zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2019 is coming! https://2019.nixcon.org/
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<goibhniu> Hi, I'm afraid I won't be able to go to the conference now at all. I checked at work and I can't get the time off. D:
<gchristensen> oh goibhniu I'm so sorry :(
<goibhniu> I wonder if adisbladis, andi- and others are still happy to take care of the video. I can certainly provide remote support, and help with getting things organised still.
<goibhniu> Thanks gchristensen, it's a pity
<goibhniu> I can also send over some equipment.
<andi-> goibhniu: I am confident we get some kind of solution/workaround. We do not need the perfect streaming we had the last years. Just recording everything and streaming slides+audio should be enough in the worst case.
<goibhniu> Excellent!
<andi-> We can (and should!) put in the effort to give the recordings the final touch eventually in that case.
<goibhniu> I'm certainly happy do some "training" sessions, if anyone's interested in learning about the setup we've used before. It's really very easy to do once you're familiar with it.
<samueldr> and some of the training doesn't require the hardware; e.g. getting acquainted with obs
<samueldr> sad to hear that though :/
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<andi-> I was also looking into alternatives to OBS. I would really like just everything being recorded and then afterwards mixed together if we lack people. A few ffmpeg invocations should do that. We probably want a live-preview and stream anyway.
<samueldr> obs is used to compose and switch the inputs live, mostly
<samueldr> though yeah, ideally those inputs would be saved and re-composed later on
<samueldr> but that takes time
<samueldr> I think that's why the obs recording was used for the final renders
<andi-> yeah, I just fear with lack of manpower comes mistakes and those are hard to correct afterwards :) But at this point this is just a detail.
<samueldr> though I guess that ffmpeg recording can happen while obs is live compositing
<samueldr> I'm not sure though if obs live compositing requires a beefier machine, e.g. one with gpu-accelerated encoding
<andi-> yeah, we definitly need to give it a test run. Not sure what kind of devices it will run on.
<samueldr> hah
<samueldr> goibhniu: I think you know about that last question
<andi-> adisbladis was working on a budget/item list that we might consider buying for recording our own conferences in the future.
<samueldr> obs itself, for practice purposes, will run fine on even a 4th gen i5
<samueldr> it's for live streaming and encoding that it may need hardware acceleration
<samueldr> I'm sure it runs fine on even older vintage CPUs for training purposes
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<goibhniu> Hrm, I vaguely remember trying to dump the unmixed streams separately from the mixed one, but I didn't find a nice way to do it.
<goibhniu> I was using hardware accelerated encoding (nvenc)
<goibhniu> We used two frame grabbers for the camera and laptop output streams.
<goibhniu> The audio was a bit unstable though. I ended up using JACK for that, which was more reliable, but sometimes died too.
<goibhniu> One thing I was planning to do this year is to set the white balance and exposure manually on the camera.
<goibhniu> I believe there is a window behind the speaker again this year, which throws off the automatic settings.
<samueldr> that sounds about right
<samueldr> though wouldn't that also need to be adjusted depending on the cloud cover and sun position? (I don't have much experience)
<andi-> maybe we can just shade the speaker :D
<samueldr> *wearing some sick shades*
<goibhniu> I was hoping that it would be mostly okay for the speaker, although the background would get over and under exposed.
<goibhniu> putting something behind the speaker would be ideal ^_^
<andi-> They surely have some kind of lights in that building I hope
<samueldr> my intuition is that the over-exposition of the background would have "bloomed" and swamped the speaker, but... I don't know much about that :)
<Ox4A6F> Do we have some spot lights? And maybe a cancas to hide such difficult backgrounds like a window.
<samueldr> as long as the speakers themselves are constantly exposed I figure it's fine
<andi-> who needs speaker anyway? Just slides and audio! ;)
<Ox4A6F> Then we can just mod this to include sound:
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<flokli> working with obs isn't that that tricky… last years bornhack I also did some video shifts
<flokli> most work is configuring everything initially, and getting the equipment set up
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