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<cole-h> samueldr: Actually, it's 11 hours nix, 11 hours Minecraft, 2 planning the other 22 hours
<drakonis> ho ho
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<garbas> niksnut: do you maybe know if svanderburg is still on irc? i'd like to bring his attentions to but i'm not sure he is looking at the github notifications or emails from github
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#350 (by garbas, 1 minute ago, open): Remove disnix and redirect to github page
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<niksnut> garbas: his nick is __Sander__ but I haven't seen him on IRC since february
<niksnut> he should get github pings though
<garbas> just grepped my irc history and found __Sander__ as well :)
<Mic92> I created a new tool for updating nix packages: It is like the interactive version of nixpkgs-update.
<infinisil> Nice! Mic92++
<{^_^}> Mic92's karma got increased to 14
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<hexa-> Mic92++
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<infinisil> roberth: I'm not entirely sure what you mean in, but I think I know what would work well: The unstructuredOption represents the whole module evaluation, meaning if you want to have one level of unstructured options you need `attrsOf str` or so
<infinisil> Then specifying ` = "foo"` would throw an error that foo isn't of type str. For recursively nested types this would be a recursive type.
<infinisil> Um, for nested *options* this would be a recursive unstructured type
<infinisil> And only the unstructured bits would use that option, so even if `unstructuredOption = attrsOf str`, the submodule could still define ` = mkOption { type = int; }`
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<gchristensen> man, the i915 problems on 5.4.25 are rough
<tilpner> Can you switch to 5.5?
<gchristensen> does 5.5 fix it? :)
<tilpner> It did for me
<tilpner> No hangs since, and no problems with zfs either
<gchristensen> neat
<etu> This sounds like the issues I started having when 5.3 got removed from nixpkgs and I moved up to 5.4... So now I'm running 4.19 on this laptop...
<gchristensen> a few minutes in, tilpner, 5.5 seems good :)
<etu> And I seem to have a i915 card as well
<tilpner> etu: Try 5.5
<domenkozar[m]> do we have someone that knows basic Rust (and Nix obviously) looking for a job? helping someone out :)
<etu> We'll see if both of my out of tree modules exists for 5.5 yet :D
<gchristensen> domenkozar[m]: PM'ing
<etu> tilpner: virtualbox ain't there yet :/
<tilpner> libvirtd is c.c
<adisbladis> Virtualbox </3
<tilpner> ... is that a broken heart?
<adisbladis> tilpner: Yeah
<etu> tilpner: yeah, I kinda depend on chef/vagrant/virtualbox for work though :/
<srk> domenkozar[m]: yes
<domenkozar[m]> PMing
<adisbladis> domenkozar[m]: While you are here :) Do you plan to merge soon-ish ? I'm considering something I may wanna get in but want to know if I have some time to consider first.
<{^_^}> nixos-weekly#112 (by domenkozar, 5 weeks ago, open): Call for Content: 2020/03
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<domenkozar[m]> yeah, in a few days
<domenkozar[m]> another business idea for Nix:
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<Ericson2314> niksnut: you around? so the big schema change I think we need to make is adding a drv->drv table, so when we finally do build a CA drv, we don't need to go and update *all* the DerivationOutputs from any derivation that would resolve to it
<niksnut> shouldn't that be a outpath->outpath table?
<Ericson2314> niksnut: I think that would just be the same thing but biffer?
<niksnut> i.e. mapping the "virtual" drv outputs to the actual CA outputs
<Ericson2314> I was just going to put the resolved CA derivations in the DerivationOutput table
<Ericson2314> niksnut: also relates to how much we want to "purge" legacy store paths from ca derivations
<Ericson2314> I had tried making the derivation output path std::optional, which breaks a lot of things, but does feel right :)
<roberth> infinisil: yes, that is what I had in mind
<infinisil> roberth: I see. Am just implementing that, and it seems to work pretty well :D. I had to change `unstructuredOption -> unstructuredType` though, so you can't pass in an option anymore, but only a type
<roberth> infinisil: that sounds ok. Most mkOption parameters don't seem to apply anyway
<roberth> infinisil: would be nice to have docs though. I was thinking the @ symbol may be a good fit for representing this "wildcard" behavior in the generated options docs
<infinisil> roberth: Example?
<roberth> maybe it's unnecessary, because the option that has the submodule can document the wildcard behavior
<infinisil> Yeah, that's already happening
<roberth> so is not necessary if you have
<infinisil> The only change that's needed is that the submoduleWith type needs to have the unstructured bit in its description
<roberth> not as visible though
<infinisil> (instead of the current "submodule")
<roberth> ah you mean the description of the submodule type?
<infinisil> roberth: The description of the type
<roberth> "submodule also allowing ${unstructuredType}"
<infinisil> Yeah, or even just unstructuredType.description directly, since the submodules options will also be documented below that
<roberth> "union of submodule and ${unstructuredType}"
<roberth> the sub options may not be as visible when it's a submodule with large examples etc; it goes off screen
<infinisil> Hm yeah
<aanderse> infinisil: "i would use dynamic user but that would break some users workflow i think" or "i need to revert the change to dynamic user because it breaks my workflow" is becoming a pattern
<infinisil> As previously said, I don't think that's a problem. If DynamicUser ends up being too restrictive, then so be it :)
<infinisil> There's many services where it should work
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<aanderse> infinisil: sorry, i don't mean to say i think it is a problem... i mean to say i think it is a lost opportunity
<aanderse> :)
<infinisil> I mean DynamicUser isn't the right thing to use when its files need to interact with things outside the service
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<aanderse> that is true
<aanderse> but many programs sometimes have to do that, and sometimes don't
<aanderse> nice to be able to choose to take advantage (easily) if you can
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<infinisil> Hm yeah maybe
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<Taneb> The "nix expression" links on seem broken
<Taneb> They're giving a link to inside a nix store
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<julm> « “Ultimately I would like to see NixOS running in space,” says Christensen » :D
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<cole-h> gchristensen: Don't know if you know who the best person to notify is, but see above message by Taneb
<cole-h> (if it hasn't already been brought to someone's attention)
<adisbladis> garbas: ^
<samueldr> Taneb: noted, there's an issue on the nixos-homepage tracker
<samueldr> will look at it later today
<cole-h> So there is. Thanks.
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<domenkozar[m]> anyone can recommend a cool game for Steam+NixOS?
<gchristensen> is factorio over steam?
<cole-h> Yes.
<domenkozar[m]> I got quite excited today reading about vaccines for COVID-19, but then remembered that viruses mutate and there's a high chance there will be another strain...
<cole-h> Also Rimworld and Stardew Valley
<domenkozar[m]> now I need some games in my life :D
<infinisil> domenkozar[m]: I just recently started playing The Binding of Isaac again, can very much recommend
<gchristensen> the nintendo switch has been a real delight, but I can only play 10-15 minutes at a time :(
<domenkozar[m]> :(
* domenkozar[m] hugs gchristensen
<domenkozar[m]> thanks all for recommendations!
<infinisil> (Although I haven't played Binding Of Isaac on Steam on Linux. I'm using the Wii U version)
<domenkozar[m]> I wanted to buy Alyx, but I'm not paying 1500 EUR for playing it
<domenkozar[m]> btw is there anyone that plays Spring?
<domenkozar[m]> it's packaged in nix
<Profpatsch> gchristensen: Funny, the inflamed tendons are pretty specifically only hurting when typing for me.
<Profpatsch> Not when playing the switch
<cole-h> There's also Animal Crossing (on Switch) on Friday ;)
<cransom> factorio is amazing, but it also feels like work.
<domenkozar[m]> how about adventures?
<domenkozar[m]> I really liked Soma
<domenkozar[m]> but that game is quite unique
<domenkozar[m]> cole-h: Stardew Valley reminds me of a game boy thing I played when I was like 13
<domenkozar[m]> what was it called
<domenkozar[m]> harvest moon
<cole-h> It's a very relaxing game
<domenkozar[m]> ah spring is broken in nixpkgs
<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen what do you play on the switch ?
<Profpatsch> domenkozar[m]: !
<cole-h> ^ Good game as well. Didn't get too far, but I enjoyed it
<Profpatsch> hopefully also for the switch soon™. When they figure out how to get the JS code fast enough. :P
<Profpatsch> Then just 69.99 instead of $20
<Profpatsch> Ah, domenkozar[m], maybe I should have linked instead
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<Profpatsch> Nothing like a having a demo that throws you into the story and the real game after loading 10Mbs in a Browsertab
<srk> domenkozar[m]: planetary annihilation if you like TA/TA:Spring :)
* srk still misses TA but there's hope
<domenkozar[m]> I even bought it!
<domenkozar[m]> but it was really not working well even when "final"
<domenkozar[m]> srk: did you play it?
<srk> PA?
<domenkozar[m]> yes
<srk> hours
<srk> even ladder
<srk> I mean, more like days/weeks
<domenkozar[m]> maybe I should try that
<srk> it's pretty good now (quite balanced if you only play on single planet)
<srk> try it a lemme know if it works for you, I've tried launching PA:Titans few days ago and it won't quite load to menu
<srk> used to work flawlessly (it starts but no UI loads (it's all javascript /o
<domenkozar[m]> :D
<srk> previously dota2 didn't work but that works now but PA:Titans broke
<Dandellion> oh yeah I tried playing PA too but couldnt get it to work
<Dandellion> when dota 2 broke it was really simple to fix (just had to add a package to the FHS I think)
<srk> Dandellion: I didn't dig deep enough at that time, it was good that it broke
<Dandellion> oh?
<srk> few days ago I've tried again and this time with full rm -rf .Steam and that fixed it
<srk> Dandellion: well I get hooked up on it quite easily and then play for days :D
<Dandellion> haha >.<
<srk> domenkozar[m]: can also recommend Nuclear Throne, XCOM2, FTL, Super Meat Boy
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<srk> and Teeworlds!!
* srk runs
<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: Unravel Two, BotW of course, Untitled Goose Game, Baba is You, Katamari Damacy ... these are the ones I play most :)
<emily> infinisil: thank you for partially typed modules!!
<infinisil> :D
<{^_^}> #82743 (by Infinisil, 16 minutes ago, open): Partially typed modules (!)
<samueldr> mindustry is nice
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<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen cool, I have a Nintendo switch that I don't use much, I'll look at those :)
<gchristensen> great! yeah, they're fun
<emily> infinisil: "unstructuredType = types.unspecified" will work fine for programs that have flexible config schemas, right? (e.g. wanting to support submodules/nested options that aren't necessarily predefined)
<gchristensen> samueldr: I'm going to do these things:
<samueldr> nice
<infinisil> emily: That won't work no, what do you mean by flexible config schemas?
<infinisil> Although, actually it would work relatively easily
<emily> infinisil: I mean, you rarely know whether an undefined option is a string or integer or ..., and they're frequently nested
<emily> I feel like most of the time you're defining a partially typed configuration you want to allow arbitrary data for undefined options
<infinisil> types.oneOf [ int str bool ]
<infinisil> And adds many such types, for json, ini, yaml, toml
<{^_^}> #75584 (by Infinisil, 13 weeks ago, open): Configuration file formats for JSON, INI, YAML and TOML
<emily> will that work with arbitrarily nested undefined
<infinisil> emily: Yup, with a recursive type like the json or yaml one
<emily> mhm
<infinisil> We could even have `lib.recursiveAttrsOf (oneOf [ int str bool])` to allow for this
<emily> I'm kind of confused why types.unspecified wouldn't work though
<infinisil> Because it doesn't specify how multiple values should get merged together
<infinisil> Though I guess with what we're doing this isn't as important anymore
<infinisil> Wait no it is
<infinisil> E.g. if you do `foo = [ 10 ];` in one module, and `foo = [ 20 ];` in another, if the type of `foo` is `types.unspecified`, the result will be `foo = [ 20 ]` and the other definition will be ignored
<infinisil> The same happens with attribute sets I think
<emily> oh, I assumed that types.unspecified just fails to merge :/
<infinisil> That might be more sane behavior
<infinisil> Oh wait
<infinisil> Am I confusing this with types.attrs
<infinisil> Ima test this real quick
<infinisil> Hm no that works actually
<infinisil> I confused this with types.attrs
<infinisil> emily: But anyways, most of the time config files have a set of allowed types, and declaring those upfront allows the module system to error when a value isn't of a supported type
<emily> infinisil: I guess, but I don't really feel like that's compelling when "anything YAML allows" is not really any more restrictive than Nix's data model?
<emily> and is already enforced if you're converting the thing to YAML in your module anyway, so...
<infinisil> Nix has functions at least
<emily> I don't see the point, most of the time. it's going to be rare that you have no idea what options people are going to set, but are totally sure they're going to be integers or booleans and a string-valued configuration option will never ever be added
<infinisil> And e.g. TOML doesn't have floats
<infinisil> emily: It certainly allows better error messages. Instead of in the TOML case `json2toml` failing at build time with an obscure error, you get `value is not of type int str or bool`
<infinisil> During eval time
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<emily> sure
<FRidh> I've been playing a bit with writing nix tutorials as jupyter notebooks and let users interactively use them through binder, have a look
<infinisil> Oh and also, it allows for more complicated merge behavior. E.g. for INI we can use `coercedTo` to allow setting `foo = 10` and `foo = [ 20 ]` which then results in `foo = [ 10 20 ]` instead of an error that int's and lists' can't be merged together
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<infinisil> And lists would be disallowed when the application doesn't allow for duplicate keys
<garbas> Taneb: adisbladis: cole-h: tnx for the ping. i'm looking into it.
<cole-h> garbas++
<{^_^}> garbas's karma got increased to 7
<srk> FRidh: pretty cool!
<srk> FRidh: looks like ipython nix kernel would be handy
<FRidh> srk: that would be quite nice indeed for learning the language
<FRidh> suppose that's quite doable with Mic92's nix bindings
<FRidh> for now, just writing the expressions to file and executing them should do fine
<srk> depends if you need context I guess
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<samueldr> we may want to prioritize including this fix.
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#352 (by samueldr, 51 seconds ago, open): Strip nix store paths from source nixpkgs in packages.json
<infinisil> emily: Oh, I just noticed this oddity with types.unspecified:
<infinisil> > types.unspecified.merge [] [{ value = true; } { value = false; }]
<{^_^}> true
<infinisil> > types.unspecified.merge [] [{ value = false; } { value = false; }]
<{^_^}> false
<infinisil> > types.unspecified.merge [] [{ value = true; } { value = true; }]
<{^_^}> true
<tilpner> Woah, packages-nixos-19.09.json is 25MB large
<infinisil> It does an OR between all definitions, which is a bit odd..
<tilpner> It's been loading for over a minute
<tilpner> This desperately needs its compression back
<tilpner> Huh, FF dev-tools were wrong, it's 61MB in curl
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<cole-h> samueldr++
<{^_^}> samueldr's karma got increased to 187
<emily> infinisil: weird
<samueldr> tilpner: it might happen that netlify compresses less
<samueldr> and AFAICT from niksnut's initial comment about that, it might not be possible to serve with the right headers pre-fully-gzipped
<tilpner> samueldr: eelco said compression was disabled (entirely!) because of netlify problems
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<samueldr> it's disabled as pre-compression, but gzip compression happens from netlify
<samueldr> as you could see, 25MiB became 61
<samueldr> I wonder if it makes sense to keep that info next to the channels
<samueldr> instead of as a site artifact
<samueldr> and if so, if we can serve the pre-compressed files
<tilpner> Are you sure?
<samueldr> yes sure it does compress some
* samueldr re-verifies
<tilpner> Shouldn't there be a header for that?
<tilpner> curl doesn't show one mentioning any compression
<samueldr> you have to ask for it
<samueldr> >> Accept-Encoding
<samueldr> gzip, deflate, br
<samueldr> >> Content-Encoding: gzip
<samueldr> that's what netlifies responds with
<samueldr> though I was wrong
<samueldr> it's not 25MiB compressed, but 3.81
<samueldr> though I suspect something is wrong somewhere that makes some loads longer
<tilpner> Then how did it repeatedly take over a minute to load the site? :/
<samueldr> that's what I'm wondering too
<tilpner> I don't use the packages search, but it would be worrying if that was a first impressionf or someone
<samueldr> now it loads in 2.48s, with ~ half a second more for the packages list to be handled by the code
<samueldr> but I had a longer load too initially
<samueldr> which I can't seem to be able to reproduce
<samueldr> hah, switching channel does
* samueldr looks closely
<samueldr> I don't understand this panel
<samueldr> Queued: When the resource was queued for download.
<samueldr> Downloaded: When the the resource finished downloading.
<samueldr> Started: When the resource started downloading.
<tilpner> Now it shows 3.81MB for me too, but I'm sure it mentioned 25 before
<samueldr> so it took ~40s until netlify was able to send the data
<tilpner> And there's no way transferring 4MB should take a minute
<samueldr> yeah, look at the timings panel screenshot for a query
<samueldr> it's not transferring anything
* samueldr opens a tracking issue
* tilpner tries with different DNS resolver
<samueldr> I wouldn't expect it to be DNS issues
<tilpner> Me neither, but it ends up being DNS too often
<tilpner> :/
<MichaelRaskin> Switching channels should not lead to any new DNS queries
<samueldr> yeah
<MichaelRaskin> Although if it is…
<samueldr> to me it looks like the 60MiB file causes bad behaviour from netlify's cache/compression scheme
<samueldr> ah, wrong interpretation of that panel
<samueldr> those timing numbers at the top Queued / Started / Downloaded are not really useful here it seems :/
<samueldr> Queued is how long was the page opened before the request was queued
<samueldr> it seems there is absolutely no metric checking the time from when it load to when it shows
<samueldr> because it's apparently waiting for 208ms, for a couple seconds :/
<tilpner> It seems my urxvtd does not like single 60MB lines (100% CPU, all clients blocked)
<samueldr> haha
<MichaelRaskin> Screen also doesn't like
<MichaelRaskin> Nothing that needs to do both line breaking and scrollback likes 60MB lines
<MichaelRaskin> For some reason
<samueldr> started collating information here
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#353 (by samueldr, 10 seconds ago, open): Package listing is extremely slow to load initially
<tilpner> Can you measure with curl how fast it downloads the compressed version?
<tilpner> Copy the curl command from FF dev-tools, and look at the printed progress
<samueldr> will do a couple things, will do that too
<samueldr> that was just what I started collating
<cransom> oof. 27 seconds.
<samueldr> that curl was instant :/
<samueldr> yeah, something *is* amiss, but hard to measure
<tilpner> ._.
<samueldr> tilpner: I did see problematic requests in firefox
<samueldr> I'm positive it's not firefox being bad
<tilpner> Now my curl is instant too
<cransom> but yeah, follow ups for me were quicker.
<samueldr> this sounds like caching
<cransom> is it taking that long to seed the cache?
<tilpner> curl shouldn't do caching
<tilpner> But netlify might
<cransom> (cdn cache)
<samueldr> and extremely aggressive compression that is slow
<samueldr> yeah, netlify-side
<tilpner> No, now it's slow again
<samueldr> my theory: netlify gzips with CPU-expensive options, as needed
<tilpner> 10 fast requests, and now a slow one
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> got a slow one
<tilpner> 2534k "Average dload" for the fast one, "48000" for the slow one
<samueldr> it's like it's sipping through a straw
<samueldr> so my theory may be wrong
<tilpner> Or they messed up load-balancing
<samueldr> tilpner: did you observe the leftmost column, "100"
<tilpner> If there's a bad server, we might only hit it sometimes
<samueldr> I think that's the percent, right?
<tilpner> Yes, it's at 100
<tilpner> The slow curl is still ongoing
<tilpner> But th etotal is still rising
<samueldr> yes
<tilpner> "Time Spent": 0:02:00
<samueldr> I think that's what's screwing up the reporting in firefox
<tilpner> % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
<tilpner> Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
<tilpner> 100 4473k 0 4473k 0 0 38152 0 --:--:-- 0:02:00 --:--:-- 66341
<samueldr> tilpner: paste the full output as a comment please
<niksnut> btw one interesting thing from the firefox network panel is that it shows packages-nixos-19.09.json being fetched twice, where the second one shows "3.81 MB (raced)" under the Transferred column
<samueldr> I'm behind with my updates (firefox 72)
<samueldr> (please don't scream at me)
<tilpner> 73 here, been waiting for 74 to reach unstable
<MichaelRaskin> 74, channels are a myth
<samueldr> though it really looks like sometimes netlify serves it up through a straw
<samueldr> AH!
<tilpner> *suspense*
<samueldr> content-length was filled on a fast response
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<samueldr> as was age
<samueldr> (instead of 0)
<MichaelRaskin> If it is caching, they time out pretty aggressively
<tilpner> samueldr: You're right, is this something we can bring up with netlify?
<garbas> are we building rpi images on hydra nowdays?
* garbas lost track of this topic some time ago
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#112 (by paul-hammant, 3 years ago, open): Raspberry Pi binary distribution please.
<samueldr> garbas: yes and no, the situation is a bit in flux still, especially with pi 4
<tilpner> garbas: And the generic image for <4
<samueldr> garbas: we do raspberry pi 3 and 3B+ as generic image
<samueldr> we are not distributing it with the iso yet, we probably should
<samueldr> (for the generic one)
<garbas> so we could actually list this as downloadable artifacts on right?
<samueldr> probably can/should
<garbas> samueldr: tnx! i'll add it to the todo list :)
<samueldr> garbas: do you have other things to try, and are you able to bring this up with Netlify?
<garbas> samueldr: sorry i don't understand the above line. it is true i'm slowly getting tired and i might be slowing down :)
<samueldr> I assumed you knew I was looking at
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#353 (by samueldr, 26 minutes ago, open): Package listing is extremely slow to load initially
<samueldr> we might be causing Netlify's infra some grief by how we're serving our gzip
<samueldr> our json packages listing**
<samueldr> it takes 30~120 seconds to load sometimes, and when (I suspect it is) cached it's about instant
<garbas> samueldr: oh i see. i'm going through all the issues in nixos-homepage at the moment and i have 10 of the open currently :)
<samueldr> :)
<samueldr> also, garbas++ for slaying the issues backlog on the nixos-homepage project
<{^_^}> garbas's karma got increased to 8
<garbas> samueldr: i wonder whay is causing the slowdown. maybe i was clearing cache on edges when merging PRs in last 4-6 hours.
<samueldr> 99% sure it's not it
<samueldr> it comes and goes
<samueldr> you didn't do anything that may have cleared caches in the last 20 minutes?
<samueldr> anyway, even if it is, 2 minutes is not good
<samueldr> it really feels like they don't cache the compressed data for long, and that something takes a bunch of time related to that
<garbas> hmm, lets open a ticket and investigate properly.
<samueldr> well, I did proper investigation, but yes, with Netlify would be desirable
<garbas> i'll try to go over all tickets today and then call a day.
<samueldr> an option to explore, but does start relying on another third-party service, is to use an actual indexing service for the packages listing, and do XHRs to it to get the data
<samueldr> no up-front cost of loading the whole data set
<samueldr> but multiple queries to a third party
<garbas> i'm not going to say no, but i'm not a fan if we can solve this better with only a static site.
<garbas> i'd definetly like to first dive into the code that parses json
<gchristensen> can someone double check my hashes and URLs in ?
<{^_^}> #82051 (by grahamc, 1 week ago, open): stdenv: update ARM bootstrap tarballs
* gchristensen gently prods :)
<cole-h> Any reason the urls are unquoted? I was under the impression all URLs should be quoted.
<adisbladis> "Reasons"
<domenkozar[m]> garbas++
<{^_^}> garbas's karma got increased to 9
<domenkozar[m]> for website efforts :)
<adisbladis> cole-h: There has been talks about deprecating it for some time
<cole-h> RFC 45, yeah
<cole-h> Which is why I was curious if there was a reason, or if I should suggest that change
<samueldr> cole-h: suggest it with RFC 45 link
<cole-h> I think it's funny because he was the first reviewer of RFC 45 :')
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<gchristensen> cole-h: if you can, can you make an assertion about if the URLs match the files they're in, and if the hashes are correct, as well?
<cole-h> Would I do that by just running nixpkgs-review on it?
<gchristensen> first, validate that the string between stdenv-linux/ and /0eb0ddc4dbe3cd5415c6b6e657538eb809fc3778 matches the name of the .nix file it is contained (stdenv-linux/armv5tel/0eb0ddc4dbe3cd5415c6b6e657538eb809fc3778 is in armv5tel.nix)
<gchristensen> second, clone the repo and: nix-build pkgs/stdenv/linux/bootstrap-files/armv{5tel,6l,7l}.nix then nix-build pkgs/stdenv/linux/bootstrap-files/armv{5tel,6l,7l}.nix --check
<cole-h> 👍 Will do
<gchristensen> I will push an update using "'s :)
<cole-h> Assuming this is what you wanted?
<cole-h> gchristensen: OK, done. Edited my original review with that image too. LGTM.
<gchristensen> cool, thank you@!
<cole-h> I didn't originally do anything else because I was worried I'd need armv* on hand x)
<cole-h> Happy to help. Thanks for padding my GH squares with that co-authored-by >:)
<gchristensen> :)
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* infinisil doesn't tell people to quote urls because eventually a mass replacement will be done anyways
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<cole-h> I'll do my part until that happens :)
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