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<gchristensen> the build queue is suspicously empty
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<disasm> gchristensen: we need to stage some more PRs? :)
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<FRidh> emily: thoughtpolice: for pypy we have source builds and prebuilt. The prebuilt are there because of issues with the source builds. They also allow for quick iteration when making other changes in the infra that affect the interpreters.
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<FRidh> gchristensen: darwin is broken again and blocking staging-next
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<pie__> gchristensen: is your house getting cold?
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<gchristensen> pie__: why do you ask?
<gchristensen> FRidh: looking ...
<pie__> <gchristensen> the build queue is suspicously empty
<gchristensen> pie__: none of hydra runs in my basement :)
<gchristensen> FRidh: like the darwin build? not the darwin builders
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<FRidh> gchristensen: ah sorry yes, builds, not the builders
<gchristensen> *phew* okay
<FRidh> I'm quite inclined to go ahead and merge staging-nexti nto master, despite darwin being broken. There are not enough darwin maintainers and we have issues like these continuously.
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<vcunat> gchristensen: the builders don't seem fixed either yet, e.g. see https://hydra.nixos.org/build/98594040#tabs-buildsteps
<vcunat> (they transition into aborted state and thus can't be seen in queue after that)
<gchristensen> ouch
<vcunat> I now restarted this one, but current trunk has around 5k of these.
<FRidh> oh
<gchristensen> got it
<vcunat> I expect it's still the same problem I posted about on Friday.
<gchristensen> yeah, it is just that I thought I fixed it :)
<vcunat> Oh. I haven't noticed the "attempt" :-) but I don't read all the IRC logs (not even just from this channel).
<gchristensen> I didn't leave any note in here, so you wouldn't have noticed other than it just working again
<gchristensen> every time I debug one of these machines I'm reminded that I created a bogus syslog implementation with netcat, and it makes me laugh
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<gchristensen> ah I found the problem.
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<gchristensen> okay I found two problems
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<gchristensen> (1) the version of nixpkgs was floating on the "nixpkgs-unstable" channel, which is not always appropriate for darwin. switching to nixpkgs-19.03-darwin should help keep this more reliable
<gchristensen> (2) we do 2 darwin-rebuild switch's on startup, the first one is the initial nix-darwin install, the second one configures the system properly. between the two the nix daemon is restarted, and the second one races with the daemon to start up
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<LnL> hmm, I've only had daemon restart issues with enableSocketListener, which is false by default
<gchristensen> I added a silly retry loop. should I try doing some more debugging / research?
<LnL> could be the same thing since you're probably not fast enough when running interactively
<LnL> does the client get stuck or fail?
<gchristensen> it failed
<gchristensen> I'll paste the log from my bogus netcat :')
<LnL> ah ok, with socket activation it gets stuck
<gchristensen> hrm, might should upgrade Nix too
<LnL> running eg. nix ping-store in a loop before continuing should work then
<gchristensen> great, preparing the image to deploy
<vcunat> Maybe "nixpkgs-unstable" isn't really a useful thing, and we should have nixpkgs-unstable-darwin (kinda instead).
<gchristensen> my preference would be to have just two channels: unstable, stable-yy.mm and they both pass all the rigorous per-platform tests
<vcunat> Forcing lockstep on darwin with the two linuxes we have... is risky IMO.
<gchristensen> aye
<gchristensen> it is just a dream :)
<LnL> you can argue both ways
<gchristensen> having aarch64 and x86 and i686 in lockstep would be very good, though, since nixops right now essentially can't work with a mixed architecture deployment
<vcunat> We do have that, I think.
<gchristensen> we don't
<vcunat> Or at least we try.
<gchristensen> we don't include all three in the same evaluation
<vcunat> well, not full i686
<gchristensen> oh!
<gchristensen> :o
<vcunat> so nixos-unstable is shared in this respect, I think
<gchristensen> samueldr: ^
<vcunat> I think this sharing was actually what forced the recent Hydra evaluator upgrade.
<vcunat> As the NixOS stuff is apparently relatively expensive to evaluate.
<gchristensen> yeah, I thought we split aarch64 back out again
<vcunat> That was for 19.03, I think.
<gchristensen> hrm
<vcunat> https://hydra.nixos.org/jobset/nixpkgs/trunk has even all three platforms together, but there are no NixOS tests
<gchristensen> well, yay!
<LnL> having combined jobsets would be less of a problem if hydra could evaluate multiple expressions sequentially instead of in one go
<gchristensen> that'd be cool
<LnL> would make it slower, but reduces the memory peak
<vcunat> Well, yes, I'd find it useful to see impact of commits (or their short ranges) on the full set of platforms we have, including all tests, etc.
<gchristensen> eyah
<vcunat> Especially for staging(-next).
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<gchristensen> canarying the new darwin now
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<vcunat> For this, I had some preliminary plans to allow darwin in the combined jobsets, i.e. unify this so we can compare the evals better.
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<disasm> Feature freeze announcement: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/nixos-19-09-feature-freeze/3707 TLDR: we're planning on feature freeze being Sept 7th since we got such a late start.
<aanderse> disasm++
<{^_^}> disasm's karma got increased to 2
<gchristensen> disasm++
<{^_^}> disasm's karma got increased to 3
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<Taneb> I really need to at least make a start on my Agda overhaul idea before the cut-off, then
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<manveru> disasm: yay for deadlines :D
<manveru> time to get my ruby stuff together then
<vcunat> I see some darwin successes several minutes ago, so I now restarted the aborted jobs in current "trunk" jobset and we'll see.
<gchristensen> I just rolled out a new image (third try is the charm) and I think this one should fix it
<gchristensen> looks like that has fixed it, indeed
<adisbladis> disasm++
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<gchristensen> deploying the update to the other darwin builders
<vcunat> https://hydra.nixos.org/steps looks very nice
<vcunat> gchristensen++
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 139
<gchristensen> very darwinian :)
<gchristensen> thanks for pointing outit was still broken. I'm sorry I didn't check up on my fix
<disasm> we have some patches to get T2 apple nvme support working with a 5.2 kernel. I'd like to upstream them into nixpkgs master. Should these patches be always applied or have a conditional flag to set with them?
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<disasm> nm, dug into how the kernel patches work and I think it makes more sense to add it to patches.nix but not include it in top-level
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<domenkozar[m]> disasm: btw in my experience 7th September is too late :/
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<domenkozar[m]> but we used to do crazy systemd bumps in last minute so maybe it works now :)
<samueldr> I think the same; I wouldn't push back the freeze date, even though the announcement was a bit late than expected
<gchristensen> aye
<gchristensen> though since it is announced, maybe should stick to it?
<samueldr> that's the main reason I didn't say it first, it's not my release :)
<domenkozar[m]> since it's fresh I think it can edit it
<domenkozar[m]> we*
<gchristensen> people have already received the email though
<vcunat> Merging some disruptive changes just before 7th wouldn't be good, probably.
<domenkozar[m]> fail fast or something :)
<domenkozar[m]> vcunat: it happened with each release, that's what deadlines do
<samueldr> though I think the only drawback of freezing later is the timeliness of the actual release
<samueldr> so it's not like it's a huge issue
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<domenkozar[m]> sure it can be 19.09 incognito but really 19.10
<Taneb> domenkozar[m]: next time we should announce the cut-off slightly after the fact ;)
<vcunat> Yes, I agree with Domen that there's always lots of urge to push as much as possible just before the deadline.
<domenkozar[m]> I guess release being in October is fine
<gchristensen> release managers can/should say sorry-maybe-nexttime maybe
<gchristensen> let's not set ourselves up to miss the deadline already, we have a whole 2 months to go for that! :D
<domenkozar[m]> yup.
<domenkozar[m]> disasm++
<{^_^}> disasm's karma got increased to 5
<vcunat> Taneb: I remember that Greg KH (once) deliberately refused to promise in advance which Linux branch he'll choose as the next LTS.
<vcunat> *longterm
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<vcunat> Still, if the real release date gets delayed as a result, I don't expect that will be a big deal. (or the first time)
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<thoughtpolice> vcunat: Don't they still do that, I thought?
<thoughtpolice> Actually, maybe not. I think when 4.19 was announced as LTS, lot of people crammed stuff into that release, which was to be expected.
<worldofpeace_> jtojnar: do you want to check off on #66147 ?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/66147 (by worldofpeace, 1 week ago, open): doc/stdenv: document meson variables
<vcunat> Linux longterm: I'm not following these details - I just noticed one instance, as reported by himself retrospectively.
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: I am not convinced we need everything documented in the manual, IMHO only what we consider a public API should be documented publically. Not sure about mesonWrapMode, mesonBuildType or mesonCrossFlags
<worldofpeace> jtojnar: well if someone wants to change the mesonBuildType that's how they should do it. I've mostly wrote this so I don't have to direct people to read the setup hook.
<worldofpeace> I also think it's a good way to document that we use plain buildtype since we do have defaults
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: I am not sure we want people to change it
<jtojnar> but exposing defaults is good
<worldofpeace> jtojnar: I've had cases where things were just broken if I didn't use a certain buildtype (probably a bug). Also what if people are using the setup hook for code external to nixpkgs?
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: yeah, but in 99.99% cases you will not need it. I am not convinced we should make already bloated manual even more bloated. The setup hooks are usually quite legible and much more informative than the manual so I do not see a problem with linking people there.
<jtojnar> Though I would like to see more comments in the setup hooks, literate code-style.
<jtojnar> As for external usage, there are no warranties as we do not maintain a stable setup hook API. I wonder how flakes will handle this.
<worldofpeace> jtojnar: huh, I tend to dislike having to do that. Frequently I've come to learn that in nixpkgs the documentation can be lacking in some places and the only way to figure out things is to read the source, which isn't exactly friendly. And to document that we have special defaults for meson's wrap mode and buildtype I don't see a way around saying it's a variable in the setup hook.
<worldofpeace> btw, do you know where CrossFlags is used?
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: it is used to set the paths to tools during cross-compilation
<worldofpeace> lol wait, all I had to do was actually read it again
<worldofpeace> perhaps that one I don't think needs to be mentioned in the manual
<jtojnar> yeah, that one is undebatably internal
<jtojnar> though I consider everything but mesonFlags internal and subject to change
<jtojnar> unfortunately, since it is bash, the changes will lead to silent failures
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<timokau[m]> infinisil, flokli: ended up thinking about nix-bisect a bit. I decided that what I actually want is a set of primitives in a sane high-level language that I can combine freely. Much more flexible than trying to cram every possibility in a CLI. A CLI could still be added to cover common cases.
<timokau[m]> I created a minimal version if this. Here's an example usage: https://github.com/timokau/nix-bisect/blob/library/doc/examples/digikam.py
<das_j> is there any doc on how system.build works?
<das_j> so it just does nothing?
<das_j> oh, nvm
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<worldofpeace> jtojnar: this seem like a good way to move past manually overriding pkgconfig variables in expressions?https://gist.github.com/worldofpeace/412efbf9b6637f17aea0dc6e9effb15e
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: if you include define-variable https://www.bassi.io/articles/2018/03/15/pkg-config-and-paths/
<worldofpeace> yeah that's right jtojnar so "define_variable: ['datadir', datadir]"
<jtojnar> yup
<worldofpeace> let's hope elementary's on board with that
<jtojnar> also note that you are referencing session_bus_services_dir but using the path from system_bus_services_dir
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<jtojnar> worldofpeace: the define-variable alone should be enough to get rid of the env vars
<worldofpeace> yeah just noticed that
<worldofpeace> I have a lot of pr's to make to them jtojnar I think it's every switchboard plug and panel indicator
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