<thefloweringash> LnL: rustc 1.4.7 built on my rebased branch. it's probably ok
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<siraben> Is linuxkit-nix development a bit stalled? https://github.com/nix-community/linuxkit-nix
<siraben> It currently works fine on macOS Catalina.
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<domenkozar[m]> thefloweringash: invited to https://github.com/NixOS/darwin-stubs
<domenkozar[m]> anything else I need to do?
<thefloweringash> I’ve pushed up the contents and replaced the references
<thefloweringash> I don’t want to say it’s perfect, but I’m not aware of anything blocking.
<thefloweringash> Eventually I’d like to do #94426, but the stdenv seems to bootstrap without it, and it’s effects should be limited to the early bootstrap stages
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/94426 (by thefloweringash, 14 weeks ago, open): stdenv/darwin: put compiler-rt into bootstrap tarball
<domenkozar[m]> my opinion is to ship something that works and perfect it over time
<thefloweringash> Sounds good to me
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<LnL> a bit unfortunate that I didn't pick a stable eval, but there seems to be practically no fallout of the changes so I think it's good to go
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<abathur> could use help thinking through some installer things...
<abathur> 1) my WIP installer has the ability to cure/remove some unexpected state, including deleting a "Nix" volume if one exists; it shows the volume's `diskutil info` and prompts for confirmation before doing it
<abathur> but I'm not sure what this should do with headless installs; the UI prompt idiom I'm using from the regular installer treats every prompt as a yes while headless
<abathur> that's probably pretty fine in CI, but I guess there is some risk of someone with an existing Nix install running `curl | sh` again later and getting their volume eaten without prompting...
<abathur> a few options might be... a) no curing when headless (though this will make it all harder to test...), b) exclude this specific option when headless (same, but less splash damage), c) only support this option (or curing, at all) at some later date via a full uninstaller, d) only support this option (or curing at all) via a specific installer flag
<abathur> I'm trying to row against the pattern of the installer just halting a lot and telling you to do it differently
<abathur> it's not horrible if it happens once, but it gets annoying quickly if the installer keeps telling you to fix something with 2 curl round-trips for the installer and tarball every time
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<abathur> I guess the cases would be a working Nix install, a broken or only partly-functional Nix install, or a volume coincidentally named "Nix" with some other contents
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<abathur> I could mitigate the first case by moving the curing check a little later in the process, after the installer has already failed if Nix is installed (which it does by running `type nix-env`)
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<abathur> oops, I guess not; that check is just a warning
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<abathur> I guess it could do something like `sudo -k --prompt="Enter your password to delete the volume: "` if it still works without a password in CI
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<abathur> I'm happy enough with sudo -k as long as it works in CI
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