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<eraserhd> ^^ that PR is ready, btw: https://github.com/LnL7/nix-darwin/pull/147
<{^_^}> LnL7/nix-darwin#147 (by eraserhd, 22 hours ago, open): port autossh service from nixos
<eraserhd> but here's another question: say I wanted to make some private modules for my work. Set up some environment variables and private keys, for example. How could I do this?
<eraserhd> I mean, publish this in a private git repo for other cow-orkers? Do I need to just maintain a fork?
<LnL> I'll take a look after dinner if I have enough time
<eraserhd> LnL: much appreciated, thanks
<LnL> as for private stuff, you can import extra modules from your configuration.nix unless you want to override existing stuff
<eraserhd> ok, that's neat
<LnL> configuration.nix is a module, which can import modules and define new options, just like all the other modules in darwin or nixos
<eraserhd> I'm sketchy on how some of this works, but seems like any module can add options, set config = mkMerge ...? aha! https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Module
<eraserhd> This is really nice. I think I can probably make one nixos module and one nix-darwin module for work, compose them from other modules.
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<LnL> depending on the modules you depend on it even work with a single one
<LnL> except for things that don't make sense most of the options are compatible
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