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<emily> worldofpeace: thanks for the help with that PR ^^
<worldofpeace> emily: you're welcome 😃 If you ever need some direction on a PR feel free to ping me and I will help you out in what ways I can.
<emily> I'm not 100% confident about the toolchain stuff in https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/66469 either but it does build at least
<{^_^}> #66469 (by emilazy, 17 hours ago, open): blackmagic: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.1-311-gfbf1963
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<vcunat> Hydra status: apart from the earlier problem with darwin not building at all, there's now also an x86 problem killing everything repeatedly:
<vcunat> 8ab4c224 (machine name) Aborted: creating log file ‘/var/lib/hydra/build-logs/ml/cd5hbc1hcqm51r6s48d0i7813kr5q0-phonon-qt4-4.10.1.drv’: No space left on device
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<vcunat> And some stuff might be blocked by bulds that have been "running" for several days: https://hydra.nixos.org/machines
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<yorick> we're going to debate the systemd timesync issue long enough that we get the upstream fix
<niksnut> vcunat: hm yeah, the server is out of inodes
<vcunat> First too many entries in /nix/store, now out of inodes. Maybe ext4 isn't ideal, but I have no experience with this on such a scale. For now it might be best to GC more aggressively.
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<niksnut> I remember on a previous hydra server I manually increased the number of inodes at mkfs time
<ivan> XFS doesn't run out of inodes
<ivan> well, not in any normal circumstances
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<andi-> yorick: that would be the best solution IMO. I have yet to read through all the mails on the topic. Just saw that there is yet another discussion :-)
<andi-> If they migrate one way they should also take care of migrating the other way around or document the desired/required steps somewhere...
<andi-> Also with rollback in mind we are probably one of the few (the only?) people thinking about that scenario…
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<gchristensen> yes quite likely
<gchristensen> does anyone know *what* state timesync stores?
<andi-> it touches a file to store a last good known timestamp
<gchristensen> this doesn't feel like a very important bit of state.
<gchristensen> :|
<andi-> to protect against NTP servers sending you in the past
<andi-> e.g. to allow an expired certificate
<andi-> It isn't THAAT important but nothing I would voluntary throw away.
<andi-> (for all users)
<gchristensen> right
<andi-> so the default should be forward migration and apparently backwards migration
<andi-> I was trying to safe us from having to carry around those 3 lines in the activation script for an undetermined amount of years… Probably shouldn't have tried. It wasted many hours already :/
<adisbladis> ivan: XFS is my preference for a "traditional" filesystem, inodes being one of the reasons.
<yorick> andi-: yes, they migrate the other way around in the next release
<andi-> yorick: ill try picking the patch and See if it works for us
<yorick> andi-: there's a few fixups
<andi-> So maybe we should pick the latest stable branch..
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<jtojnar> worldofpeace: I am not aware of anything like Coccinelle for Python
<jtojnar> I think we would have to transform AST manually
<jtojnar> and probably do the same for C too, as the coccinelle patches are too inflexible
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<thoughtpolice> gchristensen: Interestingly, I found out why our S3 serves 403s and not 404s: it's probably because public directory listings are denied, meaning all non-existant-keys return 403, not 404, in order to stop info leaks: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=56531
<gchristensen> right
<thoughtpolice> gchristensen: I don't think this is worth changing but it *does* solve the mystery of "why 403", which I remember we wondered
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> ahh :) yeah!
<gchristensen> good find
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<worldofpeace> jtojnar: We'll totally need something like this if we have to continue with the hardcode-gsettings patches. not sure what we'll do for vala though, but having something for C and Python would already be a lot of help.
<worldofpeace> Though really glib should just change the way they're doing things 🤣
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: maybe a tree-sitter parser could be used
<jtojnar> there is this cool GTK tool for that https://gitlab.gnome.org/albfan/gtk-code-folding-vala
<jtojnar> but no Vala parsing support either
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<arianvp> worldofpeace do you know if we can get https://jgrulich.cz/2018/07/04/how-to-enable-and-use-screen-sharing-on-wayland/ working on nixos
<arianvp> services.gnome3.gnome-remote-desktop.enable
<arianvp> didn't do the job
<gchristensen> arianvp: are you using gnome and wayland?
<worldofpeace> arianvp: currently our xdg-desktop-portal is out of date and it emits a warning for too old gnome sceencast api
<worldofpeace> pipewire bits, I don't think I've got to working on that yet. but jtojnar maybe knows
<worldofpeace> (actually don't think it's a warning it's incompatible)
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: I did not take very deep look at it other than making it compile and running the pipewire demos
<arianvp> gchristensen: I think wayland on gnome is default on 19.03 is it not?
<gchristensen> oh is it?
<gchristensen> cool
<arianvp> or is that on unstable. im confused now
<arianvp> hmm I dont see XWayland running so I suppose I am on X11?
<worldofpeace> gchristensen: it is.
<gchristensen> great!
<arianvp> oh wait. it is running
<arianvp> nvm
* gchristensen might have to switch from Sway
<worldofpeace> arianvp: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE
<worldofpeace> that will tell you
<arianvp> Just not running under a systemd scope/service unit
<arianvp> I guess we could add a scope unit for it; eventhough we're not starting it with systemd
<arianvp> It's running under session-x.scope nvm there already is a scope unit for it
<arianvp> worldofpeace: oh but Firefox is running under XWayland so perhaps thats the problem
<worldofpeace> arianvp: I'd wager this is probably broken on unstable
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<emily> thoughtpolice: hi there, I'm in the process of trying to update icestorm and the other FOSS EDA tools in nixpkgs, but running into pypy-related problems; I agree with your perf rationale in 18839e1 but unfortunately pypy3 is currently marked as broken due to not passing tests, meaning that icestorm/nextpnr/... aren't being built at all.
<emily> thoughtpolice: I've updated the prebuilt PyPy version in nixpkgs locally and it works fine with that, but I'm guessing using a prebuilt binary like that would be a no-go in upstream nixpkgs? I tried updating and fixing the source-based PyPy builds too but there were a ton of failed tests and I'm not sure I have the tenacity for it.
<thoughtpolice> emily: ahhh fuck. we should just turn off pypy then, tbh
<emily> but it's so slow :'(
<thoughtpolice> Yeah.... But I'd rather have them build! I haven't touched my EDA projects in a while so I let it slip, otherwise I'd have fixed this a while back
<thoughtpolice> I'd probably just leave all the pypy code there and just gate it with a trivial conditional with a comment
<emily> *nod* yeah, fair enough
<thoughtpolice> `if (false && ...) then <use pypy> else <use python>`
<emily> it's pretty easy to override to use pypy anyway
<thoughtpolice> and a comment noting to remove it when pypy works
<simpson> emily, thoughtpolice: Why not just fix PyPy?
<emily> because it takes 6 hours to bootstrap and fails like 50 tests.
<simpson> Or turn off PyPy's tests. We cheat on CPython's tests; I'm not sure why PyPy's are more important, other than that PyPy upstream actually cares about passing tests.
<simpson> Ah, sure. Patience is required.
<emily> patience and more understanding of pypy internals
<thoughtpolice> Yes the turnaround cycles for pypy are like, really long. Don't blame anyone for skipping that trial.
<emily> there was some utf-8 related failures that seemed known when i tried to track them down
<thoughtpolice> But it should be fixed or a decision made about it, yeah.
<emily> I'd be fine just turning off the tests though, like, it already disables like 20
<simpson> The year slips longer and longer, and still I haven't written a PyPy RFC.
<emily> another thing is that pypy trunk seems honestly more stable/recommended than the releases
<emily> especially for py3
<simpson> Sure. Python 3 is an active feature in development upstream.
<emily> ok, I'll try bootstrapping pypy one more time and see if it passes nextpnr tests before giving up and just disabling it in icestorm :p
<emily> ooh, exciting: "pypy-v7.2-pre-aarch64.tar.bz2"
<thoughtpolice> emily: Also, FWIW, pre-built binaries aren't *always* a no-go. Sometimes for various reasons they're preferable (even when the source is available, e.g. a massively complex or bizarro build system.) But for PyPy/Python-esque packages, it's way worse since you'd have to rebuild all of pythonPackages
<thoughtpolice> For instance, we do have source-built and pre-packaged-binaries of Firefox, which is a much less problematic package since it has so few consumers. Another example is 'firecracker' from Amazon. Which has just a weird amount of stuff around its Rust packaging that made me give up on building from source, at the time.
<thoughtpolice> (I think it's still a pre-built binary. In their defense they at least ship a statically linked pre-built binary so using it in Nixpkgs isn't really a big hassle)
<emily> free PyPy gags for the audience: 1. you know you're compiling PyPy when a whole 100/cores% of your CPU is in use; 2. PyPy is a project dedicated to proving that Python isn't the worst language to write PyPy in
<emily> thoughtpolice: *nods* in this case I was thinking of just overriding icestorm to use the pypy binary
<emily> but it feels a bit icky for a fairly "pure" package to depend on third-party binaries like that, I guess
<thoughtpolice> It's not the worst thing but yeah it's a bit overkill... To be fair it's probably *still* slower to use Python3 to build icestorm, vs just downloading and installing PyPy's binary and then using that, since it's like 3x faster.
<thoughtpolice> Well, depending on your upstream download speed, I guess.
<simpson> emily: Note that the binary PyPy, the "portable" prebuilt, is not the greatest. We can bootstrap from it, but self-hosting will yield a more predictable result.
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