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<infinisil> Cool, will do
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<flokli> timokau[m]: that bisect script isn't really meant for when you want to nix-build my/file.nix -A some-attribute, right?
<flokli> also, I don't really get when it returns the "git bisect skip" exit code…
<flokli> in my case, I'm bisecting nixpkgs itself
<flokli> and have a test as attribute, success can act a "good", on a failing test I need to poke at the output whether it's bad or skip. and I definitely want to skip if some dependency of that test fails to build.
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<timokau[m]> flokli: It doesn't currently support passing a nix file, it just uses the `default.nix` (calls `nix-instantiate -A <what you pass as a flag>`)
<timokau[m]> As I said its very raw, don't judge me on the code quality ;) Only published it since infinisil had interest of going in the same direction
<timokau[m]> flokli: Yes, a failing dependency leads to skip
<timokau[m]> Basically, I instantiate the attr first. Then I build all its dependencies. If that fails, I skip. Then I build the actual attribute, monitoring the log lines. If the "failure line" is found, the bad exit code is returned. Otherwise "good" is returned on success, and I think on failure without the "failure line" it skips (though I'm not sure about that right now)
<flokli> timokau[m]: no worries, it's a start :-) I'd also be interested in bringing this into shape, or building something based on the idea :-)
<timokau[m]> flokli: Feel free to fork if you want to :) Biggest challenge I think is making it more polished while still retaining flexibility
<timokau[m]> Currently I keep going back and hard-coding different behaviour if I need it
<domenkozar[m]> anyone knows how to override stdenv for haskell mkDerivation? :)
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<vika_nezrimaya> quick, how to convert an integer to a string?
<vika_nezrimaya> I forgot :9
<vika_nezrimaya> :(
<infinisil> domenkozar[m]: haskellPackages.override { stdenv = ... might work
<infinisil> vika_nezrimaya: #nixos is meant for such questions, but it's toString
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<vika_nezrimaya> infinisil: what's the line between these two?
<vika_nezrimaya> I'm not getting it even after using NixOS for... a lot of time
<infinisil> vika_nezrimaya: #nixos for questions normal users would ask, #nixos-dev for discussing development of nixpkgs/NixOS
<infinisil> I guess domen's question would also be better in #nixos
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<samueldr> or, put in other words, #nixos-dev is for coordinating contributors for nixos/nixpkgs
<vika_nezrimaya> oh great. I found which package has the "sed hanging while compiling with qemu-binfmt"
<vika_nezrimaya> It's gettext!
<vika_nezrimaya> specifically, /nix/store/iyfazz0nha4kf95dvksx9h8z290v4m3v-gettext-
<vika_nezrimaya> my machine has been pathetically burning electricity and heating my house for SEVERAL HOURS STRAIGHT on this one.
<vika_nezrimaya> I'm ashamed of myself for not noticing it
<vika_nezrimaya> Shame on me.
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<samueldr> hey, peeps, just a quick reminder about how there's only 4 weeks left to submit to the CFP for nixcon 2019 :) https://cfp.nixcon.org/nixcon2019/cfp
<gchristensen> yikes
<gchristensen> what should I talk about?
<samueldr> anything is possible, with zombo.com^W nixos
<samueldr> (though, it's a good title for some introductory thing I guess)
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<adisbladis> domenkozar: Can I pm you?
<domenkozar[m]> sure :)
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<pie_> any reason this shouldnt work?:
<pie_> $ nix-build https://github.com/deliciouslytyped/zfstui/tarball/master -A forkerror: attribute 'fork' in selection path 'fork' not found
<pie_> sorry, multiline pastes are bad in webchat
<pie_> error: attribute 'fork' in selection path 'fork' not found
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<worldofpeace> infinisil: you offifcially co-maintain the haskell stuff with @peti right?
<infinisil> Not officially, but I often help maintaining it recently yeah
<worldofpeace> Oh I see
<worldofpeace> I was going to ask if you rotated doing PRs like #65852
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/65852 (by peti, 1 week ago, merged): LTS Haskell 13.30
<infinisil> Ah no
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<pie_> Hm. Yeah, I can't find where the tarball functionality of nix-build is originally implemented.
<drakonis> the shell script that drives nixos-rebuild still hasn't been updated for flakes, right?
<gchristensen> right.
<gchristensen> since flakes isn't even in master, it'd be a bit prematuer :)
<drakonis> of course, but no such thing as fork eh?
<gchristensen> maybe on the edolstra fork
<drakonis> not there yet, no
<emily> if I'm packaging something with `buildPythonApplication` that isn't really useful as a library, should it still go in nixpkgs.pythonPackages, or directly in nixpkgs?
<emily> seems to be a bit mixed in practice?
<pie_> emily, have you checked https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/doc/languages-frameworks/python.section.md ? i vaguely recall something about that
<emily> pie_: yeah, it does say that but I feel like I saw stuff contradicting it
<emily> probably just stuff that's also useful as a library
<pie_> ah, nevermind thne
<pie_> *shrugs*
<drakonis> oh no, i thought you meant rebuilding with flakes
<drakonis> i misunderstood your comment
<gchristensen> I don't follow your clarifying comment :')
<drakonis> nixos-rebuild but using flakes as a source
<drakonis> i can probably just point to my local copy
<gchristensen> not sure
<drakonis> i oughta fix broken grub
<gchristensen> I know niksnut uses flakes for his system
<gchristensen> in what way is grub broken?
<worldofpeace> emily: yeah that portion in the manual can be slightly confusing
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<{^_^}> #61718 (by gnidorah, 12 weeks ago, open): grub efi fails on latest nixos-unstable
<worldofpeace> emily: If something is firstly an application _but_ can be used as a module it shouldn't go in python-modules but aliased to it.
<emily> right, ok
<drakonis> it also broke zfs apparently?
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<emily> the other problem I'm running into packaging this is "Usage: /nix/store/zjyhpczk59j6v7qgncxwx7qi9yyi0rc6-stm32loader-0.5.0/bin/stm32loader" in help output -- should `sys.argv[0]` uses be patched to be less ugly or is this not a big deal?
<gchristensen> I find it impossible to believe that grub has been broken for four monhts
<samueldr> gchristensen: I think it is, for some conditions
<samueldr> (is possible, not provably broken)
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<samueldr> and I think it's all about /boot on ESP or /boot on main FS
<samueldr> but dang it, haven't had time to investigate :/
<pie_> emily well now you have me thinking hard about something rather inconsequential :V
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<drakonis> i have a tiny ESP (gee thanks windows)
<drakonis> i'm going to resize it to 500mb for good measure
<pie_> emily id be tempted to dirname it but diverging from upstream is bad ._.
<samueldr> btw, I'm not saying "those with /boot out of esp are doing it wrong", no, far from it, /boot outside of esp should be supported
<samueldr> but we might not have had the right tests around
<emily> pie_: it also does ./%s % argv[0]
<emily> which simultaneously makes me want to fix it more but also care about fixing it less
<gchristensen> it sounds like we should have a tracking issue with as many details as we can get
<drakonis> fedora does a 1gb ESP and debian definitely provides the option
<pie_> emily not sure wh-wait wait
<pie_> *wait what
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<drakonis> the current solution is to bisect grub 2.4 or run systemd-boot
<pie_> emily does that relativize an absolute path
<drakonis> but the latter is a big issue if your ESP isn't large
<emily> no it just spits out .//nix/store/...
<emily> but like it's broken everywhere so whatever
<pie_> emily yeah thats what i meant. ow.
<pie_> emily sounding like an upstream bug report there
<emily> yeah
<drakonis> i'll just clone nixpkgs and bisect
<samueldr> drakonis: bisecting grub, right?
<drakonis> yeah
<gchristensen> how long does grub take to build?
<samueldr> not long I think
<drakonis> its a pile of shell
<samueldr> like 8 minutes?
<gchristensen> cool
<samueldr> and it's pretty leafy
<samueldr> changing it doesn't cause a lot of rebuilds
<gchristensen> cool.
<gchristensen> if necessary I can provide a builder to help
<samueldr> drakonis: amazing, if the commit [range] can be pinpointed, at the very least, that would be so much help
* samueldr thinks
<pie_> emily eh well at least its python, https://github.com/florisla/stm32loader ? doesnt look so bad to deal with
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<emily> pie_: yeah
<samueldr> since then, maybe something has been reported upstream
<emily> hm, I guess I should just cc nobody if adding a new package? ^^;
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<samueldr> kind of, though if you know someone of interest to ping, ping them :)
<samueldr> drakonis: I meant the commit range from grub
<drakonis> oh, hm
<drakonis> i'll find out
<drakonis> you mean from upstream?
<samueldr> yeah, I don't think we have a fork
<samueldr> we do have patches though
<drakonis> actually the last version was 2.02
<gchristensen> anyone know if it is possible to list all commits made directly to a branch, not merged in?
<drakonis> there's 2 years o fcommits
<drakonis> two(!!)
<drakonis> apparently bumping it to 2.04 hasn't fixed it?
<samueldr> gchristensen: maybe with the github API you can get relevant information
<drakonis> going off one of the comments in the issue
<samueldr> since a commit will identify its PR
<samueldr> drakonis: yeah, grub has a glacial update speed :/
<samueldr> gchristensen: you'll see the PR number next to the branch
<pie_> maybe the grub project should move to githib
<gchristensen> hmm
<gchristensen> a cool idea
<samueldr> pie_: l o l; a GNU project will likely not
<samueldr> (sorry if it's a bit strongly worded)
<pie_> samueldr well considering that they havent already...
<pie_> samueldr im a bit worked up about it myself
<samueldr> though, gchristensen, be cautious
<samueldr> this is not a nixpkgs PR number, and this one (I think) was pushed directly to master
<drakonis> increased ISA compatibility
<samueldr> (NeQuissimus generally does)
<worldofpeace> what!!! gchristensen #66495 passed eval
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/66495 (by Infinisil, 1 hour ago, open): Fix ofborg eval
<gchristensen> wat
<gchristensen> did I fix thebug? :P
<worldofpeace> I think you did gchristensen 🎆
<gchristensen> :')
<worldofpeace> you've closed a bug that you didn't even have to open, or recall fixing
<infinisil> gchristensen: Something like this would be pretty cool though: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/66495#issuecomment-520267465
<gchristensen> yeah very true
<gchristensen> especially the holding
<samueldr> >> /* hackage-packages.nix is an auto-generated file -- DO NOT EDIT! */
<infinisil> I have a feeling this will be problematic with the current structure of ofborg though
<gchristensen> peti will be unhappy
<samueldr> I didn't see the actual diff, though, did you change the file?
<gchristensen> infinisil: shouldn't be so hard.... hmm
<gchristensen> I wish I could spend more hours on this stuff.
<infinisil> samueldr: I also pushed commits that make those changes apply in the new auto-generations
<gchristensen> nights/weekends/few-days-a-month goes by fast.
<samueldr> right, then don't mind me :)
<worldofpeace> we had to edit it for gdk-pixbuf name change, so i'd think it should be fine.
<infinisil> gchristensen: So much cool stuff to build, yet so little time
<gchristensen> so true
<gchristensen> helping this community gives me life
<emily> hmm, I'm guessing the syncthing error ofborg is giving for https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/66497 is some other master brokenness and not anything to do with my PR... >_>
<{^_^}> #66497 (by emilazy, 10 minutes ago, open): stm32loader: init at 0.5.0
<infinisil> emily: You came at the right time, because this was just fixed with https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/66495
<{^_^}> #66495 (by Infinisil, 1 hour ago, merged): Fix ofborg eval
<worldofpeace> I've just retriggered the evals for everything
<emily> aha
<infinisil> worldofpeace: Nice
<pie_> clever i dont suppose you know what makes `nix-build https://github.com/deliciouslytyped/zfstui/tarball/master` work
<pie_> i tried trawling the source and poking around in ltrace a bit too but still no clue
<infinisil> pie_: Better to ask in #nixos
<pie_> infinisil thats what i meant to do :P
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<drakonis> reverting grub made things good again
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