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<aanderse> anywho, thanks again adisbladis !
<infinisil> gchristensen: For, where does private_rsa_key.pem come from?
<gchristensen> whatchya up to?
<gchristensen> one sec
<infinisil> Trying to run it for
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<gchristensen> ah, you pretty much can't
<gchristensen> you have to create a Github App, and get it approved and added by the NixOS organization
<gchristensen> I can run it for you, though, which are are you thinking?
<infinisil> Aw, even if I just need it for blame-author?
<gchristensen> hmm let me see, you may not need the github app part, actually
<gchristensen> the App is needed to do things like team management
<gchristensen> I'll get back to you in 15 minutes :)
<infinisil> Cool :)
<infinisil> I might be able to just verify the couple handles manually
<infinisil> Although, that only works if the reviewers trust me :)
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<adisbladis> aanderse: I gave up on the automated test, though I did try out the changes manually.
<adisbladis> It would be great if you could take things for a spin too if you have the chance.
<adisbladis> Since it's potentially a dangerous change :>
<aanderse> adisbladis: ok, will do, likely on monday
<adisbladis> Cool =)
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<gchristensen> infinisil: incoming logs :P
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<gchristensen> ehh infinisil it isn't going to be very useful. I think the best bet would be to delete your additions for now
<infinisil> Meanwhile I wrote my own little script to do something like this
<gchristensen> oh?
<gchristensen> just to confirm -- you understand the importance of having a high confidence in these IDs?
<infinisil> gchristensen: Cool thanks, this might be helpful as another source
<infinisil> gchristensen: Yeah
<gchristensen> cool, I trust you, then, to make sure the added IDs are good :)
<gchristensen> I added personal access token support to rf39: cargo run -- --credentials ./credentials-token.nix --maintainers ../nixpkgs/maintainers/maintainer-list.nix --metrics-delay 0 blame-author 2>&1 | tee blame-author (tee is important, lots of output ... ... some of which is wrong, you'll know it when you see it)
<gchristensen> credentials.nix: {access_token = "the-token-here";}
<infinisil> Ah awesome
* infinisil is currently debugging some bash weirdness in the script..
<gchristensen> to be honest, it is maybe not useful as-is. I wrote those tools sort of "just enough" to get through the initial addition
<gchristensen> it will likely take work to make them better
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<infinisil> gchristensen: Here's my script:
<infinisil> the listing below is all handles and github usernames of people that don't have a githubId
<infinisil> (generated by some nix code)
<infinisil> I should also compare against the github id directly gotten from the github username via api..
<infinisil> Basically: Looks for when $handle was first seen in the maintainer list, gets the commit of that, queries the github api for the author of the commit and the author of any associated PR, checks if they match, checks if the login matches the one in the maintainer file
<gchristensen> nice!
<gchristensen> beautiful!
<infinisil> Ehhh I wouldn't call it beautiful, but it seems to work okayish lol
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<infinisil> The output (unfortunately without color):
<infinisil> (I wish you can copy paste with escape codes (when you forgot to tee to a file))
<infinisil> About half of them are green, the other half I might have to do some manual work
<samueldr> imagine the monkey paw wish: your terminal emulator copies as RTF
<samueldr> (though in reality would be helpful!)
<infinisil> Oh no
<abathur> terminal on macos can copy with color
<samueldr> shh, we don't say that word here
<abathur> :]
<samueldr> it's colour ;)
<abathur> oh, fair
<samueldr> (pulling your leg)
<abathur> I prefer the british spellings myself
<danderson> is there a process for bug triage when there's no PR associated? Have a thing I'd like to get input on, but I don't know if the best way to do that is to just send a PR and discuss there.
<infinisil> Ugh it's already almost 4am, how long would it take me to go through the ~60 maintainer handles manually?
<infinisil> Maybe not that long if I automate showing the commit/opening it in firefox
<gchristensen> abathur: this is the coolest thing ever
<abathur> heh
<abathur> <3
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<abathur> everyone's going to think you're talkingn about copying and pasting color escapes if you aren't careful
<gchristensen> haha
<gchristensen> for everybody else, abathur heard my call for a bash script linker and ... well
<danderson> for a bash whatnow
<abathur> right?
<danderson> wow, fancy
<danderson> "that's horrible, I love it"
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<colemickens> Thanks I hate it?
<lovesegfault> colemickens: have you debugged Rust code in NixOS
<lovesegfault> I am losing my mind
<colemickens> I have stepped through some of the coed I'm working on from VS Code, yeah?
<colemickens> Took some work though, I built the LLDB debugger extension I'm using from source (since, NixOS)
<colemickens> From the other room there's some C? My projects inevitably have OpenSSL inside, but I've not debuged through that, so not sure if my limited experience can help?
<lovesegfault> yeah, the thing is I want to step into some C code that is being called from Rust
<lovesegfault> but then Nix is like "hah, no you can go die"
<lovesegfault> Starting program: /home/bemeurer/src/chromaprint_sys/target/debug/chromaprint_sys
<lovesegfault> Warning:
<lovesegfault> Cannot insert breakpoint 1.
<lovesegfault> Cannot access memory at address 0x75d7
<lovesegfault> I also get this
<lovesegfault> I don't even know what is happening at this point
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<pie_[bnc]> resholve xD
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<jtojnar> gnome terminal can save the buffer as HTML
<jtojnar> s/save/copy/
<jtojnar> I would expect other VTE-based terminals to support that as well
<jtojnar> s/terminals/terminal emulators/
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<tilpner> gchristensen: Îs it okay for this (^) packet machine to have 7GB free in the root FS? It's been decreasing slowly for a while. Is it going to auto-GC and free up some space?
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<gchristensen> good question :)
<gchristensen> thanks for looking in to that, let's see ...
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<infinisil> If anybody wants to bother replying (I won't):
<{^_^}> #80402 (by bqv, 3 weeks ago, closed): ripcord: init at 0.4.23
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<gchristensen> infinisil: bignaux was banned yesterday for being intentionally disrespectful to people in our community
<infinisil> Ahh :o
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<bhipple> What do people's workflows look like for hacking on the NixOS manual and reading the docs from the cmdline/emacs/vim?
<bhipple> So far I've come up with: `emacsclient $(nix-build nixos/release.nix -A manual.x86_64-linux)/share/doc/nixos/index.html
<bhipple> and then running `shr-render-buffer` in emacs
<bhipple> Previously I was trying firefox, but I prefer to have my normal navigation/regex search/buffer swap keybindings available so I don't have to context switch when reading/writing documentation vs. editing code
<bhipple> just wondering if there's a treasure trove of tips somewhere
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<jtojnar> is it possible to restart this build?
<jtojnar> it is becoming a cached failure but it looks like a transient issue
<cole-h> Not without triggering a rebuild somehow, AFAIK
<Ericson2314> Anyone know if is on IRC?
<gchristensen> jtojnar: looks like it was restarted
<tilpner> Ericson2314: You can check if is the same person
<Ericson2314> tilpner: thanks!
<tilpner> (But with you never know if it was just a "let's see what this Matrix thing is" account)
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<{^_^}> firing: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
<jtojnar> gchristensen sorry, meant to link to the underlying git failure
<gchristensen> jtojnar: have you created a hydra account?
<jtojnar> gchristensen I only have Google Account
<gchristensen> perfect
<gchristensen> you can already restart failed jobs:)
<Profpatsch> Ericson2314: don’t think he is
<jtojnar> oh, thanks
<jtojnar> does it restart builds depending on the failed build too?
<jtojnar> oh, there is restart all failed builds in the eval section
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<{^_^}> firing: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
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<samueldr> hmm, something's weird with the netlify redirect
<samueldr> < HTTP/2 302
<samueldr> the docs about the 200 redirect are talking about a _redirects file
<samueldr> which is not where the other redirects are, and I'm thinking it must be relevant
<samueldr> though, at the same time, their docs about [[redirects]] in the configuration file links to that page
<gchristensen> hmm I see, it is returning a 302
<samueldr> not a terribly bad issue right now, but something's amiss
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> hydra's 302 is being used
<gchristensen> oh lol
<gchristensen> fair
<samueldr> nixos-homepage#346 for discussion about the issue
<{^_^}> (by samueldr, 13 seconds ago, open): "200" redirects are handled as 302
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<tilpner> 2.5GB, getting closer
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<gchristensen> I wonder what people are doing :P that is the community box
<tilpner> Oh, nothing critical then
<gchristensen> volth doing some chrome stuff :)
<tilpner> I don't know how to mute just that box, but it might be a good idea
<gchristensen> or redirect it to #nixos-aarch64
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<tilpner> Filtered by which attribute?
<tilpner> Untested, of course
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<{^_^}> resolved: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
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<gchristensen> FYI: if a user PM's you about being unbanned, please don't engage. If you have questions, I can answer them.
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<tilpner> gchristensen:
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<gchristensen> oh nice!
<gchristensen> can you PR the repo?
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<infinisil> Phew, I think I got partially typed modules to work!
<cole-h> 👀
<infinisil> Lets you declare options when necessary, which then get type checked, but also lets you declare a fallback option for option paths that don't have an associated option
<infinisil> If this really works as well as it looks like it will, rfcs#42 can be so much simpler!
<{^_^}> (by Infinisil, 51 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0042] NixOS settings options
<samueldr> infinisil: related to having e.g. automatic json options for undeclared options, while declaring some for either validation or use?
<infinisil> Indeed
<samueldr> nice! infinisil++
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got increased to 236
<infinisil> :D
<Profpatsch> infinisil++
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got increased to 237
<Profpatsch> infinisil: How can you be so productive when there is Minecraft :D
<infinisil> Hehe, I have a surprisingly good balance between productivity and playing games right now :3
<samueldr> 12 hours nix, 12 hours minecraft, every day?
<infinisil> That's what peak performance looks like!