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<__monty__> Do the names and values that go in `programs.firefox.profiles.<name>.settings` correspond with about:config?
<immae> __monty__: it modifies user.js which is related but a bit different: http://kb.mozillazine.org/User.js_file
<immae> (to be more precise: making changes in about:config will modify prefs.js, but users.js come after prefs.js and may override anything you changed the next time you restart firefox)
<__monty__> Thanks, immae!
<__monty__> immae++
<{^_^}> immae's karma got increased to 16
<immae> :)
<__monty__> I can't find the attribute names for extensions, via rycee's NUR firefox-addons.
<immae> Are you looking for https://github.com/nix-community/nur-combined/blob/master/repos/rycee/pkgs/firefox-addons/generated-firefox-addons.nix ? Note that I read somewhere that some way (maybe not the way of HM, I have no idea) of adding extensions became deprecated in firefox recently, so take that into account if it seems not to work...
<__monty__> Ah, yes, looks like it. Hmm, what do I do for missing addons?
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<ntropix> Anyone see this before? `error: opening lock file '/nix/store/cf25gdkvdvp6r9lpbd2lcnmfga9sk9sv-home-manager-files.drv.lock': Permission denied`
<ntropix> This is happening when I run `darwin-rebuild switch`
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<__monty__> Can I add my own addons in an overlay somehow? Just add entries to the generated-addons.nix?
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<colemickens> any advice on responding to this feedback in my PR: https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/1231#discussion_r424116538 ?
<rycee> colemickens: I added a comment with a suggesion that `apply` might work.
<colemickens> makes sense to me, I guess I've never seen isBool before
<rycee> __monty__: If it is a generally useful addon then you can create an issue in my nur repo and I can add it to the generated set. Otherwise you can create your own addon packages. Just have a look at the `buildFirefoxXpiAddon` function code.
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<__monty__> Hmm, I've added nur to my configuration.nix but darwin-rebuild complains about the nur attribute not being defined in my home.nix. Do I need to do more than add the packageOverride to be able to use nur with home-manager?
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<ldlework> Hello.
<ldlework> I am trying to update home-manager for the first time in a long while.
<ldlework> I previously had a helper script that I used, but I am now getting an error. In this gist is the tiny bit of nix that makes the wrapper, and the error: https://gist.github.com/dustinlacewell/ced962e5a66945950749f00c6ccb6c28
<ldlework> I would super appreciate any advice.
<__monty__> Did you update your nixpkgs channel?
<ldlework> yeah i'm on unstable as of a few days ago
<__monty__> And do you have the corresponding home-manager channel?
<ldlework> maybe i don't need to use home-manager from gt?
<ldlework> no
<energizer> rycee: you mentioned an editable symlink feature coming up, is there an issue for that? i'd like to subscribe
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<rycee> ldlework: The `home-manager/default.nix` file switched away from taking a `pkgs` argument some time ago. It now takes as argument the individual attributes it needs from `pkgs`. You can import it using `pkgs.callPackage` instead.
<ldlework> I see.
<rycee> energizer: What was the editable symlink feature, again?
<energizer> rycee: so i can edit my dotfiles live without rebuilding
<__monty__> rycee: I think energizer is referring to the alternative to ln -sf in an activation block.
<energizer> yes
<rycee> Ah, right. Yeah, that should work now with the `mkOutOfStoreSymlink` function.
<maralorn> Hey, I am now running a gnome-session started by enabling that in the system config. Any hints how I can now source my home-manager profile at the start?
<maralorn> My env-variables don‘t work now.
<maralorn> Does the gnome-session read ~/.profile on start?
<rycee> maralorn: Hopefully it reads `~/.xprofile`. You can try putting `. "$HOME/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/hm-session-vars.sh"` in it.
<energizer> rycee: is that released yet? i can't find that function in my repl
<rycee> energizer: It's in the master branch but not 20.03.
<energizer> ok
<energizer> what's the home-manager equivalent of nixos-unstable?
<rycee> The master branch.
<energizer> everything is tested before merging into master?
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<rycee> The https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/commit/91551c09d48583230b36cf759ad703b5f1d83d9a commit should apply cleanly on 20.03 if you want to use it in 20.03.
<rycee> Hehe, yeah. It's "tested".
<energizer> i see haha :D
<rycee> Well, the master branch is run trough a CI job once a day so the tests that exists will be run then.
<cole-h> Wow I didn't even see `mkOutOfStoreSymlink`... That could be a replacement for my current activation scripts where I `ln -sf ${./somefile} ~/.somefile`, right?
<cole-h> Err, `ln -sf ${toString ./somefile} ~/.somefile` (to prevent it being added to the store)
<rycee> cole-h: Yes.
<cole-h> Beautiful. Thank you!
<rycee> Replace by `home.file."somefile".source = config.lib.file.mkOutOfStoreSymlink ./somefile;`
<cole-h> <3 rycee
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<energizer> ive been using a function that recursively traverses ~/dotfiles/ and adds the regular files to xdg.configFile. i havent heard of anybody doing this so i sorta wonder if there's something wrong with it
<energizer> do most people just manually assign all the paths in xdg.configFile?
<asymptotically> do I need to do anything special to make programs.firefox.extensions work? I picked a couple of addons from the NUR but nothing appears in about:addons to enable :(
<rycee> asymptotically: Do you use a profile defined through HM? Unfortunately, Firefox changed the way extensions are handled so they will only be seen in profiles managed by HM.
<rycee> energizer: Should be fine doing it that way.
<energizer> rycee: nice, thanks
<asymptotically> oh I don't, I'll make one now
<rycee> energizer: In some cases you might be able to replace such explicit recursion by using the `xdg.configFile.<name?>.recursive` option: https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/options.html#opt-xdg.configFile._name__.recursive
<energizer> rycee: that looks great. can you think of cases where it wouldn't work?
<asymptotically> Extensions working fine now, thank you!
<rycee> energizer: Mainly if you need to do any transformation of the source file names or directory structure. The `recursive` option just mirrors the source hierarchy.
<rycee> asymptotically: Cool :-)
<energizer> rycee: great, thanks
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<maralorn> rycee: My gnome doesn‘t seem to be reading `~.xprofile`. ☹︎
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<rycee> maralorn: Hmm, bummer. Unfortunately I don't really know how gnome is setting up the session, looking at the code I don't exactly see how it happens.
<maralorn> rycee: I think that is a totally valid assumption, when not using wayland.
<maralorn> Probably should have mentioned that by now …
<rycee> Yeah, that changes things :-)
<rycee> Unfortunately I know even less about how wayland sessions are set up :-/
<cole-h> Wayland doesn't read .Xprofile because it's not... X. lol
<rycee> Have to go sleep. Best of luck!
<maralorn> thanks
<maralorn> rycee: For future reference. It‘s actually `.zprofile` because the gnome-session script looks in the $SHELL variable to start a login shell for getting the variables.