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<DamienCassou> hi everyone
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<rycee> Damien Cassou: Greetings.
<DamienCassou> hi rycee
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<ixxie> hello folks! Having a weird issue with the VSCode module: https://pastebin.com/7xnWHhLe
<rycee> faebl: As far as I can tell you have to run `home-manager switch` but it might be a good idea to ask the original author how they are using their configuration.
<ixxie> This error seems to happen for other extensions too
<rycee> ixxie: Which version of Nixpkgs are you using and which version of HM?
<ixxie> hmmm unstable and release-20.03 :/ I guess that is where I go wrong
<rycee> If you follow the master branch (or the unstable Nix channels) then you need the master branch of HM.
<ixxie> rycee: do I need a dedicated channel for home-manager?
<rycee> ixxie: What do you mean?
<ixxie> I haven't fiddled with HM in a while and it seems the readme has been update...
<ixxie> it has instructions to do
<ixxie> I don't even have such a channel atm
<rycee> The standard way to install HM is through channels but people do it in all sorts of ways.
<ixxie> just have nixpkgs
<rycee> How are you getting it now?
<ixxie> oh wait... I do have it >.<
<ixxie> sorry my bad
<rycee> Np :-)
<ixxie> well, I fixed the branch in programs.home-manager, double checked the channel is updated but I still get the error
<rycee> Hmm, what do you mean by "fixed the branch in programs.home-manager"?
<rycee> Do you have `programs.home-manager.path` set to anything?
<ixxie> that's what I mean: I set it now to https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/archive/master.tar.gz
<ixxie> previously it was the release-20.03
<rycee> Then the release-20.03 URL is burned into the home-manager command. You can probably bypass it by running something like `home-manager -I home-manager=https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/archive/master.tar.gz switch`
<ixxie> ah right
<ixxie> and I guess after the switch the new path will be burned in
<rycee> Yes. If you have a channel called `home-manager ` then you don't need to set the `programs.home-manager.path` option.
<rycee> With that option set you are not actually using the channel at all.
<ixxie> aha
<ixxie> good to know
<ixxie> thanks
<rycee> Np.
<rycee> The `path` option is mainly useful if you want to get HM from somewhere else entirely, like a local directory.
<ixxie> weird... somehow random VSCode extensions are working but the Nix extensions fail
<ixxie> I get 'undefined variable
<rycee> Hmm, unfortunately I can't help with that. The only thing I know is that the vscode extensions changed directory structure between 20.03 and unstable so it's important to keep that in mind.
<rycee> But if you get an undefined variable then I assume it's some other problem.
<ixxie> its quite odd
<ixxie> rycee: any idea who wrote the extension option for this module?
<ixxie> rycee: it seems like some valid extensions fail and others don't
<ixxie> rycee: looks like the problem is in nixpkgs... oh well
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