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<jtojnar> ugh, nixos org does not allow github cli oauth access apparently
<gchristensen> huh?
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* jtojnar uploaded an image: fractal-pasted-image (95KB) < >
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<bennofs[m]> hmm, I think a public log of manual actions for hydra would be nice
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<xfix> okay, i decided to analyze why LiveCD is so huge, and it seems like netronome firmware is 140MB or so
<xfix> that seems to be a lot for firmware for hardware that is very very very very unlikely to be found on end-user machines
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<xfix> but other than that potential savings are non-trivial
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<emily> wow, does that firmware just contain an entire embedded OS distribution or something
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<xfix> emily: i wouldn't be too surprised
<xfix> of course, it's different models and all that sum up to 140MB
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<gchristensen> cole-h: I just want to call out how much I appreciate your involvement, interest, and care lately. It has made a difference to the project and me personally, thank you for it. Things have felt a bit less "alone" in some ways -- and it is nice to have help on my "not me, team" project
<cole-h> :D
<LnL> cole-h++
<{^_^}> cole-h's karma got increased to 43.00000000000000004
<cole-h> <3 gchristensen Happy to help. I've always wanted to be involved in larger open-source projects, so I feel like I've "graduated" in a way, now :^)
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 287
<pie_> wait what <{^_^}> cole-h's karma got increased to 43.00000000000000004
<cole-h> infinisil: Added some spice to the karma messages for "rare" occasions
<pie_> ;p
<infinisil> I swear I didn't! It's these damn floats again!
<gchristensen> lmao
<adisbladis> Where did cole-h come from? Recently
<adisbladis> I've never head of this person, now produces awesomeness all over the place
<cole-h> adisbladis: lol :D gchristensen was soliciting Rust help here a few months ago I think
<cole-h> Something about making errors better (because we use/d a whole lot of expects and unwraps which are runtime panics)
<cole-h> (Which I still haven't done lol)
<gchristensen> +1
<cole-h> I started by picking up LnL's old Rust 2018 PR (because 2015 edition, while it wasn't bad, is annoying to write), making opinionated changes, and then it kinda spiraled from there
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<pie_> is there a reason we dont have a current-stable channel?
<pie_> or metadata somewhere that points to what the current release is?
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<adisbladis> pie_: !!
<adisbladis> I need this
<adisbladis> I have software I consider supported on unstable + "current stable"
<adisbladis> But have to manually bump branches on CI to follow what stable is
<pie_> adisbladis: im not volunteering to implement it :(
<pie_> but i would like this
<pie_> currently cole-h has suggested the following; 'xD
<pie_> <cole-h> `curl '' | head -n1` => `NIXOS_SERIES = 20.03`
<cole-h> Don't forget the `| cut -d' ' -f 3` to get the version alone :D
<pie_> If we had something like on unstable that "points" in some shape or form to the current release i think that would be viable but maybe its easy to just have a current-stable channel or something?
<{^_^}> #87124 (by deliciouslytyped, 8 seconds ago, open): Add a nixos-stable channel
<pie_> TBH I could even argue for something like it being the default, but because of possible breakages across releases, it's probably not reasonable overall.
<abathur> the other day I re-ran an old CI job that succeeded 2 years prior and it failed; I've had a back-of-mind curiosity since about if/how others occasionally run CI against moving targets like channels/branches
<cole-h> I use niv to pin stuff (:
<cole-h> I imagine that will be solved (or at least alleviated) by flakes
<abathur> well, right, but it'd still be nice to know when breaks are popping up
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<cole-h> How do you mean breaks?
<abathur> any new dep/build/test failure at a project commit that previously succeeded but starts failing as nixpkgs rolls on into the future?
<cole-h> Got it.
<cole-h> Running CI for your previously-run CI runs?
<abathur> heheh
* julm didn't know about nice!
<abathur> well, I was revisiting an early phase project I haven't had time to touch for 2 years, and the tests weren't running--but they ran clean the last time I ran CI
<abathur> so I was re-running it as a sanity check
<abathur> and have had a little percolating thought since that it'd be nice to have a feedback drip of some sort there
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<abathur> I think at least in the case of travis-ci I could set up a branch with recurring cron jobs to handle the Nixpkgs fraction of that, but sometimes I'm also building an explicit version/ref of a dependency; might be nice to let them drift and get feedback
<abathur> I guess it can also be a little bit of both if I'm specifying a rev in an override and in theory package behavior could change under it
* julm just saw that there is a Mumble for talking about Nix: mumble://
<drakonis> ah how nice, when did nix-community gain a website?
<drakonis> late last year, nice.
<julm> gchristensen: in case you haven't seen yet:
<gchristensen> yep, it is great!
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<misuzu> i did something like that using NIXOS_LUSTRATE code
<pie_> adisbladis: your comment would help
<{^_^}> #87124 (by deliciouslytyped, 2 hours ago, open): Add a nixos-stable channel
<adisbladis> pie_: ✔
<infinisil> Regarding the discussion on getting statistics on packages in #nixos-chat, I have the following idea
<infinisil> I have a patch to nixpkgs that allows derivation expressions to know which nixpkgs attribute path they came from
<infinisil> So pkgs.haskellPackages.xmonad.__nixpkgsAttrPath would be [ "haskellPackages" "xmonad" ]
<infinisil> Now we could make use of this information by changing Nix itself to (when opted-in), automatically upload stats on these attribute paths of all built derivations
<infinisil> s/built/realized
<clever> infinisil: nix-index works by just re-evaling the whole <nixpkgs> and then checking that against a list of storepaths
<clever> infinisil: to map a pack backwards to an attr
<infinisil> Yeah but that won't help here I'm pretty sure
<infinisil> With Nix submitting these attribute paths, we would only expose what *nixpkgs* packages people use, not internal company ones
<infinisil> And it wouldn't include which store path exactly, only the attribute path, without any version
<infinisil> gchristensen: sphalerite: ^ Thoughts on this?
<arianvp> I've re-read this section 5 times and i still dont understand
<arianvp> 1. am I supposed to not use buildInputs and nativeBUildInputs anymore?
<sphalerite> arianvp: if you want it on the PATH, use nativeBuildInputs
<arianvp> but it says I should use depsBuildHost instead
<sphalerite> arianvp: alternatively: enable strictDeps and see if it breaks. If not, you probably did it right. :p
<arianvp> it seems to suggest buildInputs and nativeBuildInputs are deprecated
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<arianvp> > Nixpkgs is now structured so that each depsFooBar is automatically taken from pkgsFooBar
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'Nixpkgs' at (string):309:1
<arianvp> this part I dont understand
<arianvp> if I have
<sphalerite> "In short, each list of dependencies for "host → target" of "foo → bar" is called depsFooBar, with exceptions for backwards compatibility that depsBuildHost is instead called nativeBuildInputs and depsHostTarget is instead called buildInputs."
<arianvp> nativeBuildsInputs = [ ]; is this somehow magically rewritten to ?
<arianvp> how?
<sphalerite> so buildInputs and nativeBuildInputs is right
<sphalerite> that bit I don't understand :)
<arianvp> that sounds totally like black magic to me
<clever> i'm also interested in how nativeBuildsInputs magically rewrites
<arianvp> and i dont understand
<arianvp> im very happy this section exists now!! used to be all undocumented. but it's still very difficult and im not sure if it's without errors
<clever> infinisil: .nativeDrv and .__spliced dont exist
<clever> > builtins.attrNames pkgsCross.raspberryPi.hello
<{^_^}> [ "__ignoreNulls" "all" "args" "buildInputs" "builder" "cmakeFlags" "configureFlags" "depsBuildBuild" "depsBuildBuildPropagated" "depsBuildTarget" "depsBuildTargetPropagated" "depsHostHost" "depsHostH...
<arianvp> > builtins.attrNames pkgs.hello
<{^_^}> [ "__ignoreNulls" "all" "args" "buildInputs" "builder" "configureFlags" "depsBuildBuild" "depsBuildBuildPropagated" "depsBuildTarget" "depsBuildTargetPropagated" "depsHostHost" "depsHostHostPropagated...
<clever> infinisil: the problem, is that i'm finding some exprs that do `RUSTC = rustc;` which gets the target rust, not the host rust
<clever> infinisil: and if i change the package to accept buildPackages via callPackage, it heavily complicates .override { rustc = ...; }
<clever> so now what?
<arianvp> ugh why this all so complicated :')
<arianvp> > pkgs.hello.__spliced
<{^_^}> attribute '__spliced' missing, at (string):309:1
<infinisil> clever: Not entirely sure where __spliced appears, but it's in there somewhere I'm sure lol
<arianvp> just seems callPackage should be cross-aware instead
<arianvp> this thing seems like a bit of a hack after the fact to not break all the callPackage things :P
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<arianvp> is there an easy way to (ab-)use patchShebangs to patch other things than shebangs?
<arianvp> in my case I want to patch paths in systemd ExecStart lines
<clever> arianvp: substituteInPlace and friends
<cole-h> Or even sed
<arianvp> clever: with substituteInPlace I need to know the name of the binary beforehand; which I dont :)
<cole-h> Why don't you know the binary beforehand? Seems like a strange limitation...
<cole-h> You might be interested in
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<arianvp> because you dont either with patchShebangs. you discover the binary name; and then you look up in PATH for the relevant nix store path
<pie_> adisbladis: cole-h: thanks for commenting
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<cole-h> arianvp: Fair enough. I'd be interested to see if you turn up anything, but I don't have any ideas (sorry).
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