’ll find my way
<immae> Ah nice
<immae> Thanks
<colemickens> an idea to make `nixos-install --system` usable in more scenarios: thoughts appreciated
<{^_^}> #114182 (by colemickens, 31 seconds ago, open): nixos-install: support installing a minimal base, then nixos-enter and complete the full install
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<cole-h> colemickens++ Just from the title, seems like a great idea
<{^_^}> colemickens's karma got increased to 57
<cole-h> It would make my `bootstrap` profile effectively useless
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<immae> gchristensen: This is what I obtained:
<immae> (after very small reworking because references don’t work fine with mdbook)
<immae> If you’re happy with it I can make a PR
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<gchristensen> immae: that looks great!
<cole-h> immae: nit: -- the `{.note}` stuff looks improperly formatted
<immae> Oh
<gchristensen> thanks, cole-h, good catch
<cole-h> aside from that, looks great indeed!
<gchristensen> other than that it looks great immae
<cole-h> :D
<immae> Ok I’ll fix that note and make a PR then :)
<cole-h> immae: another nit (might be a limitation of mdbook?) is that the footnote on that same page doesn't have an easy click-to-return button. Could just use one of the side mouse buttons / alt-left, but would be nice if there was one of those fancy buttons to click
<immae> I searched for that indeed but I didn’t find it yet :/
<gchristensen> back in a bit
<cole-h> OK, then probably an mdbook limitation; nothing to be done, then ;)
<cole-h> immae++
<{^_^}> immae's karma got increased to 30
<immae> cole-h: how about putting the footnote as a note box ?
<cole-h> SGTM; let's see how it looks, if you don't mind?
<immae> (I’m not sure I have any control on the box color)
<cole-h> I like it!
<immae> ok cool :)
<immae> I’ll work on the makefile’s recipes then, I might not be able to finish tonight depending on the issues I encounter
<immae> Is it an urgent thing?
<cole-h> Don't think so, but gchristensen can answer better :P (whenever he gets back)
<cole-h> I'd still PR whatever you get done (as a draft) so people can play around :P
<immae> sure :)
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<cole-h> immae++
<{^_^}> immae's karma got increased to 31
<immae> :D