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<samueldr> confirmed, the cable "rubber" itself smells, the plastic of the housing doesn't smell
<samueldr> neat-o, users on github have been working at it already https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/63720#issuecomment-508234486
<samueldr> #63720
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/63720 (by majewsky, 1 week ago, open): Raspberry Pi 4 support
<gchristensen> ohh nice
<gchristensen> I love that :D
<samueldr> hopefully nekomimiscience can bringup u-boot
<samueldr> (out of my skillset I think)
<DigitalKiwi> i had a pair of apple headphones that the rubber just like...dissolved off of in some gooey fashion
<samueldr> yummy
<DigitalKiwi> have had a few of them only happened to the one
<DigitalKiwi> it was kind of gross
<samueldr> (first going to test raspbian, 5GiB to sd card, this is gonna take a while)
<DigitalKiwi> how slow are your sd cards? shouldn't take too long with a good blocksize i'd think
<samueldr> ~9.7MB/s
<samueldr> >> Class 10 asserts that the card supports 10 MB/s as a minimum non-fragmented sequential write speed and uses a High Speed bus mode
<samueldr> and without UHS-II or more cards, with the appropriate reader, you can't realistically go above
<samueldr> and UHS-II needs readers for the additional contacts
<samueldr> UHS-I is basically equivalent to Class 10
<samueldr> maybe I'm impatient (I am)
<samueldr> but 9 minutes 13.48 seconds is a long time
<samueldr> the units are willfully mixed, ls reports GiB, dd reports MB/s
<samueldr> bleh, again the rpi foundation cheaps out (?) and uses a non-spring-loaded sd card slot
<DigitalKiwi> most of mine get closer to 20-30
<DigitalKiwi> samsung evo select/evo plus 32GB cheap and decent
<DigitalKiwi> you can get 5 of the evo plus for ~30 on amazon
<samueldr> how do you measure?
<DigitalKiwi> (they're the same card but the evo select is amazon exclusive i guess. just a different paint job)
<samueldr> btw I'm using oflags=sync which can change numbers
<samueldr> and no, I can't the chepest EVO Select is 17.63CAD for one (1) 32GB card
<samueldr> :)
<DigitalKiwi> wat
<samueldr> I'm not in the US
<samueldr> no I cannot :)
<DigitalKiwi> :(
<samueldr> buying tech stuff while in Québec is hard
<samueldr> some sellers or brands will not ship to Québec since they do not want to even look at the basic laws
<clever> on the subject of the rpi4 and disk speeds
<samueldr> e.g. google will not ship anything with a physical keyboard here
<clever> in theory, you could replace the usb 3.0 controller with an nvme disk, lol
<clever> samueldr: wut?
<samueldr> technically they'd have to have the 105 keys CSA keyboard to sell here
<samueldr> so they are technically respecting the law
<samueldr> so no pixel book, or pixel slate with keyboard
<samueldr> and then you have to add the additional costs of being canadian; low dollar, customs, products just not being available
<gchristensen> oof
<samueldr> the pi4 (4GB) is 94.95$CAD
<DigitalKiwi> anyway for writing images i usually use dd bs=4M though anywhere between 1M and 8M usually work for me
<samueldr> though, I should maybe test on my evo (if I remember in which device it is) see the speeds
<samueldr> DigitalKiwi: oflags=sync status=progress to see the "real" speed
<samueldr> otherwise you need to add the time it takes to eject /dev/sdX
<samueldr> though, I don't usually test images on my good sd cards
<samueldr> I buy "junk" ones
<samueldr> e.g. walmart home brand, which are still plenty fine
<samueldr> testing images is a good way to burn through images :/
<samueldr> through cards*
<samueldr> (it's also why I bought 10 16GB cards at 3.99$ each the other day, on newegg, sold by newegg)
<samueldr> oh, and additionally, I wouldn't be able to really trust amazon cards, knowing the scale of counterfeiting in sd cards
<DigitalKiwi> 605390908 bytes (605 MB, 577 MiB) copied, 22.3577 s, 27.1 MB/s
<DigitalKiwi> that's with bs=4M and oflag=sync
<DigitalKiwi> on the evo plus
<samueldr> great
<DigitalKiwi> which is a class 10 but claims write speed up to 20MB/s
<samueldr> so yeah, it was writing on one of my junker "just class 10"
<samueldr> which is plenty fine for destroying :)
<gchristensen> samueldr: I could get an regular subscription for more cards and mail them to you :P
<samueldr> heh, haven't actually destroyed one in a while
<samueldr> in fact, all the ones I have destroyed are known brands
<samueldr> while the cheap walmart ones are holding up well
<samueldr> yeah, I know about f3 and usually use it on new cards first
<samueldr> and double annoyingly, the bogus sd cards are legit ones, and weren't bought cheap, they simply were used in a device and ended up having permanent bad blocks
<samueldr> at least they usually end up usable as uefi firmware cards for raspis
<samueldr> :/ out of the box chromium fails on their image
<clever> ive got a couple dead cards that i could run the above tool on maybe
<samueldr> oof, gets notably toastier than the previous generation
<samueldr> just holding my hand a couple centimeters above and I feel the heat
<samueldr> oof, not sure if it's that the software is still WIP, but firefox is not a joy to use on raspbian as it is on the pi 4
<samueldr> (and the aforementioned chromium that shipped with raspbian not starting it not good :/)
<Ashy> I'm surprised more boards don't include emmc ports
<Ashy> although I haven't done any hard lifetime comparisons
<samueldr> ones that don't aim for rock bottom prices more often have eMMC, either soldered or through a connector*
<samueldr> * connector which may differ in incompatible ways and damaging ways across vendors
<Ashy> yeah I've got a rockpro64 that has an emmc
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<Ashy> Ah it makes sense now why ayufan's not been focussing on getting his rockpro64 kernel patches mainlined
<Ashy> he's been working on the pinebook pro
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<samueldr> nice
<gchristensen> none of them boot
<samueldr> hm?
<gchristensen> I don't have a way to get data on the disks, and they came empty
<gchristensen> that arrives Tuesday
<samueldr> ah
<samueldr> can't see clearly in that potatovision picture, but I gather this means there is no sd card slot at all
<gchristensen> right
<gchristensen> yeah, lighting is a challenge in my basement networking hovel
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<sphalerite> Torn between wanting a pinebook pro and thinking I really don't need any more rk3399s
<samueldr> heh
<samueldr> still unsure about it; and there's the annoying bit of the keyboard layout I prefer not being available until later; and later AFAIUI there won't be the storage bump
<samueldr> (and the keyboard for the ANSI layout might not have been selected yet, so it's a crap shoot whether it's going to be messed up or not still)
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